Bears defense laments “sloppy” play in loss to Giants

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Bears quarterback Chase Daniel feels like he let the team down with his play against the Giants in Sunday’s 30-27 overtime loss, but mistakes were not limited to the offensive side of the ball.

The Bears allowed the Giants 74 yards in the first half before letting Saquon Barkley break loose for a 22-yard run in the final seconds. That was followed by a nine-yard pass and a field goal at the whistle that accounted for the only offensive points of the half by the Giants.

Things got worse after halftime. The Giants put together back-to-back touchdown drives, ate seven minutes with another drive later in the game and then got the only points of overtime to beat the Bears.

Cornerback Prince Amukamara pointed to Barkley’s run as a turning point after the game and linebacker Danny Trevathan thought the unit lacked the necessary precision.

“It was kind of sloppy out there,’’ Trevathan said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. ‘‘[We] don’t make excuses. Our defense is trying to fly around and make a play. It wasn’t our best game, but I feel like we still played good. We’ll be back next week better than ever.”

Sloppiness won’t cut it against the Rams next Sunday, so Trevathan’s prediction needs to be on the nose for the Bears to bounce back with a win.

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  1. If ANYBODY was sloppy it was Coach Nagy.

    He GAVE them 3 points at the end of the first half in a downright ugly sequence of decision making and time manahement. 3 points ended up being the difference.

    And he just likes interest in the running game. A TERRIBLE and FOOLISH look for a play caller/HC.

    Maybe if his run calls weren’t so PREDICTABLE he’d have better luck. It’s always RUN on first. Like dude, try some 2nd down runs.

    Love the Bears. FAR from sold on this cutesy coach.

  2. I have to think the Bears came in to this game with a little bit of a cavalier attitude. The reality of the fact is Chase Daniel showed what he is. A backup that is just that. He proved that Sunday. The defense struggled with Barkley. But to let Odell beat you.? Sad.

  3. Remember when Gruden sent Mack to Chicago & everyone in the NFC got really nervous –
    because the Bears had a pretty good Offense & just needed that ONE missing piece?
    Seems like a hundred years ago don’t it?
    For ALL Grudens faults – he DOES his homework on problem & potentially problematic players
    and HAS & will kick them to the curb.

  4. Sloppy? No, you just are what you are, and were also up against two of the best offensive players in the league.

    Told Bears fans to not be too confident going into this game, REGARDLESS of who their QB was yesterday.

    Now the Giants will lose to the Colts 34-13, in two weeks, after THEY got shut out by the 4-8 Jaguars yesterday.

    Because that’s just what the Giants do.

  5. Any given Sunday.

    We’d have won with Mitch and not sure what’s up with his health. He’s healthy. He’s not. Thankfully, I’m out of the Chicagoland market or I would have to suffer through the WGN Weather Chopper monitoring which hand he carries his Portillo’s in. Biscuitgate!

    And Raiders fans, jeez. It’s funny you mention Mack but conveniently left out the Pro-Bowl Season Cooper is having. Mack’s having a great year, as is the Bears Defense. Let me know how the move treats you, I have some boxes in my basement if you need any help.

  6. When you have zero commitment to a strong running game, this is what happens. Yes, Cohen is exciting and pass plays are fun. When you run the ball with your power back you control the game (like the first half). When you drop commitment to the run, you aren’t in control. Nagy is going to need to learn this or his success as a head coach is going to be limited.

  7. I’m glad they’re owning it. They were bad yesterday, especially the 2nd half. Atrocious tackling in particular and a very disappointing lack of pass rush given the caliber of the Giants OL and Eli’s lack of mobility.

  8. Thanksgiving they kept Trubisky out but it was said if game was on Sunday instead of Thanksgiving then Trubisky would have played…..He should have played in that fn giants game…..& why is nothing be said of the refs taking a TD away from the bears…..guy wasnt touched by anybody!……

  9. I put some fault on Nagy for this loss for a few reasons – the time-out blunder before the half (yeah, I heard his rationale, I just don’t buy it – going for a blocked punt? REALLY?), but the big one is this:

    I think Mitch COULD have played, but Nagy was arrogant enough – given what Chase did against the Lions on Thanksgiving – that he thought he’d get the exact same performance out of Chase again, and could play it ultra-conservative with Trubisky – and combined with the defense it’d be “enough” to get by. Well, it wasn’t worth it. It was the coaching equivalent of playing “prevent defense” – playing not to lose, rather than playing to win.

    Mitch needs to play through his dings, and Bears need to lock in the division. Bears fans like me who’ve seen the collapses that have happened at 8-0 and 7-3 , etc. know better – you take every win you can until you KNOW you’re in the playoffs, especially against NFC teams at this time of year.

    I was also most concerned about the Bears o-line in that game – their running hasn’t been the same since they lost Kyle Long, but they’re pass protection was also horrid.

    I’m hopeful they can pull a surprise out against the Rams in the cold of Soldier Field – and they sort of NEED to now to make up for this loss, but I feel they’ve lost a little of the defensive mojo they had – they may have peaked too early – and now teams like the Cowboys & Ravens are trying to claim the swagger of league’s best defense, what rightfully belongs/belonged to the Bears. I hope that prove it on Sunday Night.

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