Arthur Blank: “I haven’t lost any faith” in coach and G.M.

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The Falcons are 4-8, and just gained 131 yards in an entire game.

But as frustrating as that has been to watch, Falcons owner Arthur Blank issued votes of confidence for his top two football guys — coach Dan Quinn and General Manager Thomas Dimitroff after the latest ugly loss.

“It’s difficult for our fans. It’s difficult for the organization. But I take a long view,” Blank said, via Jeff Schultz of The Athletic. “This is a difficult period for the coach. I think back on the years that we’ve had together and the incredible job he’s done. We’re in a difficult time now. But they’ll figure out the answers.”

Asked specifically if he was losing faith in Quinn and Dimitroff, he shook it off.

“I haven’t lost any faith in Coach Quinn or Thomas,” he said. “They’ll do the evaluations that’s needed. . . . (Quinn and Dimitroff) always evaluate at the end of the year. That’s what they do. Whether we’re 16-0 or 0-16, they’ll do that again.”

The Falcons streak of back-to-back winning seasons is going to end at two, which is tough for them to swallow after earning acclaim as a possible Super Bowl contender this year. But Blank pointed to the vast array of injuries, while saying the appropriate words.

“It’s tough on everybody,” he said. “We have a lot of injuries. That’s not an excuse, but . . . it’s reality. They’re fighting the best that they can.”

They’re just not fighting very well, but Blank doesn’t sound like a man inclined to pull the plug.

17 responses to “Arthur Blank: “I haven’t lost any faith” in coach and G.M.

  1. I TOLD YA!!!

    High character, hard working locker room leader Mohamed Sanu
    is a great individual… but… he gets no separation.

    #4 quality wide receiver at high #2 wr salary.

  2. Blank’s right not to panic. The loss of Shanahan still drags. In the era of Parity Rules this sort of extended SB-hangover is the norm. You get to the big game and win or lose you lose some of your best personnel to headhunters and SB-payday seeking players exceeding your cap. And then you have to pick last or next to it. And if you do manage to make it back it all happens again the next year, accumulating headaches designed to drag you back to parity, back into the pack of mediocrity so that everyone can have a chance to get lucky and win their medal. This is why the Belichick-Brady Patriots are the greatest dynasty ever – 18 consecutive winning seasons leading to 12 CG and 8 SB trips and 5 rings – and counting.

  3. Haha! And you probably think Georgia is a legitimate FBS contender too, huh? Bottom-half of the division in any of the 4 other power conferences.

  4. Atlanta fans dont’ have the deep love for the Falcons that other (pro) football cities have. As a consequence their fans are less faithful, hopeful, verbal etc.

    I’m not saying Blank should fire anybody. I don’t think he should.

    I just think Blank needs to figure out how to finally create a dedicated fanbase in Atlanta.

  5. 1st question: why is Sarkisian still the OC?

    2nd question: was Sarkisian pushed on Quinn or was that totally Quinn’s call?

    The reason I ask is because if he was pushed on Quinn then at the very least Sarkisian and who-ever pushed for Sarkisian should be let go, if it were Quinn’s decision then I believe they should both be let go! Who in their right mind looks at an OC who couldn’t hold a job in the college ranks and that’d NEVER called a play in the NFL and says “I just have to have this guy as my OC”?

    Mind boggling!

  6. “I haven’t lost any faith in Coach Quinn or Thomas,”

    WOW the last couple times I heard this was last season when Mara said he had 100% faith in McAdoo and 2 weeks later McAdoo was gone and then again this year a few weeks before Cleveland fired Hue!

    That kind of talk always seems to come right before someone is shown the door!

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