49ers and Raiders now 1-2 in draft order

Getty Images

The Cardinals won a game and got a coach fired yesterday, but they lost some valuable draft currency in the process.

After beating Green Bay, the Cardinals slipped two spot in the hypothetical 2019 NFL Draft order.

If the season ended today, the 49ers and Raiders (2-10) would pick first and second, followed by the Jets and Cardinals (3-9). Also, a lot of people would be asking “Why did the season end after Week 13?”

This is where we not that draft order ties are broken by strength of schedule, which can still change over the last four weeks of the season.

Among the knot of 4-8 teams, the Lions would slide into the fifth spot at the moment, followed by the Falcons, Giants, Bills, and Jaguars. The 4-7-1 and coachless Packers would be in the 10th spot, just ahead of Cleveland on the tiebreaker.

The 49ers finish with four projected playoff teams (Broncos, Seahawks, Bears, Rams), while the Raiders close with a slightly less strenuous slate (Steelers, Bengals, Broncos, Chiefs), as the draft appears destined to go through the Bay Area.