Mike Tomlin mum on refs: “I’ve sent enough money to New York”

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The Steelers kept giving the Chargers chances at easier game-winning field goals thanks to their own penalties.

The Chargers also scored two touchdowns along the way that featured relatively obvious flags which weren’t thrown, but Steelers coach Mike Tomlin didn’t want to go there after last night’s 33-30 loss.

“You know, I’ma keep my mouth shut. I’ma do that,” Tomlin said, via Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com. “‘Cause I’ve sent enough money to New York.”

I guess that’s the new version of “I’m just here so I don’t get fined,” but Tomlin certainly had plenty to complain about, beyond calling the miss “unfortunate.”

Right tackle Sam Tevi appeared guilty of a clear false start in the first quarter on a 46-yard touchdown pass, and their punt return score in the fourth quarter appeared to include an illegal block in the back.

In October, Tomlin was fined $25,000 after calling officials a “joke.”

“Hey guys, I’m not getting into the officiating elements of what transpired and how it was communicated,” he said. “I’m just not. It’s fruitless. It doesn’t change the outcome of the game.”

The Steelers still blew a 23-7 lead, and allowed 231 yards in the second half, so they had plenty of responsibility for their own demise, but that doesn’t mean they were happy about the guys in stripes.

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  1. This was a con job like nothing ive ever seen before. If an official doesn’t lose their job over this, the NFL has completely lost its tegridy.

  2. As my name suggests I am not a Steeler fan. Bottom line…Pittsburgh got robbed with two obvious missed calls. Did they blow a 23-7 lead? Yes. But they wouldn’t have if those two scoring plays were called correctly. And..they were OBVIOUS.These refs should be fined at the very least. And..on Thursday night they called an offsides on Randy Gregory negating a turnover that was a horrible call. What are these refs looking at?

  3. Can’t wait to hear all the whining and complaining he’ll do in 2 weeks if they lose to the Patriots, it’s not as if the league office would fine him for it.

  4. .
    The Steelers and Ravens essentially have a four game season ahead:

    Baltimore Schedule


    Steelers Schedule

    It’s possible that the loser misses the playoffs completely.

  5. As a Steelers fan, this one hurt. Yes, they had two TD’s that should have been called back; but I feel like LAC was the better team anyway.

    This game made me realise Pittsburgh has got no business in the playoffs this season. Total meltdown.

  6. It’s kind of hilarious to hear Pittburgh complaining about refs, considering that to pretty much most unbiased viewers they get more calls in their favor (along with Green Bay and New England) than most franchises. After all, the refs basically gave them their last two superbowls.

  7. It’s easier to whine about the refs than to ask why no one on the coaching staff or in the game though they should cover Keenan Allen.

  8. The integrity of the game is at stake here. You can’t miss blatent offsides penalties, and yes there was way more than one, without SOMEBODY being held accountable for it. Sorry, I am not a Steelers fan, but for sure things like this change the outcome of the game, and if not for these penalties going uncalled, the Chargers likely don’t win the game. Get a handle on it now……before something like this happens in the playoffs.

  9. The team that commits holding and grabs at least one face mask on every play has the audacity to talk about missed calls! The officials were right on top of it. Just look how they called offsides twice during that sweet awesome game winning field goal! Hee haw!

  10. This was a terribly officiated game. But it’s not even close to the bad officiating in the Rams vs Chiefs game. That game made this league look like WWE, which is what the NFL is becoming every week.

  11. Don’t really have any grounds to be complaining about them anyway, with all the holding and hands to the face that his offensive line got away with, as well as defensive holding and pass interference.

    They’re gonna hang onto that false start call forever, huh?

  12. Every year, every team in the league can point to a game or two (or more) when there were calls that weren’t made or were made and it “changed the outcome”. And it will stay that way until very play is reviewed by someone with a monitor who gets to look at the play several times from six different angles in super slo-mo and then make the call.
    I don’t particularly want that to happen. So, while I hate it when my team is on the wrong end of those calls (not a Steeler or Charger fan, by the way), I’ll put up with it even when it might cost my team a win, (and it certainly has) or even a playoff spot.
    As long as the league and the refs keep working to get better, I’m fine with it. That’s just part of the game.

  13. guitarrebel says:
    December 3, 2018 at 6:22 am
    Whoever missed the false start does not need to ever officiate an NFL game again.
    Beyond ridiculous.
    beyond ridiculous is complaining about a noncall that had zero impact on the play.

  14. In an effort to keep the game close for the ratings,
    the Refs kept giving the Chargers favorable calls
    which ended up killing momentum and swung the game around.

    Anyone who watched the game knows the Steelers got hosed.

  15. How anyone watching this game could have not seen the false start ending in a TD and the block in back at area kick caught ran back for a TD yet officials paid to make the calls did zero and be on the field again next week. The NFL has a lot of problems and the officiating is one at the top

  16. Coach Cliche says “The standard is the standard”. Only problem is the standard is low, very low. Only time I’ve ever seen a LB cover one of the games best WR’s for the whole game. Not many LB’s can cover a good TE never mind a great WR. Coach Cliche should be criticizing his DC not the Refs.

  17. With half game lead, Steelers can go 2-2 and are in playoffs as WC at worst (unless one of the four AFC teams at 6-6 runs the table). Ravens with three of four they are in (could well go 2-2 and get in at 9-7 on tie breakers, figuring one of four 6-6 teams goes 9-7, or more). Both have it in their hands to get in, don’t need anyone’s help.

  18. With back to back demoralizing losses and losing to three AFCW teams already, Steelers are primed to get clownstomped by the nothing to lose and everything to prove Oakland Raiders. Little Ben is going to get destroyed in that house of pain and he won’t be able to skate on bad officiating like he did against the Chargers.

  19. The NFL is a multi billion dollar business, and this complete garbage officiating is what it provides for professional games that alter the outcomes and playoff standings ? Absolutely pathetic, inexcusable, disgusting.

  20. The NFL is a multi billion dollar business, and this complete incompetent garbage officiating is what it provides for professional games that alter the outcomes and playoff standings ? Absolutely pathetic, inexcusable, disgusting.

  21. Tomlin has never been able to keep his mouth shut, why start now.

    Captain catch phrase always has some one liner or rah rah quip to spew.

    Dude needs gone, now. One playoff win in 5 going on 6 years. That win was a total implosion by the Bungles.

    His teams are never ready to play 4 quarters, lack discipline, and emotional stability.

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