Dolphins hold off Bills for 21-17 win

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The Dolphins offense only picked up 175 yards on Sunday and their defense couldn’t stop Josh Allen from picking up huge chunks of yards while scrambling, but neither of those issues kept them from beating the Bills.

Ryan Tannehill found Kenny Stills for a 13-yard touchdown shortly after the Bills took a 17-14 lead in the fourth quarter and Allen’s last ditch attempt to score a touchdown fell short when Charles Clay couldn’t catch his pass. That made the Dolphins 21-17 winners and leaves them with a 6-6 record heading into the final quarter of the season.

Allen might have had better luck if he tried to run for it from the Miami 30-yard-line. He ran for 135 yards on Sunday and had 99 yards in the team’s Week 12 win over the Jaguars. It’s not why the Bills made him a first-round pick, but the mobility has been a plus for Allen in his rookie season.

Stills commented on his lack of targets during the week and got six passes his way during Sunday’s game. Tannehill finished the day 16-of-24 for 137 yards, which aren’t appealing numbers. He did throw three touchdowns, however, and those three throws made all the difference for Miami.

The game-winning drive was given a boost by a former member of the Dolphins. Bills defensive tackle Jordan Phillips was penalized for taunting after dropping former teammate Kenyan Drake for a loss and the Dolphins would score two plays later. It was one of three Dolphins first downs off of Buffalo penalties and the Bills were flagged 13 times for 120 yards overall.

That sloppiness was also evident in three turnovers, including a muffed punt by Isaiah McKenzie that handed the Dolphins a short field for a touchdown at the end of the first half. All of those mistakes wasted a very strong effort by the defense and leave the Bills with a 4-8 record on the year.

At 6-6, the Dolphins remain alive in the AFC playoff hunt. They’ll need a much better performance against the Patriots next weekend if they want to stay there.

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  1. Again, Gase allows the opponent a chance to win. It’s not on the players when one has 2 ints. 2 weeks in a row and your qb is throwing at 65%.

    Gase and the staff have to go!

    Go Phins!

  2. Ref’s seemed to have it in for Buff today. Phillips was stupid but you see guys celebrating like he did every game. Allen was hit in the head a number of times without a call being made. And it’s too bad when they review a play for a catch like they did at the end they couldn’t then call the pass interference which was so obvious!

  3. Gase tries to give this one away. 3rd and 1 with a few mins left and you run a wildcat play?? Isnt Frank Gore still in the roster?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

  4. You are correct, Tannehill numbers aren’t appealing against the second overall defense having such an awesome O-Line and Pro-Bowl receivers.

    Did you notice how for Luck carved the Jaguars today for 27 points?

  5. Allen had his WRs let him down. As a fins fan, I can say Bills have a good QB on their hands. They just need one one more adequate WR and they could be a lot better than rhey are now.

  6. Josh Allen’s skill set is insane but he plays a festival of underachievers and screwups an average tight end catches that last pass..Charles Clay unfortunately is even average

  7. These are some reasons why I’m glad the Bills are playing Allen instead of having him “learn” on the sidelines.

  8. This is the 1st time I’ve watched Allen play. He is going to be a really good QB for many many years to come. Miami needs to find like that in the draft.
    However, I wouldn’t mind seeing RT17 have his starting OL and all the offensive weapons for 5 or 6 games straight and then judge if he is the future or not. In his defense he has not had a quality OL and a full compliment of WR for a single season yet.
    Missing Albert Wilson and Sitton and Kilgore hurts this team more then folks think.

  9. Hopefully Clay will be back in Miami next season. Clay felt sorry for Miami and dropped that pass in the end zone folks. Miami should have lost.
    Tannehill continues to wear our defense out with numerous 3 and outs in the 1st half. The goal from tanne-Mole is to keep the game close for the opposing teams; then the opposing team can take advantage of a worn out Miami defense in the 4th quarter from all those INTENTIONAL and numerous 3 and outs.

  10. joetoronto says:
    December 2, 2018 at 4:44 pm
    Allen is a pretender, not a real quarterback.

    You watched a very different game than the rest of us.

  11. Gase tried his best to again to give the game away late. Taking the ball away from THill with that 3rd down wild cat bs allowed the defense to only have to play the run against a rookie back that’s hardly ever on the field at the most important time of the game and year for that matter.Terrible. Also, Burke at what point do you change spying the QB with Kiko and try someone else. QB ran for 140. McDonald maybe. Rush 3 and blitz anything. One time with McCain…and it worked. I don’t have a head coach replacement today but I’m looking for one. Someone please make sure Ross doesn’t go after either of those Harbaugh brothers.

  12. It is amazing how Kelvin Benjamin’s lackluster effort goingbafter the football. He gives no extra effort and just seems to be going through the motions…… good luck getting top receiver money in free agency

  13. joetoronto says:
    December 2, 2018 at 4:39 pm
    Can’t blame the Bills receivers, they were open all game but Allen just couldn’t hit them.


    You must have been watching Derek Carr and the Raiders.

  14. Allen impressed me with his mobility and his knack for getting away from the rush. That said, he still needs to work on his accuracy. He missed a wide open receiver in the end zone. Ball was thrown way behind him.

    At some point you should put a spy on him that is quicker than Alonso. Maybe McDonald or Fitzpatrick.

  15. I will say this over and over…3rd and 1 and a few mins left. All you need is a first down and it doesn’t end up a nailbiter yet you call a wildcat play instead of handing the ball to Frank Gore who by the way ALWAYS gets atleast 1 yard. Enough of trying to make people think you are some genius, you are horrible as a OC and have cost your team atleast 2 games for sure and probably more if really looked into.

  16. Buffalo for all their previous faults have a potential MVP caliber QB in Allen –
    I’m never been one to doubt Kiko Alonso but today he looked lost chasing Allen around!
    Except for a couple of dropped passes – Buffalo clearly was the better Offense,
    Tannehill looked good one drive & then typically clueless the next….
    and would somebody PLEASE explain to me WHY Gase would call a Wildcat play on a 3rd & 1
    with the game on the line?
    Guessing the putz’s that ARE Gase & Tannenbaum are just looking to position the team for 2019 draft ?

  17. X-man 7 int’s leading the league. Man better get voted to pro-bowl. I’d make him 1st team All-Pro. Has totally become a shutdown Corner

  18. The Dolphins offense only picked up 175 yards but the Bills defense gave them 100+ more. Take away even half of those stupid penalties and the Bills would have won that game. I am not impressed with Gase and Tannehill.

  19. Well since Miami won this game, they better win out because being mediocore AGAIN just gets’em the the 15th or higher draft pick which is usually not someone to build on or around. They need a top 10 pick , preferably a QB to groom or challenge RT-17. That’s why I say tank or win out and it’s probably a little late to tank now.

  20. Just watched the Miami Game. That kid Allen is going to be one of the best QB’s in a few years. He’s got “it”. Size, leadership, athletic ability, a cannon of an arm. Just needs a little experience with some playmakers. I’m impressed.

  21. beachsidejames says:
    December 2, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    I don’t have a head coach replacement today but I’m looking for one.


    I do…

    Dan Campbell (The Saints Asst. Head Coach)

  22. Scott Marlowe says:
    December 2, 2018 at 7:03 pm
    They need a top 10 pick , preferably a QB to groom or challenge RT-17. That’s why I say tank or win out and it’s probably a little late to tank now

    For your information the Dolphins don’t know how to pick players anyway, the Dolphins had the number one number two and number three overall picks in the draft the last several years and got 5 good years out of Ronnie Brown, 4 years out of Jake Long and then there’s Deion Jordan.

    If you’re drafting horribly every year it doesn’t matter where you pick, you are doomed!

  23. Long time finfan, well they won didn’t deserve to but they did. The fins suck just horrible I can’t wait to be .500 next year , it’s like groundhogs day year after year. Lets keep celebrating the fact that they are a below average football team.
    MR. Ross and Gase keep the circus going loser’s..

  24. THill got beat up pretty bad today with that awful O-Line protecting him and he still threw for 3 TD’s. The Parker throw and catch was perfect ..The Stills TD was on the money and the touch throw to Drake was what was needed in that situation. Got to give him credit with out him there was no offense today.

  25. In football, and poker, the winners count there money, and the losers say deal. Miami won, the Bills didn’t win.Everything else is BS. Bill

  26. Gase once again tries to give the game away, this time with a stupid wildcat call on third and one. It’s going to be a full house cleaning this off season in Miami. Allen’s ability to run really impressed me. His passing needs work.

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