Bills cut Kelvin Benjamin, Andre Holmes

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The Bills are making a big change on offense, with two wide receivers sent packing today.

Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes have both been released, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

The entire Bills passing game has been a disappointment all season, so in one sense it’s no surprise that they would cut a couple of wide receivers. But it’s rare to see two players at the same position cut out of the blue. After all, it’s not like the Bills have a lot of great receivers backing Benjamin and Holmes up.

Benjamin is second on the Bills this season with 354 receiving yards. He has shown flashes of the talent that made him a first-round draft pick of the Panthers in 2014, but for the most part he’s been a disappointment for the Bills, who traded a third-round pick and a seventh-round pick to acquire him from Carolina. Holmes is sixth on the team with 157 receiving yards.

The offense has been looking a little better recently, and quarterback Josh Allen had his best game on Sunday. Now Allen will need some new wide receivers to catch his passes.

78 responses to “Bills cut Kelvin Benjamin, Andre Holmes

  1. Why did Brandon Beane grade for this guy? Bad decision and you have up draft picks. That’s what happens when you lack a background in scouting as opposed to being a salary cap guy. You miss on players

  2. If you knew anything about the Bills, neither of these guys are targeted by Allen nor see the field much at all. So Allen will continue to work with the same set of receivers he has been since he took over the starting role. About time these two were released. Just wish Clay would go as well.

  3. KB has not looked interested in playing for the Bills since being acquired. I’m surprised, but pleased to see him go – though only wish it’d been done a few weeks earlier!

  4. As many other Bills have already stated, I was thrilled when we traded for him but I’m even happier to see him released.

    You would think plays were getting whistled dead in the middle of his routes if you watch him break into a slow jog.

  5. .
    Those two are apparently not part of the long term plan. At this point why not see what some of the other guys can do? The Bills are playing for next year anyways.

  6. So McDermott really WAS giving the media a double entendre when he talked about “trimming the fat.” I love it.

    Anyway, now Josh can focus on guys who want to be there. That much better for his development.

  7. Trade Benjamin? Who on earth would give anything for him? He might even have jogged his way into ectended unemployment. Holmes I am sad to see go. He is the closest thing to a leader they have on offense. Not the most talented, but good to have around. The opposite of Benjamin, I guess.

  8. There’s no need for wide receivers in Buffalo, Josh Allen can’t pass anyways.

    Just give him TE’s to block until he gets injured.

  9. If you watched the game this past weekend against the Dolphins, he pretty much gave up on every play. Dude was twice the size of the CB and just got pushed around, and made no effort. Good riddance!

  10. There may be a food shortage in Western NY by 9AM tomorrow with Kelvin on the loose. Please donate to the Red Cross today.

  11. cdanczak says:
    December 4, 2018 at 4:27 pm
    Could’ve at least tried to trade Benjamin for a 7th rounder …or some old tupperware.


    Trade deadline long gone buddy. And I’m pretty sure he’s a FA in the offseason.

  12. patsfan2884 says:
    December 4, 2018 at 4:22 pm
    kelvin benjamin robert kraft on line #1

    2 10 Rate This


    No way you are a Pats fan. Brady would be in an insane asylum hoping he’d catch the ball every time he even CONSIDERED targeting him.

  13. Swing and a miss on that one…Glad to see management show the rest of the team that when you don’t produce, and are lazy with your play, you get shown the door, regardless of what they spent to bring you in. Now we can watch Zay and the young guys actually TRY to be great instead of making excuses like Benji did.

  14. tylawspick6 says:
    December 4, 2018 at 4:38 pm
    Sweet trade by Buffalo
    Yeah cause Beli and the Pats or any other teams haven’t made any trades that have backfired. LOL!

    They took a shot on a supposed top WR and missed. It happens to all teams all the time, it’s just more fun to rag on teams like Buffalo when it happens to them.smh…

  15. You clearly haven’t watched them play, line it terrible and he has made them competitive and has looked very decent. Maybe you should watch a game instead before you make a comment like that and maybe throwing to you is drop back and throw to a RB out of the backfield.

  16. He had his best game because he played the Dolphins. Everyone had their best game against us this year.

  17. usa98j30t4 says:
    December 4, 2018 at 4:43 pm

    HUH??????…THAT GUY HAS ALLIGATOR ARMS, NO SPPED….and a very low IQ…wouldn’t make it past orientation w Patriots…Maybe dumber than Hart Lee Dykes, and that one, ages me.

  18. Benjamin is a slug. Wasn’t it him that said no thanks when the qb wanted to have him run some routes to warm up before the game?

  19. I’d be surprised if anyone puts in a claim for this guy but some team probably will. He’s been a headache to every team he’s been on. If some team does sign him it will only be for a playoff run then they’ll get rid of him after the season. The only exception would be Dallas. He’s just the kind of leader they crave.

  20. I don’t know what kind of college tape these guys are looking at, but they need to spend more time on the tape machine and less time on the phone. Benjamin has been the same exact player that he was in college. Not surprising that he’s moving on again. That’s why they say the tape doesn’t lie. Go back and take a look. This is how coaches get fired. Bad scouting.

  21. Time for Benjamin to start experiencing civilian life. He’s had plenty of opportunities, clear the deck for someone young and motivated.

  22. I was frustrated with Benjamin all year but this past sunday was the breaking point for me, two distinct plays I remember were watching him alligator arm a possible touchdown pass (how quick his head turned to look for the defender after whiffing the catch was the fastest he’d moved all year), and on another play he just stood there actionless on a qb run play to his side and the cornerback 1 foot in front of Benjamin takes Josh Allen out by his knees while Benjamin who is 40 lbs bigger than the cornerback doesn’t lay a finger on him. I hope if somebody picks him up they get the same level of effort from him otherwise he apparently just hates the Bills.

  23. joetoronto says:
    December 4, 2018 at 4:33 pm
    There’s no need for wide receivers in Buffalo, Josh Allen can’t pass anyways.

    Just give him TE’s to block until he gets injured

    Perhaps you should watch a football game so as not to make a fool of yourself.

  24. Both guys were a liability, not an asset. Taking reps from ballers. Effort beats talent every time. If you have both, you are Hopkins or Julio

  25. Pretty sure having a bunch of lousy quarterbacks has more to do with the sorry receivers than the actual receivers. The Bills should just run the Wishbone.

  26. Alligator arms and T-Rex hands…He couldn’t even fall down without getting hurt…Looked like a skinny tree being chopped down.

  27. Only place Kelvin Benjamin is going is on a diet. He’s a fat mess and he needs to figure out very quickly how much an NFL career means to him.

  28. Benjamin has a world of talent he needs structure top notch coaching and conditioning to get the most out of him that wasn’t gonna happen in Carolina or buffalo.

  29. dlw492 says:
    December 4, 2018 at 4:24 pm
    KB, by far the laziest player in the league..

    Davante Parker says,”I DON’T THINK SO”

  30. No need for wide receivers when your quarterback can’t pass and can only run, you’re better off with tight ends to run block.

  31. Holmes’s was special teamer not getting younger and no production as a WR . Benjamin – poor route runner ,quits on routes , slow as a sloth .Double clutches every ball.Did not work at his craft to get better. A plate of chicken wings away from a TE.

  32. camsbiggestfan says:
    December 4, 2018 at 4:16 pm
    Welcome back to Carolina! Cam had shown good chemistry in the past with Kelvin Benjamin. With Olsen out we can use the help for our playoff run.


    I SERIOUSLY doubt that’s gonna happen. I recall KB something to the effect of, “Nathan Peterman is way more accurate than Cam will ever be!” I heard a stat where 9 of Peterman’s 79 passes, were INTs. Peterman was so bad that the Bills brought in Matt Barkley instead of going back to him. It seems like KB likes what football is doing for him financially but he doesn’t like football.

  33. Carolina is sooooooooooooo bad that they should honestly consider re-signing Kelvin.

    It would awesome to make him and Cam shut up and play nice too.

    Perfect message to Cam during this horrible season that he is not the untouchable Cam that he was maybe even 5 weeks ago.

  34. I think Philly should put in for him. Him an Alshon split reps or each on the outsides with Tate in the slot. That would be nice to see after a few games together for a playoff run.

  35. If Sunday was Allen’s best day, there are rough waters ahead for the Jills. Guy has little accuracy.

  36. ******************
    jchemengr says:
    December 4, 2018 at 5:14 pm
    Pretty simple 4 wins might get you a top 5 pick. 5 wins could have you outside the top 10.

    Says the guy who obviously hasn’t watched Kelvin play lately…

  37. Benjamin has a world of talent he needs structure top notch coaching and conditioning to get the most out of him that wasn’t gonna happen in Carolina or buffalo.


    So basically you’re saying a grown man and professional athlete who gets paid millions to play football needs the organization and coaches to hold his hand and teach him how to be a big boy? GTFO

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