Kareem Hunt apologizes for his actions

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Eventually-former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt knew that he shoved and kicked a woman at a Cleveland hotel in February. But no one else knew, so he didn’t apologize. Now that everyone knows, he’s apologizing.

“I want to apologize for my actions,” Hunt said in a statement issued on Friday night. “I deeply regret what I did. I hope to move on from this.”

He deeply regrets that the truth came out. Otherwise, he would have apologized long ago. And he will move on from this; the question is whether another NFL team will give him a landing spot.

Following the firestorm that emerged after Washington claimed former 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster on waivers, chances are Hunt will go unclaimed. Which will make him a free agent, a status he’ll retain until the NFL concludes its internal investigation and dispenses punishment.

Hunt likely will be cleared to play at some point in 2019. The question then becomes whether a team will sign him for the offseason, training camp, and preseason, or whether a team will wait until after his suspension has been served.

Don’t assume he’ll be ostracized. Ray Rice never got back in primarily because he was widely believed to be washed up. Hunt has skills, and those skills will get him a second chance. Possibly in a place like Philadelphia, where former Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson coaches the team, and where owner Jeffrey Lurie once gave Mike Vick a second chance after he admitted to dogfighting and to killing dogs deemed unfit to fight.

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  1. i think your forgetting the woman advocates wont alone wont him to play another down his career is finish

  2. The Chiefs look like adults here. There will be fans that claim they “would have won it all if they hadn’t…” There will be simpletons that claim this is all part of some wimping-down of America or some other misguided nonsense.

    Dude kicked a woman on the ground in the face. The end.

  3. They KC/NFL) knew about this for months and hoped it would go away…The owner should be fined a fine SOOOOO BIG…..The team should have to forfeit all games he played in. Team makes a huge donation to domestic Abuse education and prevention….All this if he is found guilty…OH and the commissioner should lose his throne fo sure.

  4. He’s finished. It would be a PR nightmare. I am very much assuming he;s to be ostracized because fans are sick of this garbage. What a gutless wussy piece of excrement.

  5. I refuse to believe the NFL didn’t see the video. After the Rice fiasco, wouldn’t reviewing video be the FIRST step in the investigation? Are there legal avenues for the NFL to get access to the video? They spent $6 million and 2 years investigating air pressure in the patriots footballs. So they clearly didn’t want to see the video or they are so inept at their jobs that they should all be relieved of their duties. They continue to be horrible at their jobs, and refuse to learn any lessons. It’s pathetic. Time to clean house

  6. Too bad he will get another shot. One strike and your out should be policy. Simple, don’t hit women

  7. 99 percent of this article is spot on. But Ray Rice was ostracized for the video, not because his skills were down. His skills were down slightly, and he never got another sniff.

    Hunt will be ostracized less because he is not the first.

  8. Just a money grab by that woman, as a chiefs fan i hope someone else gives him a chance. Its a joke he got released because some woman wanted money.

  9. Goodell made the video public. He knew that the Chiefs were a threat to the Pats so it was time to release the video before it was too late.

    Nah, just joking. Trying to do my best Tylaw reverse impersonation.

  10. Ok I am going to say again. You may assume that reason for contrition is because a video came out. It might also be genuine. Might also be because the mainline human response really doesn’t involve that apology until you get to that video. Makes him human, because 99.9% of people would publicly contrite until forced by evidence like this.

    What I think is important is that he did. Don’t think Foster did. Don’t think Rice did. He knows he did something dumb AF. Did he do it because he was drunk? Stop drinking. Forever. Did he do it because he has anger issues? Get help, and stop hanging with people until you do. I treat people with that every day. Sometimes it is the why not the what.

    So while the rush to judgment – and yeah, there needs to be ALOT of judgment here is rampant. Understand the need to weigh in but you don’t change this without understanding why it happened in the first place.

    And frankly? I do a lot better with patients who understand they messed up in the first place.

  11. Why give him ” another chance”? The league is full of young RBs. Look what has taken place in Pittsburgh, just replace guys.
    At some point talent level should not be the deciding factor. No need to say the guy can’t work, just not in the NFL. There are plenty of jobs for him in this country that he could obtain.

  12. Hunt royally screw up, but why does the NFL get a pass for never knowing anything ever? And TMZ knows all?

    Until proven otherwise, the league is complicit at worst and incompetent at best.

  13. In some States at least, Simple Assault and Battery is defined, I believe, as “Unwanted Touching” e.g. grabbing forcefully someone’s wrist without permission.

    The video is evidence that an assault and battery took place. So, how exactly does the Police Department not file a Criminal Complaint on, at least, a minor assault and battery charge against Mr. Hunt for his kick? I also do not believe the Police need the witness/victim in this event to press charges in order to file a Criminal Complaint. I may be wrong of course – knowing Ohio’s General Law – but if this is true should not the police have at least filed a criminal complaint and, if so, where does their responsibility/culpability lie?

  14. Hunt will play again.. He just took one of MeVeon Bell’s potential landing spots.

  15. Like Florio said, that’s BS. He’s not sorry. He’s only sorry now that he’s in trouble. Whatever the real story is, he shouldn’t have put himself in that position. Now he can look forward to playing with Washington next year after his suspension is over. I’m sure Kansas City didn’t want to get rid of the guy but he really gave them no choice. Being a knucklehead with his buds is apparently more important than playing football. I bet his Wonderlic score could be counted on one hand.

  16. NFL GM: What about Hunt? Should we sign him?
    NFL OWNER: What did he do?
    NFL GM: Punched a woman in a hotel lobby. Punched her to the ground.
    NFL OWNER: Hmmm. Does he stand for the National Anthem?
    NFL GM: He does.
    NFL OWNER: Yeah, sign him.

  17. He’ll get another shot once he performs whatever contrition is needed. As far as the Chiefs releasing him – really no choice as it’s become par for the course to release pretty much immediately (I’m not saying it’s wrong by any means).
    Watching the tape and abridged interviews – I don’t think anyone is being fully forthcoming – the girl probably did call him a name, but that still doesn’t excuse his actions. A MAN doesn’t hit/kick a woman – PERIOD. Don’t care what she did – a MAN will take the LEAST action to end the situation. Walk away – hell, he’s an athlete – RUN AWAY! More could be said, but that’s enough…

  18. I always love these apologies these guys make, AFTER THEY’RE CAUGHT, OF COURSE.
    I heard a knucklehead on Mad Dog Radio this evening say that there has been a study by some group of scientists or doctors recently which shows it takes on average 25 years for the human brain to fully develop, and therefore some young men and women might not have the ability to handle certain situations as well as others. So this knucklehead used that study as an excuse for what Hunt and other NFL players have done. What utter nonsense!!!
    How about we stop coddling these young men from the time they are in junior high school all because they are better athletes than everyone their age? By the time they get through high school and then college and then make it to the NFL, they’ve lost all sense of reality because they’re constantly told how great they are. So maybe the high schools, colleges, and NFL ought to allow the coaches to treat them the way they used to treat them in the past so they grow up and stop acting like pre-teens when it comes to right and wrong!! I don’t remember a single player Vince Lombardi ever coached who beat up his wife or girlfriend. And remember, of Lombardi it was said by one of his players, “he treats us all the same — like dogs!”. Well, here’s a tip of the hat to Lombardi!
    Discipline used to be a standard operating procedure in rearing children. It worked for hundreds of years and it taught millions of kids right from wrong. But discipline has been replaced by making excuses for the individual and pointing fingers at everyone else to avoid putting the blame on the individual, where it should be.
    As usual, some people will try to make Hunt some kind of a victim. You pick what they will say he is a victim of: society, race issues, his environment, poverty, etc… But he is no victim. He is an individual who made some awful decisions and then lied to avoid the truth about what he did. Anyone who says he shouldn’t have known better is one of those coddlers I am speaking of. If I had my way, he’d be suspended from the NFL indefinitely and they would make him sit out the rest of this year and at least one more year before they decide if he’s allowed to return. There is a place for discipline and this case screams out for it.
    But since he’s now been cut by the Chiefs, we all know that there will be half a dozen or more teams licking their chops to sign him. That’s the saddest part of this, to me. It shows that the only thing which really matters in the NFL is winning and making money. All their pretending to care about issues such as this is just a facade.

  19. Kareem, the XFL is the league for you. Get some help and re-brand with a changed, more mature Kareem Hunt. In the meantime, the NFL is not the place for you. (You don’t kick women when they are lying on the floor man…)

  20. Based off his production, Kareem Hunt was in line to make $50m at the end of his rookie deal, but that’s over. When there’s a video, it’s impossible for any team to employ him. Goddell will have to suspend him for the rest of this season and probably all of next season. Hunt clearly has an anger problem. During the incident, multiple people were trying to dissolve the situation and Hunt kept going after the woman. He acted like an animal.

  21. His apology doesn’t sound sincere, as many have said.

    More sad, the incels who want to blame the woman for him pushing and kicking her. Was she Snow White? No. But society draws a line between words and touches. Especially when he’s a strong football player and she’s a 19 year old girl weighing 75 lbs less than him.

    Guess what: When you lie to an employee during the course of an investigation, particularly about material facts, you get canned. It’s pretty standard procedure for most corporations. So it’s not an over-reaction.

    If you’re more interested in your team winning a super bowl than having it do the right thing, you’re part of the problem.

  22. This isn’t about the video as much as it is that Hunt lied to the team executives faces. They said as much in their statement. Had he been truthful about what happened the suspension probably would already have taken place and he would have this past him, instead he chose differently. What we saw on the video was not acceptable but the reality is we’ve seen worse and he will get a second chance somewhere, even if it’s in the new XFL.

  23. It’s a 6 game ban right? So with credit for time served he should be ready to go early next year

  24. The way some people treat these NFL players assaulting women is the same way some people treat cops assaulting people…unless it’s on video it’s not true. And when the video comes out there are still people victim blaming.

  25. Should he be allowed to play again? NFL should have a strict policy on violence against woman. If U do it, can’t play in the league again. Maybe that will make others stop and think before they commit an act of abuse.
    Now some will say why not give someone a second chance. OK but what is the punishment? What do the fans of the NFL want. After all without the fans there is no NFL.

  26. His regret might or might not be genuine, but the timing of his apology is immaterial. If he was caught the next day and apologized right away, does it mean he would have come forward with an apology more quickly? And would that really matter?

    Also, if it matters to us that he’s apologizing just because of the consequences rather than out of genuine regret for hitting a woman, then we must not actually believe that the consequences are an effective response to his actions.

    This is all to say: You may not like the timing of the apology, but you’d like silence even less.

  27. Of course he hopes we can move on from this, he’s a scumbag and a coward who hoped it would never surface in the first place. An apology now is worthless. LET the door hit you on the way out, woman-beater

  28. Kierkegaard73 says: “So, how exactly does the Police Department not file a Criminal Complaint on, at least, a minor assault and battery charge against Mr. Hunt for his kick?”

    Multiple news outlet reports that the 19 year old victim actually initiated the fight by attacked one of Hunt’s female friends in the hotel hallway. She had been asked to leave the room once Hunt’s party found out her age, but in the hallway she was banging on doors and causing a noise disturbance. She then attacks Hunt’s friend and then Hunt comes out and we see the video.

  29. The NFL needs to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards domestic violence. First infraction and you are ineligible to play again. Done. Finished

  30. Mark Davis says:
    December 1, 2018 at 12:35 am
    Kareem, the XFL is the league for you. Get some help and re-brand with a changed, more mature Kareem Hunt. In the meantime, the NFL is not the place for you. (You don’t kick women when they are lying on the floor man…)
    The XFL is not going to happen for Hunt. They started the league by saying they will not hire protestors or criminals (including DUI).

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