Ravens play dominant defense to beat Falcons 26-16


It wasn’t easy for Lamar Jackson.

But the result was the same.

The Ravens rookie quarterback led his team to their third straight win in as many starts, as they beat the Falcons 26-16.

They continued to do it on the ground, gaining 207 of their 366 yards by running, with Jackson putting his 75 yards along with Gus Edwards‘ 81 as they controlled the game up front.

Jackson was not without his struggles, as he had a fumble returned for a Falcons touchdown, and left to get checked for a concussion after getting accidentally kicked in the head by a teammate. But he also had a manageable 12-of-21 passing day for 125 yards.

He’s able to play that way because the Ravens (7-5) are playing dominant defense, holding the Falcons (4-8) to just 131 total yards.