Jalen Ramsey avoids flag for “psych” move on Andrew Luck


The fact that the Jaguars are playing like butt hasn’t kept cornerback Jalen Ramsey from being cheeky.

Ramsey pulled the “psych” move on Colts quarterback Andrew Luck on Sunday, reaching out a hand to help Luck up and then quickly pulling the hand away.

Ramsey wasn’t flagged, which wouldn’t have even been an issue but for the fact that, last year, Broncos linebacker Von Miller drew a foul during a key moment of a game against the Bills by pulling the same maneuver with quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Miller took the blame for costing the team a win with the move.

Miller also wasn’t fined, which means Ramsey most likely is in the clear. Unless of course the league tells Ramsey he won’t be fined before saying, “Psych!”