Steelers have an unprecedented home collapse

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When the Steelers began to find their groove earlier this year, linebacker T.J. Watt explained to PFT that, when the Steelers get a lead, they can play their preferred brand of football. And, for decades, getting a 14-point lead at home had been enough to seal the deal.

On Sunday night, the Steelers endured an unprecedented collapse at home.

NBC noted after the 33-30 loss to the Chargers that the Steelers now have a record of 220-1-2 at home when up by 14 or more points. Which makes tonight’s home loss when up by 14 or more points a first in franchise history.

The loss also drops the Steelers to 7-4-1, giving them a lead of only one-half game over the Ravens for the AFC North lead, with four to play. And the Steelers still must face the Patriots and the Saints.

If the Steelers end up not winning the division, there will be plenty of reasons for it. Tonight’s loss, coming after a 23-7 lead at the half, may stand out the most.

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  1. The seasons not over. The Steelers can still win out and make it to the SB.

    They won’t, but it’s still theoretically possible.

  2. You have to remember that Ben is old and washed up. The Steeler secondary is useless.
    The fans could care less about their team. Steelers need a total rebuild for next year.

  3. Philip Rivers probably won’t win the MVP, but he’s as valuable to his team as anybody. Bosa missed all those games, but it didn’t matter. Now Bosa is back but Melvin Gordan is missing, and it still doesn’t matter. I thought the Steelers played pretty good tonight. They didn’t lose the game as much as Rivers won the game. Roethlisberger was awesome too. Just a great NFL game.

  4. Tomlin won’t directly say it, so I will. I can’t get fined. The REFS GIFTED this to the Chargers.

    They admitting blowing the false start call on the long, first TD. Did you read his lips? “I know, I know”. He said that!!

    And the no call on the block in the back on the punt return. 16 points right there!

    I am not one to scream refs when they blow it, but someone in stripes needs fired for this one

  5. “Steelers have an unprecedented home collapse”

    I’d say their loss in the divisional round of the playoffs last season when the Jags racked 45 points on them was “unprecedented.” After that game happened, everything after was not revolutionary. Tomlin has no control over his own team. They are very lucky to be 7-4-1 right now. It doesn’t get any easier for them from this point onwards.

  6. Mike Tomlin’s teams are chaotic. They do great things, then fall flat on their faces. Or they sleepwalk through half a game, then pull out a victory with late game heroics.

    Now tonight, a historic collapse in falling to the Chargers. (Kudos to LAC, clearly they wanted it more.)

    I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem all that surprising: Every Steelers game the coin gets flipped and it lands either bad/good or good/bad.

  7. Steelers don’t lose this game if they had Bell.

    Connor looks good, but he’s not a “do everything “ back. Ben is going to have to find somebody else to dump the ball off to, and get rid of the ball sooner. His ability to escape, elude, and run for any yardage at this stage is no longer there.

    They need to beat the Patriots or Rams or the ravens win this division. If so Tomlin should be fired. This guy has had way too much talent to work with over the years.

  8. Forget the two calls, who cares. The Steelers had chances to win the game, and fell on their faces. Ben, another red zone turnover, missed a wide open Hunter in the end zone etc. The defense, after playing a great first half, disappeared.
    The Chargers wanted the game more, and they won. The Steelers entire team is undisciplined and lacks focus. That said, I’m not too sure what some Ravens fans are crowing about, their remaining schedule is no cake walk either.

  9. The AFCN just got interesting.

    The Ravens (7-5) have the @Chiefs, Bucks, @Chargers and Browns.
    The Steelers (7-4-1) have the @Raiders, Patriots, @Saints and Bengals.

    The Ravens need to beat the Bucks and Browns and split with the Chiefs and Chargers if they want to win the division. 10-6 would secure the #6 for sure.
    The Steelers would need to lose to the Pats, Saints and split with the Raiders and Bengals to lose the division and take the #6.
    The cards are still in the Steelers favor, but last night’s loss opened the door.

  10. If the obvious false start on the Chargers or the block in the back on the punt return had been called, I think we all know LA would have marched down the field anyway on throws to Keenan Allen, since the Steelers still haven’t covered that guy once.

  11. Just wait until next week at about 7 PM East Coast time when the Raiders beat the Steelers and I am a Steelers fan. Steelers haven’t won in Oakland/LA since 95.

    Steelers aren’t making the playoffs. Just a fact. They are heading for at least a 5 game losing streak that rivals Tomlins “unleash hell” comments from 2009. And they have no one to blame but themselves. Turning the ball over, not causing turnovers, leading the league in penalties and not running the ball enough. That’s what bad teams do.

  12. The Refs blew this game in a shameful way.
    Key missed calls and untimely calls against the Steelers
    killed their momentum, and turned the game upside down.

    It’s not a mystery.

  13. Steelers defense is turrible. Couldnt stop the run to save our life, and the secondary got repeatedly roasted. More of the same from Tomlin- “Wha happened?!” Googly eyes after the Chargers repeatedly ran over us. A change is needed like in GB.

  14. The Steelers have been winning only because the refs skew the calls in their favor about 99% of the time. When the officiating is actually fair, or only 80% in favor of the Steelers like it was Sunday night, then the Steelers collapse because they can’t win unless they cheat.

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