Ezekiel Elliott to Hunt, Foster: Focus on your day-to-day life

Getty Images

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said earlier this week he’s “keeping a very close eye” on the Kareem Hunt case.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott has made it clear from the start he believes he was innocent of domestic violence and challenged the NFL in court. Jones had his player’s back throughout the legal process.

Eventually, Elliott lost and served a six-game suspension last season.

Elliott didn’t say whether he also is watching the Hunt case as keenly as Jones is, but Elliott did offer advice to both Hunt and Reuben Foster. Hunt and Foster are on the Commissioner Exempt list as the NFL investigates their cases.

“Just focus on your day-to-day life, making sure you’re winning the next day,” Elliott said Wednesday. “When you start looking down the road, you can kind of get bogged down. Just make sure you focus on the day to day and doing better day to day and things are going to work themselves out.”