Tom Johnson, Sheldon Richardson looking forward to facing Seahawks

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Defensive tackles Tom Johnson and Sheldon Richardson share space on the Vikings’ roster and they also have a past that includes time with the Seahawks in commong.

Johnson signed with Seattle in March, but was released after one game with the intent of bringing him back after other roster shuffling. The Vikings gave him a better deal, however, and Johnson said he’s “definitely going there to make a statement” in reference to Monday night’s game against the Seahawks.

“I didn’t agree with it, but it was a business decision,” Johnson said, via the Pioneer Press. “They didn’t want to put one of their younger guys [on waivers], and D-line was the only position that didn’t have any injuries. It didn’t have anything to do with my talent and or my ability. Obviously, I’m the better player, but it was a strategic thing.”

Richardson had a longer stint in Seattle as he spent all of last season with the team. Richardson said the team made a “terrible” offer for him to return this season

“The season was good,” Richardson said. “They just never really fully committed to me. … But it will be fun going against those guys. I don’t have any enemies on the team — in the locker room.”

Johnson and Richardson each have 3.5 sacks on the year and will try to add to that total against former teammate Russell Wilson as the Vikings bid to improve their standing in the playoff race.

22 responses to “Tom Johnson, Sheldon Richardson looking forward to facing Seahawks

  1. The Seahawks are going to make a nice run into the playoffs. They play great, and sound defense, and also are one of few teams who will run it at will. The 3 backs they have all have shown the can ball. Russ, and lockette have been money all year as well. Any team in the playoffs with a suspect defense will have their hands full with this Seattle team.

  2. If the Vikings get blown out of this one too, is Zimmer on the hot seat? There’s something about this team that is underachieving, add to that how they get embarrassed in big games, the passive/agressive relationship he seems to have with his OC… Is he the leader we think he is?

  3. Sheldon was a one year rental mistake. Tom Johnson would’ve been nice to keep but his absence has given the Hawks a chance to get some of their young D line players experience. Seahawks will win it Monday night 27-24 with it being not as close as the final score indicates.

  4. seabrawk12 says:
    December 5, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    Sherman was also looking forward to facing the Seahawks.
    Richardson and Sherman’s cases are completely different. Sherman had a devastating injury.Add to it his age the Hawks had to let him go. But again both different Sherman had more history with the team and is pretty much done as he is a shell of himslef. Sheldon played a year there. Any how I look forward to this game. Seahawks are a very likeable team. I like Pete Carrol I think he is a talented coach. I hope it is a good game. Playing in Seattle is a challenge.

  5. Why would either be “looking forward” to playing Seattle? They were both barely here. I can understand Sherman being salty, but they gave up a 2nd rounder for Richardson and Johnson was cut by the team he went back to (kind of a punk move as they were already committed to his 2018 salary, so he basically doubled dipped going back to Minny which was HIS choice). Grab a Kleenex cry babies.

  6. The Tom Johnson move backfired on John Schneider. They wanted him but here but it was a roster move for special teams and safety backup.

    As for Sheldon Richardson, he played decently on his year here but man was he a free lancer in run defense. There are a couple of young guys doing it right now on the edge but couldn’t pay a guy over 10 million a year leaving big holes up the middle.

  7. jackedupboonie says:
    December 5, 2018 at 12:02 pm
    Welcome back guys. Vikings have a great front 7 but the backend minus Rhodes is suspect.
    Harrison Smith is suspect???? No.

  8. I liked having the name Sheldon Richardson on the team last year but he barely ever did anything that lived up to it.

    He would have needed to be a monster in order to sign him for the kind of money he was looking for. The Vikings are on the cusp of a Superbowl and he’s probably just the missing piece they need. It made more sense for them.

    Seattle decided to let him go and do a little rebuilding this year instead developing young Talent.

    Oh look, the Seahawks have a better record than the Vikings… weird.

  9. Minnesota playing with emotion? Come on! What if we win? Could we fans handle it? We’re still trying to deal with the new and improved Wolves.

  10. If Vikings history, especially Zim’s in big games has any influence on Monday’s game, continues the Vikings will get blown out and loose by multiple TD’s.

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