Report: Broncos fear Emmanuel Sanders tore Achilles

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Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders was injured in practice Wednesday.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports the Broncos fear Sanders tore his Achilles. Sanders will undergo further medical tests to confirm.

Sanders hurt himself near the end of the period open to the media. Sanders was helped to the locker room with what appeared to be a lower leg injury, according to Jeff Legwold of ESPN.

Sanders, 31, has played all 12 games this season. He has made 71 catches for 868 yards and four touchdowns.

He missed four games last season but has stayed relatively healthy in his career, missing only 13 games in nine seasons.

20 responses to “Report: Broncos fear Emmanuel Sanders tore Achilles

  1. That sucks. This guy is just a complete football player whose stats would be monstrous if paired with better QBs, as evidenced by his years with Peyton.

  2. The quality of the practice field maybe in question.

    VIP on the swole says:
    December 5, 2018 at 2:32 pm
    I don’t understand how this could have happened. It wasn’t on a punt or kickoff and didn’t involve a concussion or an incorrectly called penalty on a normal tackle.

  3. Despise the donkos but hate to see or hear any player getting injured….. if he’s gone along with Harris the playoffs just became a TRUE PIPE DREAM!!!! (not that they weren’t already)

  4. Could be a Career ender if true hes on the wrong side of 30 and that’s a tough injury hope he recovers cause he can flat out play !

  5. Let’s be honest people, the Broncos weren’t going to make noise in the playoffs anyways. Their chance of making the playoffs was already low enough as it is. As much as some fans don’t want to admit it, Elway needs to look for a better coach. They’re not scoring enough points offensively. On the bright side, Keenum is better than Siemian and Lynch.

  6. They’ve lost 3 tight ends to injury, traded Demaryius Thomas away, and now they’ve lost Emmanuel Sanders. That’s not making it easy on Case Keenum and the offense.

  7. Pretty soon practices will consist of some sort of water based car wash sounding individual tub that players will get it. There will be 24-30 of them in a group and virtual reality headsets. Players will get in according to position and it will rough up the body ‘safely’ to simulate practice workout while the headsets will be interactive so they can ‘practice’ without actually going onto a field and risking injury.

  8. Rdog says:
    December 5, 2018 at 3:08 pm
    They’ve lost 3 tight ends to injury, traded Demaryius Thomas away, and now they’ve lost Emmanuel Sanders. That’s not making it easy on Case Keenum and the offense.
    Maybe Phillip Lindsay can line up at WR and RB. Like a WRB.

  9. freepretzels says:
    December 5, 2018 at 4:21 pm
    If only the Broncos had another veteran receiver with a Pro Bowl background that could step up for the team in the next few critical weeks!

    Oh wait.


    DT is done being a #1 receiver. They can get DT’s level of production from the other guys for a fraction of the cost. Salary plays a part in all of this, not just the game. I’d gladly take DT of 2 years ago, but he was a detriment other than a random 12 yard completion every so often

  10. Poster above says they lost 3 TE’s, Thomas and Sanders. All true but they also lost 3 of 5 OLinemen. Keenum has played through that and played much better the last month.

  11. The problem with the Broncos is Elway. Not drafting a quarterback was a major blunder.
    Wrong. Keenum has done an adequate job and Chubb has been sensational.

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