Antonio Gates likes having the bounces go the Chargers way

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Tight end Antonio Gates has played a lot of games for the Chargers over the years and he’s seen the team lose many games in excruciating fashion, but that trend has been interrupted this season.

The Chargers are 9-3 after coming back to beat the Steelers 33-30 in Pittsburgh on Sunday night. They trailed 23-7 until a Philip Rivers pass bounced off Steelers defensive backs Joe Haden and Sean Davis and into Keenan Allen‘s hands for a touchdown.

It was a fortunate bounce and Gates said after the game that it is nice to be on that side of the equation.

“That’s just how the season has been going,” Gates said, via the Los Angeles Times. “It’s bounced our way, unlike in the past.”

The good luck didn’t stop there. The Chargers got away with a false start on a touchdown for the second time this season and it appeared officials missed an illegal block in the back on Desmond King‘s punt return score as well. That didn’t sit well with many in Pittsburgh, but the view from Gates’ perch is a different one.

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    The penalties and lucky bounces weren’t the story of the game. The Steelers blew a 23-7 lead at home, and allowed 231 yards in the second half, That’s the story.

  2. Steelers’ defenders are such showboats they don’t have enough sense to knock down passes. They want so badly to intercept them and do little dances up and down the field. Well, this is what happens when all you care about is yourself.

  3. The game last night was the poster child of why there should not be NFL gambling. !4 points give n to one team causing a win and another team to lose. Players know what happened during the game and no matter a Steeler hater or not that was some very bad officiating. The sad part they will be back on the field next week possible causing another team to lose. Players and coaches should be able to voice what we all witnessed last night. This is the sad fact of how the NFL continues to fall back except in the fantasy world.

  4. The Steelers collapsed but they had help. It’s hard to win in this league under normal circumstances. Gift wrapping two unearned touchdowns is quite another. Not to mention an illegal snap on the field goal block. Worst officiated game since the Fail Mary.

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