Dean Pees: “I’ve got to suck it up”


Titans defensive coordnator Dean Pees isn’t used to not working.

So between leaving a game two weeks ago with a medical issue, and then having head coach Mike Vrabel modify his hours, the veteran assistant has to deal with a new pace.

“Mike’s ideas of banker hours I don’t think is what the bankers really kind of think of,” Pees said, via Erik Bacharach of the Tennessean“But the other thing is Mike also came around at night and made me get out a couple of times earlier than when I would have normally got out.

“And I appreciate it. He’s handled it extremely well. Everybody here in the organization has been very supportive, . . . and just got to keep working on it.”

Pees said he’s “getting there” in regards to the undisclosed medical issue, and that he’d have to continue to deal with it the rest of the season.

“This isn’t going to get resolved to the season’s over, so there’s nothing that is really going to get done until the season’s over,” he said. “And so, I tell the players to suck it up, I’ve got to suck it up. . . .

“It’s been a tough two weeks. I’m not used to missing a game. And then last week, I missed two practices; that didn’t exactly help me prepare for the game, either. I didn’t do as good a job as I think I’m capable of doing. That’s no excuse. I just got to get it done this week.”

Personalizing the job at hand is something coaches do, and Vrabel said he’s continuing to monitor the workload of the 69-year-old assistant.