Patriots owner “flattered” teams want Josh McDaniels

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A year ago, Patriots owner Robert Kraft sweetened the pot to keep offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels at the last minute, reeling him back in when it appeared he was going to be coaching the Colts.

But he’s also smart enough to know teams will come calling again, perhaps teams with a stable enough organization to tempt McDaniels to leave this time.

“I care about winning Sunday. That’s what really what I care about,” Kraft told Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. “Whatever happens . . . you know, we have good people. I’m actually flattered that people are after our people.”

People have been for years, even though the track record of Bill Belichick assistants has been mixed at best.

But with offensive numbers popping and many people thinking that’s the best path to follow to find a head coach, the law of supply and demand will likely work in McDaniels’ favor (despite leaving the Colts at the altar and leaving the Broncos a bit of a mess).

He largely talked around interest from others, saying: “If that’s in the cards for me, that’s great. I’ve said that before. But again, I’m not worried about that right now.”

Neither, it seems, is Kraft.

30 responses to “Patriots owner “flattered” teams want Josh McDaniels

  1. NOT A CHANCE anyone will hire Josh McWeasel, his reputation is tarnished for good for what he did to Indy, the only head coaching job he will get in the NFL is if Belicheat ever retires….that’s it.

  2. No chance the Jets, Browns or Bucs. Lousy ownership. Although the Browns might be enticing, regardless of the owner. He throws darts at hiring and may have gotten lucky.

    Garrett saved his job unless they lose the rest of their games. Besides, lousy ownership X2.

    Green Bay? A rebuild about to happen.

    I can see the Jaguars because BB and Coughlin go way back. Jaguars need an O-mind as their team is split and it’s obvious.

    Thing is, I don’t think JM is brilliant. I think Tom Brady is.

  3. “…perhaps teams with a stable enough organization…”

    There’s your real truth Colts fans. The fish rots from the head, who would want to go from working for one of the best owners in sports to dealing with junkie jimmy?

  4. The Patriots are shopping him. This started a couple of weeks ago. This is the third article in that time sourced from someone other than McDaniels or his agent. Its all coming from the Pats side of the relationship. They fed him a line to punk the Colts and now they want out from under the 5M/yr? contract. Notice the article contains a Kraft-like dig at Colts, who seem to be a fine organizartion at this point without anyone from Boston.

  5. .
    It’s commonplace in most NFL cities to second guess the offensive coordinator on a regular basis. McDaniels rarely comes under criticism for his play calling. He’s very creative and often daring. If something doesn’t work, it’s usually because of poor execution not the play call itself.

  6. Patriots assistants are usually found to be average, at best, once they try their hand in a division other than the pushover AFC East that deals them the fluffiest schedule in the league.

  7. Doubt Josh would’ve left Colts at the altar, and the bad press from that, just to leave again next season. But it shows that the rest of the league’s offices agree with my interpretation that the jilting was to do with an independent medical THAT WEEK reversing Colts’ claims in January that Luck was already fully healed. Indeed indications of its timing suggests it was ordered by Josh.

    And all the Colts’ salty noise about Josh (and ludicrous claims of a “rivalry” v Pats when Colts haven’t won this decade) was partly to hide their bungled signing process/annoncement and partly to misdirect attention away from their quietly downgrading Luck from “good to go” in Jan to “turned a corner” in Feb.

  8. Because the Patriots is not a one year wonder team. Other teams want to capture the Patriots Mystique. But the Patriots brain and brawn drain will hobble the Pats in the long run. They nurture their own from the inside and it takes years to form their people into their own specifications. It’s difficult to replace them. This year they lost, given up core players and Matt Patricia. You can see that they are still finding their footing. Surprisingly they are still contending for the top spot. That’s why other teams will poach their coaches and players. Even the cast offs get jobs. The Patriots Mystique and pedigree are compelling.

  9. What teams said they “want” Josh McDaniels recently? The last team that actually expressed that they wanted him was the Colts a year ago.

    Green Bay hasn’t said they want McDaniels. Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst have given zero indications on who they favor to this point. They have not even conducted any formal interviews yet.

    Just because the media has made McDaniels one of the “hot names” for head coaching jobs doesn’t mean teams are fighting eachother for him right now as Bob Kraft tries to imply

    If anything, Josh is less attractive of a candidate because early returns are that ex-pat coach turned head coach Matt Patricia was not the right choice in Detroit.

  10. backintheday99 says:
    December 5, 2018 at 7:59 am
    No chance the Jets, Browns or Bucs.


    Agreed re: the Browns. After the string of garbage HCs the Browns have had, Dorsey’s going to want to find an actual decent coach, which rules out McDaniels off the bat.

  11. He deserves a chance to be a HC. Obviously the Pats offered something more appealing than the Dolts. Winning was prolly one of the carrots.

    No one should go to the Browns unless it is the last place on earth offering employment. Cincy is one step above the Browns. The Jets have been a mess. I have to imagine the NY power brokers don’t give the coach the authority which he needs. If it isn’t the Packers, then I can’t see him leaving.

  12. Josh McDaniel’s is the son of a football coach from the state of Ohio so it’s possible if one of the Ohio jobs opens up (Bengals, Browns) McDaniel’s could very well wind up going “home” to coach.

  13. The pats will be happy to take whoever’s first rd pick for Josh and give him their blessing but it’s gonna cost hes under a fat contract.

  14. “It’s commonplace in most NFL cities to second guess the offensive coordinator on a regular basis. McDaniels rarely comes under criticism for his play calling. He’s very creative and often daring. If something doesn’t work, it’s usually because of poor execution not the play call itself.”

    Its true he is creative, daring and very good at morphing the Pats offense week to week to take advantage of the people he has available at any given time.

    But its not true he rarely comes under criticism for play calling. The homer press has had plenty of moments when they’ve done so and I’ve long lost count of the times I’ve screamed at the TV WTF was that play call WTH did you do that?

  15. See his previous coaching stint in Denver. See his weasel way of handling the Colts coaching change. Umm, no thanks. Keep him.

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