Jamal Adams: Changes are needed, but Todd Bowles isn’t the problem

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Jets safety Jamal Adams hasn’t been shy about talking about how rotten things have been around the team this season and blowing a 16-0 lead in last Sunday’s loss to the Titans hasn’t made him feel any better.

It didn’t change his opinion about head coach Todd Bowles, however. Adams has consistently said that Bowles shouldn’t be fired despite a 13-31 record since the start of the 2016 season and reiterated his belief that Bowles is “not the problem” during an appearance on WFAN Tuesday.

“There are other problems in that building,” Adams said, via NJ.com. “I feel for him. I really do. It’s not his problems that are going on right now. Hopefully, it’s going to change next year. We’ve got to change it. It needs to be changed, because to me, we’re running out of time.”

Adams didn’t specify what things need to change, but said he plans to speak to Jets brass about his feelings. While it’s impossible to argue that the Jets’ issues go beyond Bowles, it seems unlikely that any argument Adams makes will be persuasive enough to overcome the evidence that a coaching change is part of the prescription for a better outlook for the franchise.

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  1. Jamal while there may be other problems like a team short in talent but that will be fixed with another top 5 draft pick and 100 million in cap space but that won’t fix the lack of in game or halftime adjustments ,poor clock management ,a complete lack of discipline and poor judgement like leaving injured players in the game that can’t snap a ball due to broken fingers…I don’t think I need to go any further do I ?

  2. Todd Bowles is a good guy – but he is a coordinator and not a head coach. It is impossible to overlook the record, penalties, poor clock management, etc. There is other blame to go around including the GM, but they can’t keep him around for another year. They should do him a favor and get rid of him now so he doesn’t have to deal with the press conferences and media interviews….

  3. Keep reading that Maccagnan is getting another year because he drafted Darnold. Why does he get a pass for drafting a consensus top 5 draft choice? Was it the “big trade” to move up 3 spot? Here is food for thought: The trade likely would not have been possible (without giving up a lot more) if the Jets had a good season and not drafting at # 6 overall–by virtue of previous Maccagnan’s previous bad drafts and personnel decisions he was able to be in the 6 slot and them make the trade to select Darnold-he created his own high(bad team) draft decision. The trade might not have been necessary if he had drafted Jacoby Brissett instead of Hackenberg who was so bad that he couldn’t be put on field for a regular season snap. If Todd Bowles had Brissett and not Hackenberg arguably a different conversation entirely. The Johnson’s have to to realize that ANYONE could have made the trade and drafted Darnold. They need to look at the entire body of work and make a decision off of that and if they do they will have no doubt they need to let him go. In addition, and most importantly, the Johnson’s need to make way so they can get the best coach possible for the position who can establish the culture. Removing Maccagnan is a huge part of that. When Jets kept Mike Tannenbaum with Rex Ryan after Eric Mangini was fired Tannenbaum had a credible personnel record and playoff appearance to stand on. He assembled a talent base in 2 years far superior to what Maccagnan has done in 4. D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, Brad Smith, Leon Washington, Darrelle Revis, David Harris, Eric Smith. FA/Trade: Thomas Jones.Tannenbaum inherited similar situation in 2006 as Maccagnan in 2015 but much less cap room. The facts are there if you look.

  4. 1. Terrible OC (hired by the HC)

    2. Terrible coaching at all levels (hired by the HC)

    3. terrible game time coaching / no halftime adjustments (the HC bears responsibility)

    4. Constant blown schemes/assignments (falls on coaching and/or dumb players)

    The constant I see is bad coaching, starting from the top.

    Coupled with a weak roster.
    The GM (Mike Maccagnan) has been there 4 years and done a bad job of bringing in players. I can’t believe the owner thinks he’s doing a good job.
    Other than Jamal Adams and Sam Darnold there aren’t many players other teams would want, except on rookie contracts.

  5. I obviously don’t know what are those other problems “in that building” to which Jamal is referring, but if it means cleaning house with absolutely everyone, including Maccagan, then so be it. I won’t shed a tear. Clean out the whole building and get someone in there to build it back up from scratch. Enough is enough with incompetence. The supposed “experts”, Ron Wolf and Charley Casserly, who recommended the present regime to Johnson need to be kicked in the seat of their pants.

  6. Unfortunately, Jeremy Bates didn’t turn out to be the offensive genius we all hoped he would. He needs to go. Rick Dennison and his whole offensive line needs to go; Spencer Long, while an improvement has been a large disappointment. IF you don’t target improvements to the O-Line in the off-season, it’s going to become a Luck 2.0 situation. The receivers are playing uninspired football, which I think is due to the terrible play calling. You need to look no further than Jermaine Kearse who was one of the cornerstones of the offense after the trade that brought him to New York. Now he’s barely an afterthought. Robby Anderson can’t get the ball because we don’t draw up plays that throw further than five yards. I think the Defense has the right pieces in place to be great, but they’re not being used to the best of their ability. I think Kacy Rodgers needs to go, but the REAL problem with Bowles is that he loves to keep his friends around, regardless of whether or not they coach the right scheme for the players we have. I don’t mind Bowles staying but there’s a lot that needs to go, so why bother keeping him. I think he’s a great Defensive Coordinator, but who wants to stick around after they get replaced?

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