49ers say they fully cooperated when Reuben Foster was arrested

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Reuben Foster’s ex-girlfriend Elissa Ennis said in an interview this morning that the 49ers attempted to interfere when she called the police to their team hotel to accuse Foster of hitting her. The 49ers say that’s not the case.

In a statement released hours after Ennis’s interview aired, the 49ers said they assisted local police when Foster was arrested.

“The 49ers fully cooperated with authorities, assisted in locating Mr. Foster and in no way impeded their investigation,” the team’s statement said.

San Francisco released Foster after he was arrested. Washington claimed him on waivers, and he is currently on the Commissioner Exempt list.

17 responses to “49ers say they fully cooperated when Reuben Foster was arrested

  1. Let’s see… she lied about the first ‘assault’ because “she loved him”… she’s lied and changed her story again. Now she wants to accuse the 49ers of something that she has no proof of, but we’re all supposed to believe her because now she’s telling the truth?

    Go Away! You had your chance and “love” got in the way. No one cares. Let the court system work it out, now. You’re exactly why women don’t come forward and when they do, many people tend to not believe them.

  2. Somedamnbody is obviously a liar. In the meantime, The Redskins sign Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson, While Kaepernick sits and waits.

  3. I am not going to assess her credibility or Fosters, which is losing a proposition. But the Niners did something far more grevious than noted in the article. When Ennis first accused Foster of assault, the Niners immediately announced that if convicted they would tear up Foster’s multi-million dollar contract. Bad form to put that type of pressure on a complaining witness, particularly when she is an on again off again girlfriend.

  4. kevines255 says:
    December 6, 2018 at 3:32 pm
    The police needed the help of the 49ers?
    Well he was with the team at a hotel for a road game being played later that day. Players usually respond quicker to the team texting/calling than local police.

  5. Help! Help! The big, bad corporation is against me!!

    I’m not buying that.

    Why would the 49ers want to interfere with a police action? How would they benefit knowing that anything other than full cooperation generates poor publicity?

  6. The only reason a business or corporation would need to lie is if they themselves were the one being investigated.

    The 9ERS liked Foster, invested in Foster and viewed him as an asset. But corporations like the NFL/SF49ERS or any other team. Are not going to jeopardize their billion dollar money making machine for ANY player or employee. By fabricating lies to authorities. Just so said player can doesn’t get in trouble.

  7. When I look around the league and I see guys like Ellliott, Hill, Peterson, Mixon, Hardy etc., the Skins might as well double down and have Hunt join Foster. These guys always end up playing anyway. After going through the charade of pretending to be outraged over the abuse, the teams ultimately cave and sign the miscreants after the controversy subsides.

  8. “The 49ers came up there. I have pictures of the 49ers coming up there talking to police, saying I’m the same ex-girlfriend who sat up there and lied,” Ennis said.


    But SHE IS the same person.

    By the time the 49ers heard about the accusation at the team hotel, they pretty much knew they were going to cut him, so if she is implying they were trying to protect him or do damage control, I’d say no. Foster was meant to be avoiding bad situations, and his relationship with her would be one of them.

    They cut him before getting any corroboration of the incident. Put them on the stand and I’m not sure they’d say they believe her about either incident. They gave up on him because they told him he had to do XYZ to keep his job and he didn’t, whether he assaulted her or not.

  9. Somebody is lying…or maybe both. Still, it’s getting difficult to believe anything she says at this point since she changes her story every other day.

  10. I really don’t understand her point here. If the 49’s did what she said they did, they weren’t lying. She accused him, and faced with evidence to the contrary, she recanted her accusation. 49rs stating that fact to the Police is not wrong, factually or otherwise. Foster needs to be judged on his actions. His victim at this point has forfeited any role in this. Foster showed extremely bad judgement even being in the same neighborhood with her again, much less inviting her to town and his hotel. If he assaulted her, he needs to face the consequences. But this woman, who has done a disservice to victims everywhere, has forfeited her credibility.

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