Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

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The Chiefs announced they have cut running back Kareem Hunt.

The team released a statement shortly after the NFL announced it has placed Hunt on the Commissioner Exempt list.

“Earlier this year, we were made aware of an incident involving running back Kareem Hunt At that time, the National Football League and law enforcement initiated investigations into the issue,” the statement declares. “As part of our internal discussions with Kareem, several members of our management team spoke directly to him. Kareem was not truthful in those discussions. The video released today confirms that fact. We are releasing Kareem immediately.”

He finishes his 27-game career in Kansas City with 453 carries for 2,151 yards and 15 touchdowns. He also caught 79 passes for 833 yards and 10 touchdowns.

The question now becomes: Will Hunt ever play in the NFL again?

Running back Ray Rice never got another chance when video surfaced of him striking his now wife in an Atlantic City casino elevator. Rice was 27 when his career ended.

Hunt is 23.

Washington claimed linebacker Reuben Foster earlier this week after the 49ers waived him. With a misdemeanor domestic violence pending, Foster is on the Commissioner Exempt list.

230 responses to “Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

  1. Yikes, but good on the Chiefs for doing the right thing. Couldn’t have been easy considering what a great season they are having and how much KH has contributed.

  2. GOOD….learn how to treat women you scum.

    Meanwhile your New England Patriots continue to grind to in inevitable home field advantage in the playoffs.

    As our lord and savior says “LFFFFGGGGG”

  3. Not saying that he should or shouldn’t but I think his talent will have him back in the league eventually.

  4. Yes, he will play again. The video shows a minor scuffle *mutually* between two consenting adults. Yeah, don’t hit women and all that. I’m 100% in agreement that he needs to check himself, but let’s cut the fake outrage here.

  5. WOW!!!! Well I’m a believer in you do the crime you do the time. I’m not putting Hunt in jail at the moment, but lying alone got him canned no matter how talented he was!

  6. So this is a “zero tolerance’ organization that won’t stand for this, but was cool drafting Tyreek Hill?

  7. That is ridiculous. Hunt should sue TMZ for that absurd headline. The police wouldn’t even charge him. That chick is no victim. She’s a money hungry wasted girl.

  8. WOW. And yes, he will play in the NFL again, like it or not. If Reuben Foster can play, so can this guy with much more talent. As to who will sign him, man I have no idea. Bengals and Cowboys don’t need running backs.

  9. Whooaaa.

    Any truth to the story that the cops knew about this and saw a video that Kareem’s friend recorded that showed the woman assaulting him with a lamp? They deemed it self defense and let him go…is this true? Anyone? This is wild. Not that I agree or disagree…..just wild

  10. The only reason he was released is because he lied, cause the video showed she was the problem and the hotel confirmed she has cause issues there multiple times before.

  11. Will he play in the league again? He’s a top 5 back and 23 years old. Someone will sign him. This isn’t Ray Rice KOing his fiance coming off a bad year. 3000 yards, 25TD in less than two years. I’d be stunned if someone didn’t take a flier on him.

  12. I know some players that should go on the exempt list, and then be cut… like a QB that has been accused of rape by multiple women, a WR that throws furniture off a 14 story balcony as people and kids walk below, a RB who won’t show up for his team for $15 mil over 4 months, a Center who was best friends with Aaron Hernandez, a LB who threatened to shoot another player on Twitter, a LB coach who sucker punched another NFL player in Vegas, a WR who turned an illegal hit into a touchdown celebration, and a coach who runs on the field against a rival to stop a touchdown…. Can we cut the Steelers from the NFL?

  13. Loved having him on the Chiefs but I’d rather not have any player involved in an incident like this. They’ll find a new back and the Chiefs will over come all though the loss is huge. A good team is prepared to lose a key player to injury, this is no different.

  14. Wow, that escalated quickly. Good on the Chiefs. On top of being a huge douche with women, he lied to those who feed him….idiot.

    Seek counseling young man.

  15. If this was handled correctly from the beginning, he would of served his 6 games from the get go and this would be old news. No way, no way the Chiefs and NFL did not know about this video. No way.

  16. Ouch. I’m sure this one stings for the Chiefs, but that’s the right move. No place for this in the NFL anymore.

  17. He was not truthful in those discussions? I get it, he’s allowed to tell his side but what was he supposed to say, I did something wrong so please kick me out of the league? No, if the NFL is so upright and holy it should have looked in to it further and not just take his word for it. This was an NFL fail pure and simple.

  18. Thats one way to hamstring the chiefs. This must have been hell all year waiting for the release of the video. TMZ always classy waited 9 months. They’re almost as bad as Kareem attacking someone who wasnt attacking him. Or a threat.

  19. Never play in the NFL again? That would be insane.

    If he can’t play in the NFL, what is he allowed to do?

  20. This is such BS. They release him now because the video is out. What if it had not been released by TMZ?

  21. First off I’m honestly shocked that he was released. That being said, what a great example by Kansas City as an organization. After watching what the Redskins did this week it’s good to people taking action against things of this nature as opposed to either ignoring it or downplaying it entirely. I’m a diehard Patriots fan but honestly I’ve gained a lot respect for the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s good to see a team that’s willing to put morals above winning.

  22. Seriously these guys piss away their careers, dudes have the ability not work after 30 and they hook up with these scrubs and do dumb stuff, hope he never plays a down again… welcome to a 9 to 5 at Home Depot

  23. We’re gonna miss Kareem, but he may be the 1 piece we could lose. Hes the onky 1 of the big 4. Bring in the half back from Pittsburg in the offseason. Chiefs can try again next year.

  24. They only released him because of the video. Without the tape he would still be playing. The Chiefs could have easily obtained this video back when the incident first happened, but they of course did not want to see it. Same as the NFL. They hoped that the video would never surface because Hunt was a star the NFL could market and Hunt was a great player that could help the Chiefs possibly win a Super Bowl. There was nothing to be gained for the NFL or the Chiefs to obtain the video. Which is why they didn’t. If TMZ can get their hands on the tape, the NFL and the Chiefs could most certainly have. The Chiefs should not be let off the hook so easily. And the NFL has a lot of explaining to do also.

  25. Too much talent never to play again … his minor indiscretions will be forgiven by the league and the teams very quickly.

  26. Next year for sure. Some team will sign him and explain it away as some youthful transgressions. We’ll all forget about it after he helps our fantasy teams, the announcers will never mention it again, and we can go back to being idiots who cheer on people hastening their demise for our entertainment.

  27. If he lied about the incident to the chiefs I can see why they would cut him for that.

    To me the video shows him pushing over someone who started a fight with him not aggressively kicking someone with intent to harm while they squatting on the ground. He pushed her over with his foot. I personally wouldn’t see it as any kind of outrage if another team picked him up.

  28. Interesting to see if anyone picks him up. All the bad PR the Redskins got for Foster, is anyone else willing to risk that?

  29. Unlike Ray Rice, Mr Hunt is still a highly productive RB in the 2nd year of his career. I bet he is playing somewhere next year.

    Some of the team’s that lost to KC this year likely wish this video had surfaced in September

  30. Clearly Hunt was wrong. But he neither knocked a woman unconscious, nor was he arrested three times this year. He deserves to face consequences but ending his career seems over the top. PFT overkill.

  31. I am a Raider fan and I have to give the Kansas City organization credit for doing the right thing and setting an example of zero tolerance. When a star player is released it sends a clear message!

  32. When people are done patting the Chiefs on the back for taking quick action, they can ask why nothing was learned from the Ray Rice fiasco and why TMZ gets these videos but not the dozens of former FBI agents who work for the NFL.

  33. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    November 30, 2018 at 9:06 pm
    Good job Chiefs!

    Redskins likely contacting him now.

    That’s exactly what I was thinking man. I mean at this point they have already made themselves out to be the bad guys might as well embrace it. They get a star RB and a star MIB sure they are both lady beating pieces of trash but hey lets win some FB games.

  34. Whoa. I’m conflicted by this decision. If the team had doubts about his story before the video, then why wait until a 3rd party buys the video and releases it. Why didn’t the NFL and KC Chiefs do that 6 months ago? Heads in the sand.

  35. Comes off as hypocritical from the organization that employs Tyreek Hill, who was convicted of domestic assault and battery by strangulation.

  36. My guess is he will play next year for one of three teams, the Lions, Texans, or Titans. All who are owned by women. Hunt made poor choices that night, but the NFL and the Chiefs handled this wrong. He could of served his 6 games and this would be old news.

  37. And by handling wrong I mean Chiefs and NFL should of dealt with this and suspended him in February.

  38. Chiefs ain’t getting jack from me in the kudos department. They KNEW about this 10 months ago and they didn’t do squat until the video came out today.

    Cut Hill too and then you get kudos.

  39. It was that kick at the end that did it. He could plausibly argue self-defense for most of the video. But he went out of his way to kick her while she was down. There’s no way that’ll fly in today’s society.

    The thing is, it was all weak. His push didn’t hurt her. The kick was weak. This was not a Ray Rice knockout blow. If it wasn’t a woman, Hunt would undoubtedly still be a Chief.

    There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll be playing somewhere next year.

  40. People who bring up Tyreek Hill, his case happened before he was a Chief. Fine line, yes, bit he has been a model citizen as a Chief. Incidentally, he is currently engaged to that same girl. Remember, the Chiefs went the the Jovan Belcher mmurder/suicide that I’m sure played a part in this.

  41. So in KC lying more serious than punching a pregnant woman in the face. Guess rb really is not valued like in the past. Hope he points out the hypocrisy on the way out the door and hope KC does not get applauded for their “integrity” or “courage” Hill apparently was magically redeemed sometime after his second or third punt return td. How long exactly did they wait to draft a guy who Punched a Pregnant woman after employing another batterer who murdered?? His SO and shot himself on team property. There are no good guys

  42. @Kaepernick never hit a woman says:
    November 30, 2018 at 9:03 pm
    But they keep Tyreek Hill?
    Perhaps Hill didn’t lie to team management? I don’t know if he did or didn’t.

  43. The Chiefs being congratulated for “doing the right thing” is ridiculous. They knew about it but didn’t do squat until the video became public and Hunt was put on the Comm Exempt list which meant he was done for the year anyway… and they weren’t bringing him back next year. Tyreke Hill did just as bad or worse and they still drafted him. The video became public and the jig was up. They just tried to save face.

  44. Too bad really, everyone told me the Chiefs would fade towards the end of the season. But I had no idea it would be like this.

    That is a lot of touchdowns he had for the team.

    The other guy (Tyreek Hill), has been served notice.

    Locker room has to be in turmoil.

    This team is a mess at the moment, will see how they respond.

  45. Memo to future NFL prospects:

    Assault women BEFORE you enter the draft. Employment unsustainable if assault occurs while under contract of current NFL franchise.

    See Joe Mixon, Tyreek Hill.

  46. Not taking sides just asking:

    If Hunt we’re making $20K a year and not in the public eye would you expect his employer to react the same way? Would TMZ report it?

  47. I see that a lot of people here are giving the Chiefs kudos for releasing him. I’m not give them a pass. You can’t tell me they did know about the video. Hunt lives in a hotel and this thing happened in the lobby. Last time I checked hotel lobbies have cameras. In their statement the Chiefs said Hunt lied to them about what happened. That means they took his word for it. You can’t do that in this day and age. They said they knew about it. What exactly did they know? I think they knew what happened, knew about the tape. Since it happened in February and no one brought it up they probably thought they were clear. Then the tape comes out and they release him to save face. Please give me a break.

  48. People are outraged over this, and rightly do. Yet a guy who admitted he whipped his defenseless four year old kid bloody, is still playing, and no one saying a word….

  49. For those that don’t know, there’s video evidence of Kareem Hunt and none of Tyreek Hill, hence the reason why he’s no longer on the Chiefs roster.

  50. The NFL and the Chiefs were aware of this incident back in February. Both organizations had to have seen that hotel security video and thought they arranged to have it never see the light of day again.

    More heads than simply Kareem Hunt’s need to roll.

    Especially in the aftermath of the Ray Rice incident, to think that neither organization could hire investigators worthy of obtaining this video?

    Come’on man

  51. For everybody screaming for Tyreke to be released. He was NOT a member of the Chiefs when he screwed up! No question he screwed up. He never tried to deny it. He transferred to a secondary college and started formal counseling for his mistake. KC took a chance on him. But he was not an employee of the Chiefs or the NFL at the time. Obviously the Chiefs don’t care for liars. No matter what type a season they’re having. Tyreke was forthright about everything he did. He was penalized by getting kicked out of school. He graded 1st round but went 5th. He has shown that he learned from his mistakes. After releasing 27, it’s obvious the Chiefs don’t like being deceived. The NFL nor the Chiefs had access to this tape. They were public 10 months ago and said they will let the investigation take place. Obviously Hunt’s accounts were lies. That’s why he’s not a Chief. It sucks as a Chiefs fan, but it was the right thing to do

  52. Sign Jamaal!!!

    Seriously. His terrible tendency to fumble, even more so at the worst time possible, would be overshadowed by Mahomes. After years as the lone bright spot on an awful team should get him one last shot, and help heal his suboptimal release and aftermath.

  53. Looking at the video I woould say it warranted a suspension for a couple of games. I do believe he plays again though because he is at the beggining of his career. I am surprised they cut him but that’s a team decision. It does set a good example though.

  54. Let’s keep this in perspective. The Chiefs drafted a star WR who beat up his girlfriend who was 8 weeks pregnant. This is all about the video and recognizing they couldn’t sweep it under the rug anymore.

    It’s not about doing what’s right, it’s about PR damage control.

  55. I never say people shouldn’t be forgiven. We get to live for what? 75 years. And in that time most of us do something dumb – probably not this dumb – but want others to realize what we do in our 20s should not affect us in our 50s. My answer is pretty simple. There are laws against what this guy clearly did. Let the law work. The NFL can follow. The biggest question isn’t whether he plays again. It is whether he does the right thing and contributes to the world instead of taking away from it. That video is vile.

  56. You’ve got to be sick if you’re a Chiefs fan. This kid was so dynamic. Still remember that first game of his as a rookie. Wow. Who would have guessed that epic Monday night game against the Rams just a handful of days ago was the last time we’d ever see Kareem Hunt in a Chiefs uniform. What a rug pull.

  57. Bummer for Chiefs fans. If he never plays again, maybe that’s too harsh for him but it may serve notice to other young guys that there is actually accountability for them at this level. Was pullling for Texans in AFC but now I’m pulling for Chiefs. Except for when they play the Seahawks.

  58. People lose their minds when they see a video. In that Ray Rice incident there was video of him dragging her unconscious out of the elevator. Few months later video from inside the elevator and he’s cut, never plays again. What did people think happened? She slipped and knocked herself out? Why the strong reactions when it’s on video? What changed?

  59. eagles1960 says:
    November 30, 2018 at 9:22 pm
    Wow! Proud of ya big red. I know it hurts..
    What a joke – What Hunt did is probably a misdemeanor. The Chiefs have Hill on the roster who commited a felony in strangling a woman. He pled guilty to it. There is no video though so…. but if a video of the strangulation comes out he is in trouble and the chiefs will cut him? Don’t pat the Chiefs on the back.

  60. I guess that means it’s only a matter of time before Washington claims him off waivers and makes another lame excuse for claiming him.

  61. “He was not truthful in those discussions? I get it, he’s allowed to tell his side but what was he supposed to say, I did something wrong so please kick me out of the league? No, if the NFL is so upright and holy it should have looked in to it further and not just take his word for it. This was an NFL fail pure and simple.”


    Seriously? It’s the NFL’s fault that Hunt lied because they didn’t figure it out sooner? But not Hunt’s because he should be expected to lie to protect his job?

    This type of thinking, plus where NFL is more important than people, is what’s wrong with our society.

  62. But they kept the guy who beat up a pregnant woman? Granted, I think they are married now, but still? This is certainly surprising. I am sure this video has been around since February. They could have dealt with it in the off season instead of this. Another case of the NFL screwing up and trying to hide in the weeds like they did with the Giants kicker.

  63. This Raider fan says WAY TO GO CHIEFS. You did the right thing in the right way at the right time. Proud of you.

  64. Have they signed another running back yet? The Giants leading rusher from last season, Orleans Darkwa, is still unsigned, and he averaged 4.4 yards a carry on a team bad enough to end up with the second pick in the draft. I don’t think you’ll find a better free agent running back. Wait, I take that back, because Carolina cut C.J. Anderson recently,and he’s still unsigned too.

  65. As someone that was raised to never strike a woman, I am glad he was cut and hopefully he’ll never play football again. However the football fan in me is sad because he was a darn good running back and it’s a real shame all his talent will go to waste now because of his behavior in this incident.

  66. This is just Clark hunt trying to save face. There is absolutely ZERO chance that the NFL and the team and the police did there due diligence here and no one knew about the video. And even if hunt didn’t know about the video there is ZERO chance he didn’t know there was a physical altercation.

  67. Washington set themselves up perfectly last week by taking the heat in the news for claiming Foster…they have NO real negative risk by NOT placing a claim. Looks like Doug Williams will in front of the cameras again by next Monday explaining the Hunt addition.

  68. I think the most remarkable thing is that the Chiefs felt pressured to cut him at all. I mean, honestly, despite all our complaining about character, excessive penalties, the concussion problem, protesting the anthem, etc., how many big-time football fans really have the willpower to stop watching? Everyone rails against other teams for signing low-character guys, but every team has at least one or two of them. My impression is that NFL fans care enough to complain loudly, but not enough to stop watching games (and I include myself. I cannot keep myself from watching). I expected people would rag on the Chiefs, but that ultimately nothing would change. Bad PR is irrelevant if it doesn’t lead to lower revenue, which it never seems to do with NFL teams.

    Good for the Chiefs for making a statement.

  69. I do not have to give the Chiefs credit for anything given they still have Tyreek Hill on their team.

  70. The Chiefs have known about the incident for nearly a year. It’s clear they had their fingers crossed the story wouldn’t go public otherwise they would’ve cut him in February. So there’s no good job Chiefs. The story made it to the public so they had to act. If they were serious they would’ve done it immediately.

  71. While he was at fault, he was not alone in creating the incident. I think it’s important that is noted in addition in to the liability for his own actions.

  72. This doesn’t matter but for everybody talking about Tyreek Hill he has since married the mother of his child and by all accounts has continued his counseling and has taken responsibility for it in every way possible except for leading a campaign against domestic violence which I seriously hope he takes the opportunity to do someday.

    I was against the team drafting him, but he’s done right by the victim (his now wife) and only due to the victim, prosecuting attorney and judge all decided jail was not the best punishment for all parties involved.

    I’m against domestic violence. Period. I’m also pro redemption and seeing good come out of negative situations.

    It’s terrible that he did those actions but i’m not the person whose forgiveness is needed. The woman married him. I hope there’s no more incidents aaand they’ve put it behind them.

  73. By cutting him the Chiefs did the NFL a huge favor. This was going to be a massive PR problem for them. Don’t think the Chiefs cut such a young and major player on their offense without some sort of guarantee from the NFL regarding the postseason. They may very well have traded Kareem Hunt for a Lombardi trophy.

    I think the Colts, Texans, Bengals, Broncos, Vikings, Packers, Panthers, and Seahawks all take a look at him.

  74. Claimed on waivers by the Oakland Raiders would be fair punishment. But dude get it together!

  75. Good move for the chiefs, but I bet he won’t even clear waivers. Ray rice was done before he hit his wife, Kareem Hunt is a top 2 or 3 be in the league with prime years left. Every owner in the league is talking to their PR firms right now trying to figure out how they can spin signing this low life.

  76. What makes Hunts actions even more ridiculous, is he is a Running Back… the most disposable position on the field.

    So it’s an easy, easy, cut for the Chiefs in that regards… there are 15 Kareem Hunts in EVERY draft…he is no more special than any of them.

  77. teflondyme says:
    December 1, 2018 at 3:17 am
    The Chiefs have known about the incident for nearly a year. It’s clear they had their fingers crossed the story wouldn’t go public otherwise they would’ve cut him in February.

    Sounds like he lied about the extent of it, which is part of the reason they cut him.

  78. That video alone does not warrant one to be kicked off the team. There has to be more to the story. I heard that he lied to the Chiefs. If that’s the case, then fine I don’t blame them for cutting him. That said, I wouldn’t look down on a team that picks him up for next year.

  79. That video alone does not warrant one to be kicked off the team. There has to be more to the story. I heard that he lied to the Chiefs. If that’s the case, then fine I don’t blame them for cutting him. That said, I wouldn’t look down on a team that picks him up for next year.

  80. Let’s be honest here, the Chiefs cut him because the video is going to be made public. Let’s not pretend they did this out of honor or because “oh noooooes Kareem wasn’t ‘honest’ when we asked him about it”. They cut him because of what’s about to be seen by the public.

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