Free tickets didn’t fill up Tampa Bay’s stadium

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The Buccaneers, desperate to fill Raymond James Stadium, offered two free tickets to every season-ticket holder for last Sunday’s game against the Panthers. It didn’t work.

As recently explained by SportsBusiness Daily, the venue remained at only 80-percent capacity for the game, with 52,568 persons at the 65,618-seat facility. Per the Charlotte Observer, the upper deck as “sparsely populated and the lower bowl wasn’t a heck of a lot better.”

The inability to fill the stadium doesn’t bode well for the current power structure in Tampa, and it won’t make it more likely that the organization will keep quarterback Jameis Winston.

The Bucs get another chance to not fill the building on Sunday, when the Saints return to town. Given that the Bucs beat their division rival in a Week One 48-40 shootout, if the locals don’t show up for this one, they never will.

17 responses to “Free tickets didn’t fill up Tampa Bay’s stadium

  1. Damn… Send the Bucs to Toronto then if you want to expand internationally. I’m sure there would be other markets that would love to have the Bucs as well.

  2. Pros and cons:

    Hc – still Keotter
    QB – still Winston
    defense – still mediocre
    offense – still struggling to be consistent

    no overcrowding

  3. How about they offered free tickets to the people that can actually afford tickets. Give the tickets to people that can’t afford them. Extra people in the stadium will bring extra revenue from concessions and merchandise. I’m a die hard football fan and even though the bucs aren’t my team i’d go support them but when nosebleed seats are $70 before all Ticketmaster fees i cant afford to take my family its just to expensive.

  4. Thing is the NFL has made the at home product so good why go? Even if you got the tickets free still have to pay for food and parking. I enjoy going to a game or 2 a year but the cost can get up there. I can watch every game on local tv and the blackout rule is not around anymore so why not just stay home.

  5. Tampa is a college fan town. People know about the Buc’s but prefer to watch college football. Top it off with the actions of Winston, few locals give a damn about him or the team? Half the people that attend Bucs games wear visitor team jerseys. It’s not much different for the Rays.

  6. I lived in Tampa when they wore orange and lost a lot of games. They sold out games when the opponent was worth watching. That’s why people stayed home for the Panthers but will show up in force for the Saints.

  7. The reason for the attendance problem is that there’s no Bucs fans here. They have the same problems as the Rays. Too many people that live in Florida aren’t originally born here. They’re from somewhere else and already have their own teams that they root for. The only time RayJay fills up is when a they are playing a popular team. The games versus the Eagles and Steelers had a lot of fans at the game. It was just many opposing teams fans, not Bucs fans.i know many season ticket holders who sold their tickets to those games knowing they could get a big Percentage of their total season ticket cost back from just those two games.
    Another reason is that the stadium is hot. Even in December you’ll sweat your ass off at RayJay. My buddy who sells beer on game days got noticably Tanner because he didn’t wear any sunscreen.
    Another reason is that our great year round weather makes it easy to find other things to do outside that sit roasting at RayJay for three hours on a Sunday.
    The you have fans like me. I’m gonna go to more Bucs away games than home games. I went to Chicago to see them get blown out. And I’m going to Dallas to watch the Bucs play. I’ve only been to one home game. The Browns game. I may go to the last home game of the season just because.
    In recap, Bucs don’t have many actual fans of the team. Floridans are from somewhere else and already have a team to root for. The Stadium is is like an oven on game days. Floridans would rather enjoy nice Sunday afternoons doing anything else than going to the Bucs game. I may finally get season tickets next year just because.

  8. The Bucs gave away tickets to season ticket holders. Basically they gave away tickets to people who can afford to buy tickets. I’m sure the thinking was giving away tickets to friend of season tickets holders might bring more people to the stadium who can afford to buy season tickets next year. We’ll see how that plan worked next season.

    If I was in charge, I’s give away tickets to fans who can afford to attend 1 or 2 games a year. Show some appreciation for the little guys. You could also give away tickets to fans who haven’t attended a game in years to show what they are missing. Everyone is looking for the big bucks, the Bucs are no different!

  9. The Bucs have been really bad for a long time. They have no fans left. Hard to fill 60k seats with opponents fans. Play some quality football and people will show up. It’s not rocket science.

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