Adam Gase mum about whether Xavien Howard had knee surgery

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The Dolphins practiced without cornerback Xavien Howard again on Thursday, so it seems likely that his knee injury will keep him from playing against the Patriots on Sunday.

Head coach Adam Gase said on Wednesday that Howard is considered week to week and that he expects him to play again before the year is out. On Thursday, Gase was asked if Howard, who was not on crutches while watching practice, had a surgical procedure on his knee.

“Any of that stuff, we keep in-house. … We have to make sure we do the right thing for him,” Gase said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “When he’s ready to go, he’s ready to go.”

New England has had issues in recent late season trips to Miami, but playing without Howard will make it tougher for the Dolphins to make this visit a painful one.

11 responses to “Adam Gase mum about whether Xavien Howard had knee surgery

  1. I guess all they’re required to say is knee injury and questionable or whatever status they want to give him on the injury report. But imagine the howling if the Pats were asked that question about one of their players and Bill gave the same answer Gase did.

  2. Good, save Howard for next season and stop winning meaningless games in December. A team that’s 29th in total offense and 29th in total defense doesn’t belong in the playoffs. The main reason the Dolphins keep finishing 8-8 every year isn’t because they finish 8-8 every year. You’ll never get good if you’re never bad enough to draft higher, so you can get good.

  3. …You’ll never get good if you’re never bad enough to draft higher, so you can get good.
    Have you seen where the Patriots draft the last 15+ years?

  4. The problem with loosing and drafting higher is that unless it is a no brainier like Tunsil or Fitzpatrick this management can screw up royally like Charles Harris a 3-4 Linebacker playing DE in a 4-3 defense.

    2019 draft is loaded with DE and NT and weak at WR and O-linemen. If Ted Larsen and Sam Sheppard are still here in 2019 expect more the same.

    Its beyond me why Miami can get good defensive line players in the lower rounds and can’t find one legit guard. Also this year the only guard on the practice squad was Asiata who can’t replace Ted Larsen the worse guard starting in the NFL.

  5. Players need to perform to their best ability.
    Coaches need to teach and put their players in the best position to succeed.
    Front office needs to scout and evaluate college players and free agents and decide whom is best suited to complement and improve the team.

    Looking at our recent history, I can’t find any shining examples in the “front office” and “coaching” categories.

    I’m all in for a complete make-over

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