Bill O’Brien: We think about the next day, not the playoffs

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The Texans continued to put their 0-3 start way in the rearview mirror on Sunday by beating the Browns 29-13 to improve to 9-3 on the season.

That winning streak has put them firmly in control of the AFC South and opened the door to thoughts of a bye in the first round of the playoffs should all the pieces fall into place over the next four weeks. Head coach Bill O’Brien doesn’t want those thoughts running around the heads of anyone in the organization, though.

“We cannot take the cheese — we cannot,” O’Brien said, via Peter King of Football Morning in America. “I’ve told the team, it’s a short walk from 0-3 to where you are now. We don’t think about anything else, like the playoffs. We think about the next day. We think about Monday. Lift at 10, watch the tape at noon, flip the script and get ready for Indy next Sunday. We’ve got good guys who love football. When you do, they’ll follow what you’re emphasizing.”

The Texans should follow the same script that they’ve followed to nine straight wins, but there’s no doubt that their winning streak will have others contemplating what could happen down the road in Houston.

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    Teams don’t make their own schedules. They are created years in advance and assigned by the league using a widely known formula. With that said, the Texans were fortunate to draw such a favorable schedule this year. Their remaining schedule should allow them to be on cruise control.


    The Colts and Eagles are on life support. The Jets and Jaguars are DOA. If the Chiefs or Patriots stumble, the Texans will be poised to advance to a first round bye. It’s difficult to see them losing any of their remaining games.

  2. Despite having an easy remaining schedule, they shouldn’t take their foot off the brakes at all. If they can stop Luck like Jax did yesterday, they can wrap up the AFC South next Sunday. A first round bye will help them out greatly, so they should not take the rest of the season lightly. I don’t think the AFC seeds will change much though, maybe just the 5th or 6th seed.

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