Corey Davis said Titans had “no panic” before winning drive

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The Titans fell behind the Jets 16-0 in the first half of Sunday’s game and that put them on track for a loss that would have dealt an all but fatal blow to their playoff hopes, but a touchdown late in the first half got them on the board and they would continue to grind their way back into the game over the course of the second half.

That effort culminated with a six-play, 86-yard drive that began with 1:46 left in the game and ended with Corey Davis catching an 11-yard touchdown from Marcus Mariota. Davis relayed the way things felt for the offense as they prepared for that drive when he spoke to reporters after the game.

“In the huddle, there was honestly no panic,” Davis said. “Marcus came in the huddle and set the tone. He told us that’s kind of what we do. We did it.”

It’s the 11th time Mariota has led a game-winning drive and he had a 25-yard run to go with two completions for 36 yards as the Titans made their way down the field. He credited “the guys around me” for getting the win on a day when it took a long time for things to come together for the team.

They’ll try to be sharper against the Jaguars on Thursday as they try to avoid a loss that would erase any gains they made with Sunday’s rally.

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  1. Commentators often question Mariota’s ability. They shouldn’t!! This guy is a stud and while necessarily the numbers don’t show it you shouldn’t doubt it. He right now reminds me of Rodgers meaning not the best supporting cast. He also has his 4th coordinator in 5 years. Tennessee has wasted one good rookie contract. He is not as polished as Rodgers but in his second year he threw 26td’s 9 interceptions. That’s suppose to be the hardest year for the Titans. Then last year he was surrounded by outdated Mike Mularkey and Robiskie who I don’t think is in the nfl even after a playoff win. Titans receivers have dropped maybe 4-6Td’s this year. Not dropped passes but touchdowns even the game winner against Buffalo. The worst offensive line I’ve seen in quite sometime. If he can weather this storm Vrabel seems like the dude who don’t make excuses but get results.

  2. This is the oddest team in the NFL. They can look amazing and they can look horrible. If they can nail down some consistency, they might just be good.

  3. They seemed completely lifeless throughout the whole game. Maybe that’s why they didn’t panic. They looked like they’d rather be doing anything else. No sense of urgency at all when their season is on the line. It’s hard to feel stressed when you don’t even care in the first place.

  4. Yeah I dont get this team at all. They go out & beat the bag out of the Cowboys & Patriots & then lose badly to the Colts & Texans. Doesn’t make any sense. Not sure what to make of it. But I think picking up Mariota’s option is the right play. This is a weak QB draft. I think he can play, but I do worry about his health. That said, there’s really not any better option.

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