NFC playoff picture: Seahawks move up

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Before today’s games, the Seahawks were on the outside looking in in the NFC playoff race. Not anymore.

The Seahawks got a dominant win over the 49ers today, while other NFC contenders stumbled, and now Seattle is the top wild card team, through their 12th game of the season.

A big Monday night game between Washington and Philadelphia still looms, but here’s how the playoff picture looks after Sunday’s games:

1. Rams (11-1): They have an easy schedule the rest of the way and a good chance of finishing ahead of the Saints in the standings.

2. Saints (10-2): Still the favorites to earn a bye week, but now they have an uphill climb to home-field advantage.

3. Bears (8-4): The inside track to the No. 3 seed, but the loss to the Giants hurt.

4. Cowboys (7-5): All alone in first place in the NFC East, before the Washington-Philadelphia game on Monday night.

5. Seahawks (7-5): The Seahawks are looking like a likely playoff team, in a season some saw as a rebuilding year.

6. Washington (6-5): A big game with Philadelphia looms.

7. Vikings (6-5-1): At Seattle next week looks like a must-win.

8. Panthers (6-6): Carolina is in a tailspin.

9. Eagles (5-6): A big game with Washington looms.

10. Buccaneers (5-7): Jameis Winston is finally playing well, but is it too late to save Dirk Koetter’s job?

11. Packers (4-7-1): Another loss cost Mike McCarthy his job.

12. Falcons (4-8): This season has been a major disappointment.

13. Giants (4-8): Playing better, but still stuck in last place in the NFC East.

14. Lions (4-8): Matt Patricia has already lost more games this year than Jim Caldwell lost in either of the last two years.

15. Cardinals (3-9): Showed some progress by winning in Green Bay.

16. 49ers (2-10): The worst team in the NFC.

45 responses to “NFC playoff picture: Seahawks move up

  1. As a Vikings fan and longtime football fan, no one can win without at least an avergae Offensive line. Zim will continue to draft CBs.

    Better off if Vikings don’t make the post season, they won’t go far anyway.Cousins getting destroyed back there and we can’t run=not going far in postseason anyway.

  2. Cowboys! before the season….. Eagles Saints Falcons Panthers Vikings Bears Taco Bell Mcdonalds….. but but but …..
    We Are The Best Bar None !!!!!!! PROVEN F A C T ! To Be The Best .. You HAVE To Beat The Best ! F A C T !

    MOD (s) !

  3. No one and I mean no one wants to face this band of rabid wolverines. If we get into the dance the prom queen is coming back to Sea-town. Fate accompli.

  4. Scene from next week on Welcome Back Koetter
    Will Winston save Mr. Koet-tair! job?
    Will Horshack be signed?
    Can Mike “Boom-Boom” Evans help find Barbarino?

    Yeah we tease him a lot ’cause we got him on the spot
    Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back, welcome back
    Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

  5. Seattle has a mighty good playoff qb. A great running game and a strong, albiet young(growing)defense…

    Sounds like a playoff team to me. Smart people wouldn’t want to face them.

    Russell is clutch.

  6. As a vikings fan, i can only hope washington holds them off for that final spot. the last thing i want to see is further embarassment on national tv.

  7. The Packers can still win the NFCN if they win out, the Bears lose out, and the Vikings lose their next 3 then beat the Bears in week 17. I like the Packers’ chances of doing their part now that McCarthy is finally gone, and I think they have a chance to get the help they need for the Bears and Vikings to lose out. Both of those teams have a history of choking in recent years, especially the Vikings.

  8. 1. Rams (11-1): They have an easy schedule the rest of the way

    Detroit wasn’t an easy game today and I don’t think the others will be. It’s December and everyone wants to play spoiler.

  9. walker1191 says:
    December 2, 2018 at 9:00 pm
    Seahawks fans all excited about a home win over the worst team in football.


    Worst team used to be the Cardinals but then they went and beat the Packers.

    Oh well.

  10. Worst team used to be the Cardinals but then they went and beat the Packers.

    Oh well.
    Your observations aren’t so keen. The 49ers were the worst team at the start of the day and have been for a few weeks.. do some fact checking before you post.

    Oh well.

  11. Seahawks fans all excited about a home win over the worst team in football.


    And they play them again in 2 weeks…I know right?! Then the cards…it is almost like the league gave the hawks three easy wins at the end…oh and then a game AT HOME against the number 1 team(minnesota) they are competing with for a playoff spot. The football gods are crazy, right!?

    Hawk fans are happy that their team is still making noise. You don’t just fire the Offensive Coordinator and the Defensive Coordinator and rebuild a defense with young players and just EXPECT to keep winning. It is only becoming apparent to many that that is indeed what is happening.

    The haters will be the last ones to see it for what it is. Not too worried about them.

  12. There aren’t any Viking fans commenting! Instead of offering advice and encouragement to their team, they’re all on Packer threads picking needless fights and gloating………after the Vikings just got trounced!


  13. calizcowboyz says: Cowboys! but but but …..We Are The Best Bar None !!!!!!! PROVEN F A C T ! F A C T !

    And all you have to do is stick your head in the ground (or somewhere… ) to help you ignore the fact that the cowboys have sucked out loud for the last 20 years. The above post is a pretty fair indication why cowfans are widely regarded as the biggest blowhards in the league.

  14. dirtysoufsavage says
    Seattle isn’t much of a threat to any team above .500, as reflected by schedule results.

    Cowboys, and Panthers disagree. Saints probably too after being punked by the Cowboys, who Seattle handled easily.

  15. stellarperformance says:
    December 2, 2018 at 9:54 pm
    There aren’t any Viking fans commenting! Instead of offering advice and encouragement to their team, they’re all on Packer threads picking needless fights

    “the pot calling the kettle black”

    p.s. I highly doubt any teams personnel are on this site looking for advice or encouragemnet

  16. “Seahawks fans all excited about a home win over the worst team in football.”


    This might sound ridiculous as I have tipped back a few… but this Seahawks fan is exited about the losses, particularly against the Rams.
    As long as you’re competitive you can win.

  17. Seattle’s 5 losses (Rams x2, Bears, Broncos, Chargers) have a combined record of 41-14. And all 5 losses by 8 or fewer points. Still have tough tests in Vikings and Chiefs, but both im Seattle. They have 3 solid RBs, a position of strength for the first time since Marshawn Lynch was not injured. I still think they would lose to Rams or Saints on road but they are probably going to bounce Dallas from the playoffs

  18. hawks1124 says:
    December 2, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    Cowboys, and Panthers disagree. Saints probably too after being punked by the Cowboys, who Seattle handled easily.

    Totally different Cowboys team that has found their mojo. When teams are cold, they suck. When teams get hot, they are tough. Dallas is riding a 4 game winning streak and completely derailed a very hot Saints team that was riding a 10 game winning streak. Cowboys did that and are about 65%-70% healthy right now. Come play off time, they should be around 90%-95% healthy. Next time around, Seattle doesn’t stand a chance against these new and improved tough Cowboys buddy. Sit down, calm down.

  19. Everyone said Seattle was rebuilding and anywhere from 4 wins to 7 tops.
    Maybe more Bobby I don’t miss a tackle’ 98 yrd int TD could get at least get an ‘also ran’ for defensive MVP?

  20. Fans that are saying Nobody wants to see the Seahawks in the post season need to calm down. Especially people quoting how good the defense is albeit how young they are. The 49ers of all people had a ton of explosive plays on offensive against our defense. Seattle isn’t fooling any NFL coaching staff with what they’re doing. I would calm down about their chances in the playoffs. Yes the Seahawks will make it to the wildcard game, but its a crapshoot once we play a game. Wilson is great, and the running game is alive but there is still a lot of bad coming out of this team that needs to be sured up before hand. Don’t get me wrong I’m stoked for how good their playing, but people are getting a bit out of control and trying to crown this team before they do anything.

  21. Hawks1124…..

    They handled Dallas easily? It took 2 unbelievable interceptions to keep Dallas at bay AT Seattle. Dallas is playing much better now, as are the Seahawks, but this one will be played at Dallas which a lot better for Dallas to not have to play there…..

  22. The loss to the Patriots was expected and after tonight the Vikings will be the 6th seed. They need to beat Seattle but the Oline is awful. Even if they loose in Seattle they will win the other 3. De Filippo needs to quit alternating Ltrain and Cook and have them in the backfield at the same time. The Vikings will be fine.

  23. I ain’t calming down about their chances in the playoffs since almost everyone thought there wouldn’t be any playoffs. I don’t believe if that if you aren’t the Super Bowl champ it was a failed season. This team is on the rise…SF will be also next year with a healthy QB…and ARZ also…then the NFC West will be back to the best in the NFL

  24. Don’t really care who we beat to get a shot at the postseason. Just keep winning. Playoff games on the road are tough, but we were only supposed to win four games according to the so called “experts” right? We’re definitely not the favorites to do anything but neither were the Gaints when they beat the Patriots twice. Peak at the right time and you can win a Lombardi.

  25. Still lots of football left but Rams/Saints still looks like a real good bet for NFC title. The Saints despite the loss are still a very healthy and talented team going into the stretch run.

  26. Saints proved they struggle against a real defense. I don’t see any reason to believe the Rams are any different. They both crumbled in the playoffs last year because they couldn’t beat a good defense. Defense wins championships, and the Rams are #20, while the Saints are #16. Below average, and mediocre. Just don’t act surprised in January, please.

  27. NFL Media last week: The Jaguars are the most disappointing team in the league

    Atlanta & Green Bay: Hold our beers

  28. As a Cowboys fan, let me just say the VAST majority are not at all like Calliez Cowboy. We actually are pretty critical of the head coach and offensive coordinator, and we’re realistic in that we want to get to the tourney, but it’ll be tough sledding against the Saints and Rams. But yeah, we’re pretty excited about that defense, and with good reason.

    And all of sudden those seahawk fans come out of the woodwork. I read several of the regulars on here and know those, but it’s like they opened up ESPN and saw the hawks record and said, “Dang, guess I have to get that seahawk jersey out of the box in the garage.”

  29. Seahawks -Vikings first round of the playoffs for these teams. Seattle has been playing well and are at home.It will be tough for the Vikings but so what if they want to do anything at all this year it starts this week.

  30. stellarperformance stop please, you just make yourself look so bad. The Vikings got trounced by the Pats but when your packers lost by the same margin. You said they were in it until Jones fumbled in the 3rd quarter. That they didn’t get trounced.
    And we know you don’t like the Seahawks or their fans so why are you trying to get them on your side to troll the Vikings with comments. Pathetic, as they aren’t going to follow the likes of you.

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