Kyle Nelson says he wouldn’t knowingly take banned substance, intends legal action if tainted supplement identified

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San Francisco 49ers long snapper Kyle Nelson insists he wouldn’t knowingly take a banned substance and is planning legal action should he find the source of the positive test.

“I have been made aware by the NFL that I tested positive for a banned substance, and as a result will be suspended,” Nelson said of his 10-game suspension in a release sent out by the 49ers. “I have been taking the same supplements for my entire time with the 49ers, while undergoing often simultaneous testing by the NFL with no issues. I do not deviate from my nutrition routine, and I would never knowingly take a banned substance. I am currently having the supplements tested, and I hope to uncover the cause of the positive test. When the product is identified I fully intend to seek legal action against the manufacturer to protect against this happening to other players in the future.”

Nelson is getting a 10-game suspension for his positive test because he’s already served a six-game suspension for a previous positive test. Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Bay Area reports that Nelson served a six-game suspension during his rookie year in 2011. He was a free agent at the time after being released from the practice squad of the Kansas City Chiefs and served the suspension while not on an NFL roster.

Nelson may be telling the truth and that one of his perfectly legal supplements was tainted by a banned material that led to the positive test occurring. However, it’s the go-to excuse for any athlete any time a PED suspension is handed down. Maybe Nelson will actually be able to find the evidence to support his claims.