Tyrann Mathieu thinks Baker Mayfield will be a special player

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The Texans beat the Browns 29-13 on Sunday and three interceptions by Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield in the first half helped send Houston to its ninth straight win.

Those miscues didn’t do much to dim Houston’s view of Mayfield as a quarterback, however. Defensive end J.J. Watt joked that the rookie didn’t feel too dangerous in the first half, but complimented Mayfield for bouncing back to throw for 351 yards and a touchdown in the second half.

“Obviously, we’re lucky,’’ Watt said, via Cleveland.com. “You’ve got to give him credit for that. He bounced back. As a rookie quarterback, it probably would’ve been easy to kind of go into a hole there, but he fought through it and worked his way through it.’’

Mayfield had a less forgiving reaction to his outing. He said the loss is squarely on his shoulders because the Browns are “definitely in that game” if not for his interceptions, which is an accurate read about a day that saw Mayfield fail to make enough of them.

Another accurate read is that the future is bright for Mayfield. Texans safety Tyrann Mathieu told Mike Florio of PFT on Sunday that Mayfield’s play in the second half showed him that the rookie will be a special player in the league.

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  1. Bottom line…he’s still a rookie and going to make rookie mistakes. Two games and people were ready to put in the HOF.

    If not for a couple missed calls…like the blatant missed horse collar tackle on Watson in the 1st quarter. The Texans would’ve had two touchdowns in place of two of those field goals.

    Baker showed poise and came back to score in the 3rd, but that pick six along with the other interceptions showed that he is just a really good rookie quarterback, not a HOF candidate.

  2. Maybe now Darnold won’t get eviscarated everytime he has a tough “rookie game”. These QB’s are in bad situations let’s all decide who’s the best next season.

  3. If I had a dollar for every time I heard this “he’s going to be special” nonsense from players in the league. In Cleveland with that ownership group, highly doubt it comes to fruition.

  4. I was impressed with Mayfield, no doubt. He played awful in the first half and didn’t read what the defense was doing, but he had no fear in the second half and made some very good throws. I was impressed, too, that he went to Calloway after the strip fumble at the goalline, to console him. Mayfield is definitely trying to be a leader.

    As for Houston, a lot of good stuff, but, wow, I don’t see how that offensive line is going to get through the playoffs. The Browns defensive line isn’t the second coming of the steel curtain, but they battered Watson all day. He looks like an injury waiting to happen with the hits he takes and his slight frame. He’s really good, but can he hold up?

  5. Yah, maybe pump the brakes a bit on ordering Baker’s gold jacket. He may, or may not, get there eventually, but why the big rush to proclaim him the next superstar?

  6. LOL at guys lauding him for playing so good in the 2nd half, i.e. junktime.

    The defense is letting him throw the ball and taking time off the clock. Unless he brought them back to within one score (which he didn’t), then he’s just playing against a glorified prevent defense the entire 2nd half – and we should be impressed that he finally stopped throwing INT’s LOL

    If all this guy is good for is junktime stats after he’s thrown the game away – good luck with that.

  7. Cracking me up with all these thumbs down on any comment that criticizes Baker in the slightest. Not sure how anyone can be so convinced after 2 wins as a rookie against two teams that lack a defense. First team with a real defense and he lost. Luck be with you all. Gotta love Brown’s fans, they are loyal to a fault.

  8. I don’t think holding off on crowning Baker a HOF candidate after just two wins constitutes being a ” Baker Hater. ”

    Yes, Baker is good…yes, he will be fun to watch…yes, he will have great games if he can stay healthy and the Brown’s management doesn’t screw it all up like they historically do….no, that does not mean he’s a HOF candidate at this point in his career by any means. And NO…that does mean that people that think logically about him are ” Baker Haters ”

    To think that he is the GOAT at this point in his career is just fanatical.

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