Washington signs Josh Johnson

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Washington has signed free agent quarterback Josh Johnson, John Keim of ESPN reports.

The Alliance of American Football released Johnson from his contract Tuesday afternoon, AAF co-founder Bill Polian told SiriusXM NFL Radio. Johnson was the first pick of the San Diego Fleet last week, with the league set to begin play Feb. 9.

Johnson is familiar with Jay Gruden’s offense, having played in Tampa in 2008 and Cincinnati in 2013.

Johnson has played 29 NFL games with the Bucs, Browns and Bengals, starting five. Johnson completed 96 of 177 passes for 1,042 yards and 10 touchdowns from 2009-2013.

Washington worked out Landry Jones and Ryan Mallett on Tuesday after Colt McCoy was injured. They worked out EJ Manuel, Kellen Clemens, Mark Sanchez, Johnson and T.J. Yates on Nov. 19 after Alex Smith was injured.

Sanchez, who has spent only two weeks in Washington, will start this week against the Giants.

17 responses to “Washington signs Josh Johnson

  1. The best course is to lose out abd fire Gruden and Allen! It’s insulting to me as a fan of the team. That’s why I threw in the towel after they signed Sanchez How can you look at the fanbase in the face and expect us to show up. Knowing Colt McCoy is a loser to begin with. Bring in Kaepernick or Bradford to try to get the division. IT WAS STILL ATTAINABLE. Forget the racists. Look at the FOOTBALL!!! What do you expect from Jay Gruden. He gave up on RGIII. Mistake of this tenure that defines him!!

  2. “Johnson is familiar with Jay Gruden’s offense, having played in Tampa in 2008 and Cincinnati in 2013”.

    Well there you go.

    At least Landry Jones got a look, I guess Bryce Petty hasn’t recovered fully from his injury.

  3. Washington has to regret passing on a QB in the 2019 draft deciding to trade picks for Alex Smith instead of picks to move up and grab their guy. They now have an old, over the hill QB coming off injury who they gave up waaaayyyyyyyy to much for in money/picks and will be in the QB market again in the very near future if not this off-season.

  4. I wonder how far you’d have to go down the Redskins’ priority list before you come to winning. Ok, so maybe it’s not called tanking, but they’re sure as heck not trying very hard to win. And if they are actually trying to win, oh boy, are Redskins’ fans in trouble. Again.

  5. Johnson over Kap or a semi real QB is ludicrous. Redskins front office and coaching staff wasn’t really serious about winning this year…

  6. ARod(in his collarbone) says:
    December 4, 2018 at 8:58 pm
    Ouch. Could have signed Bradford instead. Johnson is a bum


    Did you not see Sam Bradford play for the Cardinals and they have a better offense than the Redskins. Do you want 3 QBs with broken legs? Gruden’s offense is a joke and the only one he knows how to run.

  7. May the curse of Kap stay with this franchise, and each one who cowardly refuses an opportunity for him to ply his trade. Ironic that the people who hate Kap for kneeling are the ones always screaming for someone in authority to protect THEIR jobs.

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