Jerry Jones: Sean Lee to regain starting job when ready

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Sean Lee isn’t getting Wally Pipped. Supposedly.

With rookie linebacker Leighton Vander Esch performing very well in the absence of Lee, who has missed four games and counting with a hamstring injury, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t ready to relegate Lee to the second string.

Jones said during his weekly Tuesday appearance on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas that Lee will return to the starting lineup when ready.

Of course, ready is a malleable term. Ready could mean Lee will be back when he’s 100 percent, which could entail a high bar to get to 100 percent.

Then there’s the question of whether Lee, when back in the starting lineup, will stay on the field. A league source who has carefully studied the Dallas defense recently predicted that Lee, when healthy, will get reps only in the base package.

A real question also lingers regarding whether Lee will be on the team in 2019. With a base salary of $7 million and with the Cowboys planning to pay players like Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott, Lee may be the odd man out, especially if he’s no longer one of the best options at the position.

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  1. After a such a dynamic defensive performance against the explosive Saints where Vander Esch seemed to be one of the ringleaders (not mention his performance all year), I find this to be a very curious choice. Typical Dallas.

  2. Base package and cut in the off-season. This should be the plan even without the rookie.

    Lee is phenomenal but the injuries make 7 million (always prorated via injury) a ground ball cut. He will make a great coach in the near future but maybe you can’t teach his incredible instincts. (I’m a Giants’ fan, so no homerism here).

    Great player but many great players with HOF talent get derailed. Sterling Sharpe is a prime example.

  3. Don’t see why it would have to be all or nothing. Rotate Lee in and out, preserve his health and keep both of them fresh. Lee will be motivated to perform well, for the purposes of keeping his job or signing with another team, and of course Vander Esch has a lot to prove to establish himself.

    Sure hope the Cowboys can hold it together. If they can beat the Eagles – and they should be able to – they have a direct, though not easy, line to the playoffs.

  4. I just wonder,how high an octave Jason Garrett can reach when singing since he has, so badly, been figuratively castrated. For cripes sake Jerry why don’t you at least let it appear Garrett makes those decisions.SHAME,SHAME, as Gomer would say!!!

  5. Jerry said there was plenty of snaps for all 3 players and they would try to work them all in
    when Lee comes back. This article is trying to twist his words around and I’m no fan of Jerry.
    total B.S.

  6. When Lee comes back I’m setting the over/under at 2 1/2 games before he’s injured and out again.

  7. Base package is 3 LB and Lee is definitely better than Damien Wilson. Obviously JJ can’t come out and say Lee will ride the pine given his status as a longtime Cowboy star and how he’s helped the young Lbs excel thus far in his absence. This is the definition of a good problem to have at this time of year.

  8. Hilarious! Team wins a couple games and
    Mini-me jones thinks he’s a wheelhorse. You just know the whole thing will crater on the little clown again.

  9. Jerry is talking out of his rear end with this. Yes Lee is still a good player and could be a starter at either MLB or WLB for most teams but come on, dude is 32 years old and has been banged up multiple times. You have 2 young, athletic, cheaper options at starting LB who are balling out right now, the worst thing you could do is take either of them out to put Lee in. As of right now he’s an overpaid SLB on that team, cause you’re certainly not putting him out there in nickel or dime defense. Make him a rotational guy when he gets healthy, then cut him at the end of the season.

  10. Why not just let Vander Esch remain the starter and just rotate Lee in every play or so? Pretty much mildly decrease the chances of Lee getting hurt for the umpteenth time. Or is that to much for Jerruh?

  11. No chance they take Vander Esch off the field unless he needs a breather. The linebacker coming off the field will be Damien Wilson on the strong side. Lee can play all LB positions. I’d only expect to see him when they use 3 linebackers, and rotationally to spell Leighton and Smith when they need a breath. That’s it.

  12. Does Jerry keep a ready to go interview crew while making his way around town during winning streaks. This guy has a microphone in his fanny pack in case anyone asks him head coaching level questions.

  13. good to know that the HC is not the one making game day decisions. wait, maybe this is why the cowboys haven’t been relevant since… you know, when the HC was responsible for game day decisions.

  14. You know how annoying it is to listen to Jerry talk incoherently? Every week he has a spot on 105.3 The Fan – a spot I am SURE he set up as they pay to be the Cowboys station. He wants the spotlight so bad and it is SO annoying. What other GM has a weekly segment (or more?) What other GM holds court after every game answering questions like he is the coach? Let Will McClay keep doing the drafting and player personnel decisions, let Stephen run the salary cap, let Charlotte run the promos/operations things, and just keep your mouth shut Jerry. OH, but please hire a REAL GM who WILL fire Garrett.

  15. That’s a mistake. the young kid has shown he deserves to be on the field. Sean lee cant run sideline to sideline like him.

  16. As a Cowboy fan, I’m please to have this delema.

    As a BSU alum, I want to see LVE shattering records in his rookie year…

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