Vikings working out CFL star QB Bo Levi Mitchell

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The Vikings are working out Canadian Football League star Bo Levi Mitchell on Wednesday, Dave Naylor of The Sports Network reports. Naylor adds that it’s expected to be the first of many workouts for Mitchell in an attempt to gauge NFL interest for next season.

Mitchell, 28, has won two Grey Cup MVP awards and two CFL Most Outstanding Player awards.

Mitchell had a league-best 35 touchdown passes this season, leading the Calgary Stampeders to the league’s best regular-season record at 13-5. He passed for 253 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions in Calgary’s 27-16 victory over Ottawa in the Grey Cup.

Mitchell, who played at Eastern Michigan, has spent seven seasons in the CFL after going undrafted in 2012.

26 responses to “Vikings working out CFL star QB Bo Levi Mitchell

  1. Why? To put as the 3rd QB I’m assuming. Simean will be gone soon, and Sloter is the backup going forward, and possible starter once Cousins is gone. Sloter at least has pocket awareness, a strong arm, and can take off running if need be. That causes problems for opposing defenses, whereas everyone knows Cousins holds on to the ball far to long, and moves like the Tin Man with no oil.

  2. I hope he plays offensive line. Amazing, it’s like Spielman doesn’t beine an offensive line is important. How about working out some tackles on that championship offensive line?

  3. I like the idea of looking north for offensive lineman. I have seen Qb’s and defensive ends and even an occasional WR but I don’t remember any offensive lineman. I wonder why not? The Vikings need to be turning over stones to find some. Reif and Remmers cost a fortune. If we could replace one or both of them, there would be money to spend. As far as this kid, I also think Simeon is fools gold. These Canadian QB’s play on a big field. Maybe this means strong arms?

  4. The Vikings need to work out offensive coordinators! Flip is a Flop! The guy has nearl 100 yards on 13 running plays then completely forgets it for another 40 plus passing gam…AFTER his Head Coach told him to run the ball.. He will be a one year Viking employee, either he is an idiot or so Narcissistic he doesn’t think he needs to follow the game plan! SHEESH!

  5. All he does is win. Best cfl stats in the history of that league. I would like to see the lions sign him. Stafford could use some competition.

  6. No clue who this guy is, but it would be great to see a package for Sloter utilizing a zone read or speed option. Last year they used wildcat with McKinnon to show something different and make opposing teams waste valuable time preparing for it. Do the same with Sloter. And as far as Zim’s comments about Flip trying too hard to trick the other teams….isn’t that what Zim does with his double A gap looks and trying to disguise coverages and blitzes? To the viewer at home, the offense looks very, very predictable and vanilla.

  7. ARod(in his collarbone) says:
    Sloter at least has pocket awareness, a strong arm


    We’d all look like we have pocket awareness and a strong arm when the only NFL tape of you is playing in the second half of preseason games.

  8. As both a Vikings Fan and Stampeders fan I can honestly say he’s better than either Siemian or Sloter. Still I’d hate to see him waste his career as a clipboard holder when he could be winning championships in the CFL.

    Doesn’t have the arm-talent of Kirk Cousins, but has plenty for the NFL (where you don’t have to throw 30 yards to the sidelines to complete a 5 yard out.). Has better intangibles than Cousins and is a proven winner.

  9. Great! Really happy for him! Out of the 8 or ten teams slated to work him out I hope he signs somewhere he’ll get to start fast. But I figure like the other regulars and up and comers, he’ll have to go through rookie camp, training camp, pre-season in order to get that shot. It will be surely fun to see him gunsling that ball and hopefully making NFL history.

  10. To Yankeemofo — Colin Kaepernick will get his shot, but it’ll most likely be when all QB options have been exploited out – it’ll be a ”quiet” and perhaps private workout and he’ll get signed a few days later. We just don’t know when that’ll happen but it surely will.

  11. To Tremoluxman — Loadholt perhaps (as he is still young) but Hutchinson is way too old (41 years old) – and if the latter comes back how long will or could he stay? Knees, ligaments and other leg joints take such a beating that I would be hard-pressed if he would stay longer than one season.

  12. To JK — He has a good enough arm – the Canadian field is way bigger and he’s been throwing a lot downfield, so coming up to the shorter field down south, it won’t or shouldn’t be a problem at all. I can’t wait to see how his skill set will be like in training camps and pre-season games.

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