Former Packers center thinks Mike McCarthy would help Baker Mayfield

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Browns center J.C. Tretter knows all about Mike McCarthy. And even if every quarterback doesn’t love him, Tretter thinks the just-fired Packers coach would be great for Browns rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Tretter told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that he thinks McCarthy would be a good teacher for the precocious Cleveland quarterback.

I think they’d do great,” Tretter said. “He started working with Aaron [Rodgers] when Aaron was a rookie too and Aaron’s developed into a hell of a player so I think that relationship would be fine. I see a lot of similarities between Aaron and Baker personalty-wise, competitiveness, and that’s all the things that Aaron came in with too when he was a young player, so I think they’d work well together.”

Tretter spent four years in Green Bay with McCarthy (2013-16), when things weren’t always so warm between Rodgers and McCarthy. He’s also just one of the Green Bay refugees in Cleveland, and General Manager John Dorsey and much of his front office have deep and obvious ties to McCarthy.

So even though McCarthy’s strained relationship with Rodgers (at a play-calling level, not a personal level) has been the focus of his departure from Green Bay, Tretter didn’t view him as a coach who was inflexible. In fact, he thought McCarthy could incorporate many of the college concepts to their offense which could maximize Mayfield’s skills.

“It’s tough how things go down but that’s kind of the business we’re in,” Tretter said of the end of McCarthy’s run in Green Bay. “It was tough last year for him with A-Rod getting hurt and then things just didn’t click this year like in previous years, but I’ve always enjoyed working with Mike McCarthy. I think what he’s done in his career in Green Bay has been extraordinary. I think there’s not many franchises that would trade what he’s done or pass that up.

“He’s a great man, too. I don’t have a bad thing to say about Mike McCarthy. He was really an awesome leader and an awesome coach. Coming in as a rookie into that program and be coached by him was really awesome for my career to set me up on how this business works and how the game of football is played.”

McCarthy’s 125-77-2 record and Super Bowl ring would bring some immediate gravity to the Browns, though they figure to cast a wide net since they too have a head start on the coaching search.

13 responses to “Former Packers center thinks Mike McCarthy would help Baker Mayfield

  1. It is interesting that this article admits that any “strained relationship” between MM and AR was only at the play calling level, not at a personal level. So many people, articles, and media sources have erroneously claimed that a personal problem exists between the two, based on nothing more pure speculation.

  2. As a Packer fan I agree he’s a good coach. He’s just no longer a good head coach. The game has changed.

  3. I love seeing retreads go to yet another team.
    Weird comment since the Packers were MM’s first hc job.

  4. McCarthy has strengths and weaknesses like everyone else. I don’t know if he finally lost the locker room in GB, but it was pretty obvious that after he fired Alex Van Pelt he had lost Rodgers.

  5. Stay the course. Williams/Kitchens is doing a good job down the stretch. Dorsey already acquired several talented players in year 1, i’m excited to see what moves they make in year 2. Browns were only beat “soundly” in 4 games this year Chargers, Chiefs, Steelers (2nd) and Texans which all have way more talent. This team is not far off by any means as long as they stay the course. Greg Williams barring the team does not fall apart and embarrass themselves over the final 4 games, he should be at the top of the list.

  6. You can tell when a guy is burnt out. McCarthy looks burnt out. An NFL head coaching job is all consuming. The job requires high energy and/or a never wavering chip on your shoulder. If you lose your burning ambition or your undying need to prove yourself, a head coaching gig will swamp you. I’ve found myself wondering when watching packers games the last few years if his heart is in it anymore. Hard to know of course, but my intuition says he needs a soul searching vacation.

  7. “Can you imagine”


    Can you imagine a person spending 50 hrs a week on a website using 42 screen names and obsessing only on Green Bay and their fan base for several years straight?

    Please seek help soon. For your own sake.

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