Cam Newton: I take this one personal

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How bad was it for Cam Newton? So bad that he couldn’t remember his interceptions.

The Panthers quarterback had not one, not two, not three, but four interceptions in the 24-17 loss to the Buccaneers. It matched the career-high he had against Detroit in his rookie season of 2011.

When a reporter asked Newton about his second interception of the game — a pick by Javien Elliott — Newton had no recollection.

It’s sad because I don’t even know which one you’re talking about,” Newton said, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of the Charlotte Observer. “It was a personal blow for me, being that I just have to take care of the ball. It’s a low-percentage chance you’re going to win a football game if you turn the ball over four times. That’s just care-free football, we can’t have that, I can’t allow that and accept that for myself.

“I just have to do a better job with my accuracy and decision-making.”

Newton downplayed questions about his shoulder, which he underwent surgery on in March 2017, and instead blamed himself.

“This wasn’t Carolina Panthers football, offensively, today,” Newton said. “I take this one personal, because I know [we] keep running off this field in embarrassment, really, knowing that you’re leaving because of your mishaps. At the end of the day, you learn from it, take this one on the chin — it hurts — and keep moving forward. We just have to find ways to get back in the win column and I feel like we’re on a brink.”

26 responses to “Cam Newton: I take this one personal

  1. Does anyone take Cam Newton seriously? His outfits would seem to discredit anything falling from his open mouth. He dresses like Evil McDuck or like a pimp on his way to a Baptist church.

  2. Newton says, “I feel like we’re on a brink.”

    The dictionary defines “brink” as “a point at which something, typically something unwelcome, is about to happen.”

    Very intuitive of him.

  3. Must be something about just being in the presence of Jameis and Ryan that makes you want to throw tons of interceptions…

  4. No words Cam for your play today and definitely no words for your failed attempt of a wardrobe afterwards!!!! Maybe benching will wake you up!!!

  5. Too bad he didn’t take jumping on the SB fumble personally. He should stick to stealing laptops.

  6. Certainly needs to evolve and be a better QB. That usually occurs with experience, and better teammates. He has got to stop show-boating and trying to do it all himself. He has peaked, for the moment. This poor effort today should send him and his team back to the drawing board. Mediocre qb, staff, and team.

  7. He just doesn’t have a leader mentality. Its almost always about him and when he loses he hired under a towel. He’s the anti Russell Wilson.

  8. I love how every comment criticizing Cam doesn’t actually have anything to do with the statement he made. He took blame here. You people hate him for existing.

  9. He will never be able to read defenses and has maxed out. He always had his physical talents and never worked at learning to read defenses and now its too late. Carolina needs to draft a young replacement to start grooming so they don’t have to give Cam anymore big contracts.

  10. Cam simply doesn’t have the mental makeup to win in the NFL. It will end up costing Rivera his job and fans will suffer.

  11. The best Running QB in the NFL, lousy QB. Can’t read defense.Doesn’t stay in the pocket. Design RUNNING plays for him.Extremely poor consistent in his passing. Carolina has never had 2 consecutive WINNING seasons with Cam Newton as QB. Panther need to draft a GOOD QB and move on from the newton era.Stop wasting money on this mediocre QB .Given him the benefit of doubt as mediocre.Release him and recover some salary cap money .

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