James Conner suffered lower leg contusion on Sunday night

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Steelers running back James Conner was forced from Sunday night’s loss to the Chargers with a leg injury and there wasn’t much sense of his outlook for the coming week immediately after the game.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said that Conner suffered a lower leg contusion, but neither he nor anyone else who spoke to reporters gave an idea of how much time Conner might miss.

Conner ran 15 times for 60 yards and two touchdowns and caught three passes for 14 yards before getting hurt. Jaylen Samuels replaced him in the backfield and caught a touchdown pass that tied the game at 30 in the fourth quarter.

The Steelers will be in Oakland to face the Raiders next Sunday and there should be more of an idea about Conner’s availability in the next few days.

11 responses to “James Conner suffered lower leg contusion on Sunday night

  1. Conner’s success is a product of the Steeler offensive line and nothing more. Conner himself is nothing special. Not even close to Bell at anything.

    If Conner has to miss time they’ll have no problem finding a replacement.

  2. Considering the last 6 season… If this team misses the playoffs (which is highly likely at this point) Tomlin deserves to be fired.

  3. myspaceyourface says:
    December 3, 2018 at 8:21 am
    Considering the last 6 season… If this team misses the playoffs (which is highly likely at this point) Tomlin deserves to be fired.


    They’re still in control of the AFC North, so not sure how accurate it is saying that they’re “highly likely” to miss the playoffs at this point. Wasn’t even a month ago they dropped 52 on Carolina and people had them at the top 5 in power rankings.

    If anyone deserves to be fired after this season, it’s Danny Smith. Seems like an ok guy, but that punt return for TD last night was awful. ST has killed them this year. Constant flags and Boswell and Berry have both looked off (Berry wasn’t ever great to begin with). Keith Butler also needs to get it together with in-game adjustments. If dropping back Watt, Bostic, or other LBs in coverage against decent WRs doesn’t cut it, try something else.

  4. They will be lucky to beat the Raiders next week. They follow that with the Pats and Saints.
    That would be one playoff win in 6 years. A playoff win that was gifted to them by a Bungle melt-down.

    Tomlin has skated by on a talented roster. When the game comes down to coaching he loses every time.

  5. Ever get kicked in the shins? At the moment it hurts really bad (this is why you see soccer players rolling on the ground as if they’ve been shot), but when you rub some dirt on it and walk it off, you’re ok in short order. It looks like this is going to be one of those things.

  6. Steelers historically kill off their star running back around this time of year. Bell barely made it to the post season. Usually, they chew them up and spit them out by now.

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