Report: Fan claims Cassius Marsh doused him with Gatorade before 49ers-Seahawks game

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A fan with a seat right above the visiting team tunnel at CenturyLink Field claims former Seahawk and current San Francisco 49ers linebacker Cassius Marsh threw a cup of Gatorade at him during pregame warmups on Sunday.

According to Matt Maiocco of NBC Bay Area, the fan, who has incited retaliatory action before for taunts and comments levied at opposing players and team personnel, spoke with police following the incident.

Marsh denied any involvement in the matter.

I don’t know nothing about that,” Marsh said, via Maiocco. “I love the 12s. The 12s have been great to me, before and after I left. I have no hard feelings for the fans here.”

When Marsh was with Seattle, he had his car broken into and had his collection of “Magic: The Gathering” cards stolen. Marsh is a big fan of the card game and participates in tournaments often. His collection was worth thousands of dollars.

The fan claims he levied a taunt with that incident in mind toward Marsh.

“I always get the scoop on all these players visiting opponents, and I said, ‘Hey, Mr. Marsh, did you ever get your Pokemon cards back?’ ” he said. “He didn’t like it, and I got doused with a full glass of Gatorade up in the stands.”

The same fan took a massive snowball from then Jets defensive tackle Shaun Ellis following a game in 2008. He filed a civil suit against Ellis at the time.

If Marsh did toss Gatorade at the perpetual nuisance, he should know better than to react to a fan clearly attempting to incite just such a reaction. However, if a fan is making an ass of himself regularly, he shouldn’t be shocked if not everyone he levies comments toward sits back and take it without a response either.

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  1. Look dude – when you talk smack to grown men, don’t whine and plead victim when you get a reaction. Consider yourself lucky it was gatorade and not a closed fist.

  2. The “fan” sounds like a complete d-bag. Nothing worse than someone that is an instigator and then plays the victim when someone fights back. He should be counting his lucky stars that Gatorade was the only thing that hit him.

  3. Thankfully Jason Witten wasnt there or he would still be talking about Seattle fans and Jets players throwing snowballs.

  4. I’m glad this story has all the details on the guy that guy doused rather than just a blurb about Marsh outing Gatorade on the guy. Clearly this person wants to incite something so he can try to make a quick buck. Maybe try revoking his tickets this time?

  5. If a fan is making an ass of himself regularly, why does he still get in the games to keep doing it? At some point don’t the Seahawks have to step in and say tone it done or you’re gone?

  6. Every team has a few fans like this. They all should be banned from going to games.

    Not sure how buying a ticket to a football game allows some people to act like an imbecile.

    To fans it’s a game. For players, it’s there work place.

    This ‘fan’ should be barred from the stadium forever.

  7. So if this fan, who is known to cause problems, were to stir up a melee- ala the Malace in the Palace- will the Seahawks finally revoke this person’s ability to attend games? No need to wait for multi-million dollar liability suits, just revoke their access once you see a pattern like this.

    Fans should go to games to cheer on their team, not annoy the opponents and all the other fans around them. Hecklers are a sad bunch of narcissists. I promise, to any hecklers reading this, no one finds you as funny/entertaining as you think you are. Just watch games from home if you’re gonna pull that crap. Guys like this are why the 12’s have a bad reputation elsewhere & many of them are some really cool people who are fun to watch a game with.

  8. Why losers like this don’t have the stones to make these comments to a player face to face in a different setting is all you need to know.

  9. Sounds like grounds to have the Seahawks revoke his ability to buy tickets if he keeps doing this Westboro Baptist trolling crap.

    If he had initiated legal action against one player, that player was the problem. If he has done it against multiple players, he is the problem.

  10. “If you’re gonna kick a tiger in the ass, you’d better have a plan for his teeth!” Dude levies insults and then goes and runs to the cops when the player retaliates? Grow a pair. (and I’m a Seahawk fan)

  11. Let’s be honest, probably 40% of people at games are intolerable idiots
    So it mirrors real life then….

  12. ayokel21 says:
    Niiiiiiiice. I hope the fan doesn’t get a dime from either player, and got to sit in a cold, soaking jersey the entire game.
    yes he must have been miserable watching a 43-16 win over a team you all thought was going to be better than the Seahawks.

  13. nyneal says:
    December 4, 2018 at 6:28 am
    This obnoxious — and typical — Seahawks fan got what he deserved.
    Coming from a guy from NY that’s pretty ripe.

  14. reptar310 says:
    How is this guy not banned from the stadium?
    Because you’re allowed to speak at football games?

  15. I have been a season ticket holder for 14 years and see this guy all the time, he is a troll. If he wants to taunt a little fine, but don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. A snowball and a cup of Gatorade isn’t a weapon. Deal with it buddy or shut your mouth.

  16. wait, so heckling opposing players is frowned upon in this establishment? When did all these snowflakes get in here? Fans can heckle all they want. Players can react to the heckling however they want too. Nothing the fan did is grounds for being banned from the stadium. This isn’t youth soccer.

  17. digitalsasquatch says:
    December 4, 2018 at 2:10 pm
    I’m a Seahawks’ fan since year one…this twit needs to be watching all games from his couch.


    I’ve been a seahawks fan since 1980 when I was born. I 100% disagree with you. Why does he need to watch from his couch? Because he heckled some emotionally fragile professional atheletes and they reacted inappropriately and potentially unlawfully? If you have your way soon C-Link will be like safeco field where you get quited by ushers if you are too loud.

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