Russell Wilson’s shoe toss set off Kyle Shanahan

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49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was upset with himself that he got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty late in the third quarter of the 43-16 loss to Seattle.

“It wasn’t a smart thing by me and something I can’t do,” Shanahan told reporters Monday.

Shanahan was more upset at officials Sunday, which got him the penalty in the first place. A day later, Shanahan calmly explained what set him off.

After 49ers linebacker Fred Warner lost his shoe, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw the shoe further behind the line of scrimmage. Warner ran to get his shoe, prompting Wilson to go hurry-up in hopes of getting a free play.

Warner was running off as Elijah Lee ran on to replace Warner, and the 49ers were flagged for offsides.

“He had to go about 8 more yards to pick it up,” Shanahan said. “As he was doing that, they went hurry-up offense, so we had a guy 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage trying to get his shoe that was thrown out of the way. They were at the line, Fred was going to be offsides because he was picking up his shoe that was thrown. When he saw that, Elijah tried to help him out and run on the field so he could get off. That’s why we got the penalty.”

The offsides prompted a profane outburst by Shanahan, which drew another penalty flag.

Shanahan said he was “trying to figure out” from officials what they can do in that situation “especially when another guy on the opposing team threw it.”

“I’m not saying that he did that maliciously or anything, who knows, but it was an unusual situation and it was my tipping point,” he said.

Shanahan continued his conversation with officials during the timeout between quarters but said he still got no explanation.

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  1. “Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw the shoe further behind the line of scrimmage. Warner ran to get his shoe, prompting Wilson to go hurry-up in hopes of getting a free play.

    Frickin’ BRILLIANT!!

  2. Hard to imagine it wasn’t by design but it also doesn’t jibe with RW3’s squeaky-clean image. If he did it with intent, I don’t applaud him for it; that’s bush-league shenanigans

  3. Its funny the way he did it but I don’t see how Wilson couldn’t have drawn an unsportsmanlike penalty. Shanahan was right to be pissed

  4. Blow the play whistle before the snap, let him get his shoe and allow the sub to come in the game. Seawhawks would be mad about that and the 49ers would be mad looking for 15 yard penalty. The game has gotten so complicated to officiate it’s ridiculous.

  5. I admire Wilson’s resourcefulness. If Shanny doesn’t like it, he should tell his guys to tie their shoes with double-knots.

  6. I’d think it a brilliant idea he tossed the shoe like that…if this was a backyard beer league. In the big time shouldn’t one leave the schoolyard shenanigans behind?

  7. What a low class move by a low class cheating team and a fake phony QB. Exactly why they’ll never be anything more than a one year dynasty. Pete the cheat certainly has instilled the type of culture he’s known for.

  8. Look at all the haters in here! Wooo!

    The Seahawks are officially still right here in your heads! You were hoping for a couple years off but no!

    You did get a year or two off from the Packers though so it is all good!

    The game was way out of reach at this point people…calm down. If your quarterback did that you would laugh. Commented Bush League makes ME laugh.

    Try keeping your shoes on.

  9. The score was 27-10 at the time. But Shanny was already mad about the bogus fumble recovery granted to the Wagman. Shan wasn’t trying to win, with that active roster equivalent to a 4th-week-of-preseason sqaud… plus Sherman. Shan likes his draft position, so he’s happy to start a safety from Florida who hasn’t played in 2 years, or see how many undrafted players he can use at the same time and still get a first down. But let the Petehawks have their fleeting moment of “we back!”

  10. And yes: Danger Russ’s shoe-toss is surely covered in the rule book under “Unsportsmanlike- Palpably Unfair Act” which gives refs broad authority to penalize any daft trick such as throwing someone’s footwear during a running clock.

  11. Not necessarily a characteristic of Wilson, but I could see A Seahawk player doing that and Wilson realising it and taking advantage of it. If it was Wilson that’s pretty cheap even if it was against the 49ers.

  12. thebirdofprey says:
    December 3, 2018 at 11:59 pm
    The score was 28-3. What an excuse!
    Sensitive Falcons fans are still offended by this!!

  13. It’s amazed me how Pete Carroll’s low-rent cheating culture goes under the radar. I’ve pointed out things on this forum before like how all Seattle defenders used to “accidentally” fall on players on the ground with great force after every play. The NFL tightened the rules around that in the past year, but Carroll’s name was never put to it. Carroll and Wilson have a similar mind-set: if they’re not cheating, they’re not trying!

    That organization needs to be called out for the scumbag antics they’ve played for years. This is just one more example of it. They might even practice it!

  14. I’m surprised that teams don’t have a set hurry-up when the defense is 10 yards in the backfield dancing and posing for cameras. Get those yards back.

  15. reptar310 says:
    December 3, 2018 at 11:09 pm
    That’s a tech in the NBA, I’m not sure if there is a rule that covers this in the NFL.


    They could call unsportsmanlike conduct or even delay of game if they wanted to. I’ve seen it called when guys kick the football on the ground.

  16. Defootgate! Let’s spend millions to investigate it, then find the guy guilty no matter what. It’s on.

  17. All Officials had to do,under the circumstances, was call time and allow him to retrieve his shoe. If they needed to send him off for an Equipment problem, then do so. Calling the penalty on SF and ignoring the obvious and mitigating fact that an opponent threw the show was simply stupid.

  18. While it probably should be a penalty on Wilson, easy fix in that situation is an official’s timeout. Similar to an injury timeout, just don’t charge it to the 49’ers.
    That was within the discretion of the officiating team, they just chose not to do it.

  19. Russell Wilson is easily the fakest guy in the NFL. He and Chris Paul are clowns. Wilson should have been penalized 15 yards unsportsmanlike for throwing the shoe.

  20. As someone who’s not the biggest Russell Wilson fan, for reasons more related to football and his propensity to take unnecessary sacks, and not trust his receivers, than anything else – I’d like someone to explain to me what makes him a “fake” person, as so many people imply, so frequently.

    “Fake” typically indicates you’re acting one way in certain situations, but are a completely different person in reality. Yet, with Wilson, I’ve yet to hear where, when and how this secret life of malice, deceit, selfishness and whatever other awful character flaw have manifested? Has anyone seen it? Is there a secret tape, I’m unaware of, where he’s tearing into someone with profanity laced, racially charged, sexist rhetoric, or disparaging his teammates? Cuz all I hear are his constant uplifting, exhortations of his teammates and former teammates – even those who slander him in the media. And all I see is him going to help sick children in his off time.

    Please – educate me. Show me examples – real, raw, real life examples of his fraudulent ways. I’ll wait…

  21. You don’t touch an opposing team’s equipment. Period. It should have been a delay of game or unsportsmanlike penalty on Wilson. Officials in this league are no better than they’ve ever been, which is not very good.

  22. I didn’t see it- was the shoe close enough to present a tripping/twisted ankle consideration? If so, RW is certainly justified in removing it.

  23. kamthechancellor says:
    December 4, 2018 at 7:08 am

    Lol at the indignation in this comment section. So what? Is Wilson supposed to run the shoe over to the guy? Put it on and lace it up for him? You Nancies need to relax.

    How about just not touch it?

  24. Aaron Rodgers would have done the same thing, then hurried up, snapped it, and threw a bomb TD. Who goes and looks for their shoe expecting to put it on before the next play? Wilson chucked it out of his teams huddling way, and Clara player brilliant as ever, took the bait like a dog and Russell just did what made sense.

  25. It was a shoe. Not as important as the ongoing game.

    Russ pitched it out of the way – leave it there until there’s a break in the action. If you chase after it while the clock is running you might get a flag.

  26. What a total non-story. Most of the players have white or black shoes, Wilson is trying to run his offense. He doesn’t have time to look around for who owns a shoe. He’s not the equipment manager. He’s not gonna toss it to either sideline if he has no clue who’s shoe it even is, he’s not gonna leave it where someone could trip on it, and he’s not gonna chuck it down field. That leaves one option, toss it behind the line of scrimmage and move on.

    Anyone saying he has ‘no class’ over this should probably stop watching football all together because if you’re offended by a shoe toss, the Redskins signing a woman-beater should probably be unbearable to you.

  27. Easy fix. Tie your shoes. An official can call a penalty for unsportsmanlike but it is a judgment call.Maybe Russell was just moving it out the field of play. Who knows.

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