Kelvin Benjamin becomes a free agent

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Receiver Kelvin Benjamin was supposed to become a free agent in March. Instead, he’s a free agent now.

Per multiple reports, Benjamin went unclaimed on waivers, one day after being released by the Bills.

Benjamin, a vested veteran, has a base salary of $8.459 million. Benjamin was the right to collect the balance from the Bills ($1.99 million) as termination pay.

The Panthers traded Benjamin to the Panthers last year, in the fourth season of his career. He generated more than 1,000 receiving yards as a rookie, but he hasn’t made it to four figures since then.

Benjamin had 23 catches for 354 yards and a touchdown in 12 games this season, with 10 starts.

17 responses to “Kelvin Benjamin becomes a free agent

  1. Someone will probably give him a minimum contract with incentives. If you watched him play, he dropped a lot of balls, jogged half way through his patterns if he wasn’t the primary and stood there when tipped balls were 6 feet away rather then diving and making a play.
    This was in a contract year. Even Albert Haynesworth knew enough to wait until you get the signing bonus before you become a slug. Caveat emptor !

  2. Comment_Awaiting_PFT_Censor says:
    December 5, 2018 at 7:00 pm
    So if no teams claimed him, it must be collusion…

    If you want Kaepernick to stay gone, stop comparing every situation like this with him.

    Benjamin is a bust until he proves otherwise, Kaep has proven talent , in a quality QB starving league. It’s like comparing an apple to a rock.

  3. Classic Booger line . . . “He’s one Popeyes biscuit away from being a tight end!”

  4. The Panthers traded Benjamin to the Panthers last year, in the fourth season of his career.

    That’s a trade even Jon Gruden would love.

  5. Benjamin has talent. He showed that at FSU. It was obvious playing with the Panthers when he wasn’t the primary receiver, he dogged it. It didn’t look like he was trying, and just went thru the motions. You can quickly get a bad reputation when you play like that. I’m sure somebody will give Benjamin another shot, but it’s up to Benjamin what he does with it. He needs to bring it on every play whether he’s the main target or a decoy. A decoy can quickly be a target. You run a route like you’re the intended receiver every time. That’s life in the NFL.

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