Browns won’t rule out claiming Kareem Hunt on waivers


As the clock ticks toward Monday’s deadline for securing Kareem Hunt on waivers, the team currently run by the man who drafted Hunt isn’t ruling out the possibility of making a claim.

Mary Kay Cabot of reports that the team will not reveal whether they’ll attempt to secure Hunt.

That doesn’t mean the Browns are seriously considering claiming Hunt. A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that G.M. John Dorsey doesn’t want to reveal his cards prematurely, one way or the other.

Dorsey, who drafted Hunt while still the G.M. of the Chiefs, has shown that he’s not bashful about rolling the dice on players with off-field issues. Receiver Tyreek Hill, who assaulted his then-pregnant girlfriend while in college, became a star for the Chiefs, after being drafted by Dorsey. Earlier this year, Dorsey selected receiver Antonio Callaway despite off-field concerns at Florida.

Claiming Hunt would be a move for 2019, since he won’t be playing this year, regardless of whether his current paid suspension converts to unpaid.

28 responses to “Browns won’t rule out claiming Kareem Hunt on waivers

  1. Baxter Burgundy says:
    December 2, 2018 at 3:19 pm
    Packers are losing haha


    I’m a Packers fan and I hope they lose their remaining games so they get the best draft slot they can get.
    As the 76’ers said, “trust the process”.

  2. nyneal says:
    December 2, 2018 at 3:28 pm
    Baxter Burgundy says:
    December 2, 2018 at 3:19 pm
    Packers are losing haha


    I’m a Packers fan and I hope they lose their remaining games so they get the best draft slot they can get.
    As the 76’ers said, “trust the process”.


    100% this. Seasons lost no reason not to get the best draft picks possible. Plus if they miraculously get into the playoffs there’s a remote chance they win it all and we’re stuck with McCarthy for many more years.

  3. This is more important than the games being played today, whatever playoff implications come of it… yes 2019 is what’s important.

  4. It’s not like the Browns have a pristine image they need to protect; they could sign the hometown kid and give him another shot and withstand the backlash. Keep Chubb for insurance or you can trade him for a 2nd-4th round pick. Baker Mayfield, Kareem Hunt, Jarvis Landry and David Njoku is not a bad lineup. From a football perspective, it makes sense. Doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do, but we’ll see what happens.

  5. Browns will, in fact, pick him if this feeler they let out works. Hunt isn’t Ray Rice. He shouldn’t have done what he did and shoved in the face…but he didn’t know her the hell out as Rice did. He didn’t even know this girl and she kept calling him the “N” word.

    You imagine a RB around Mayfield and that defense? Hunt would also never Cleveland, his hometown and they gave him another chance

    They are putting out feelers to see how Ohio residents react to this leaked possible news.

    If most don’t freak out, expect Hunt to be picked up by Cleveland.

  6. We might as well stop with the “Oh my God, someone is actually going to claim this guy!!” routine. We need to answer one quetion and that’s whether any players who do things like this are going to be granted a 2nd chance or not. If we realize that we can’t just say NO WAY to a 2nd chance then let’s stop with the false outrage when a team like the Browns claim these guys.

    Mike Vick didn’t just fight dogs. He didn’t just kill some of them. When he got bored with basic killing he searched for jumper cables so he could have the fun of electrocuting them. He then got a 2nd chance and by all accounts is a different man who has learned why the world finds what he did repulsive.

    I don’t like these guys either but at the same time it’s hard for me to say that nobody deserves another chance.

  7. If a team would be willing to sign him to a deal next year, they will claim him now. If only to save cash. This is the NFL we are talking about.

  8. Columbus had Ohio State’s Domestic Abuse scandal. Cincinnati has Joe Mixon. Cleveland may want Kareem Hunt? Ohio…what’s up?

  9. Houston should do it. They get an elite running back and can draft an elite tight end, look out. Colts would be a great fit too.

  10. If Adolf Hitler gave the Browns a chance to win a ball game they would sign him. But that have to beat the Bengals to him first. Who knows, get rid of Josh Gordon sign Kareem Hunt.

  11. Browns fan and I would be shocked if they pick him up. Remember, this is the team that cut Gordon and Gordon could play and is playing as I type this. No way they pick him up.

  12. Throwing away a real GOOD RB was just stupid of Kansas City. Why did’nt they just suspend him and let the NFL dish out the punishment? They think everyone will see them as taking the moral road when they DARN well knew in Feb what transpired. It was DUMB to cut him. Hope he gets claimed Monday by a team with more sense than the Chiefs.

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