Alleged victim’s change of heart could mean a lengthy suspension for Reuben Foster

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With Elissa Ennis explaining that she recanted her February claim of domestic violence against Washington linebacker Reuben Foster in order to help preserve his career, it remains to be seen whether authorities in California reopen the case. The NFL undoubtedly will.

Foster, already on the Commissioner Exempt list due to the more recent incident involving Ennis, will now face renewed scrutiny over the earlier incident, since Ennis will presumably be willing to cooperate with the league’s effort to obtain information about both of the incidents.

In a criminal proceeding, the inconsistencies regarding the February incident could make it difficult to prove guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Within the NFL’s system of justice, a much lower standard applies, allowing the league to embrace a shifting story that a skilled defense lawyer could otherwise persuade a jury to reject.

And so the end result could be a finding by the league that Foster committed domestic violence on two separate occasions, setting the stage for a pair of six-game baseline suspensions, with the second one potentially enhanced by the fact that it was a repeat offense.

That could be enough to persuade the NFL to determine that Foster should be suspended for most if not all of the 2019 season, making Foster unavailable to Washington (if it keeps him) or anyone else until 2020, at the earliest.

15 responses to “Alleged victim’s change of heart could mean a lengthy suspension for Reuben Foster

  1. One thing we all know for sure. We can all agree 100%. This women is a liar. So we can weed through hers stories and decide which ones we choose to believe and which stories we don’t like? I’m thinking someone is going to get a second opinion before any action is taken, because she’s very likely to change her story again. Maybe two or three more times. This woman does not make a good witness. I’d think a judge would give a funny look to a prosecutor that put her on the stand.

  2. How long until Washington realizes the risk is not worth the reward?

    Not even hating because, I can’t. My favorite team drafted him and backed him. As a fan I did.

    But already having to answer questions about Foster and dealing with public/media backlash for a guy. Who hasn’t even played a snap and doesn’t look like he will anytime soon either

  3. Why does PFT keep talking about inconsistencies, guilt, doubt, etc when we all know that none of it matters and the NFL front office will do whatever it wants with little to no evidence needed?

    They’ve botched every single attempt they’ve made to investigate any situation that’s come up in the last several years – why would this be any different?

  4. His career is over before it started! If he’s suspended a year, and if Washington release him, no doubt he will get in trouble again! He won’t suit up ever again

  5. I’m glad he’s been cut. We don’t need cowards like that in the nfl. He’s a terrible and violent human being that can end up killing his girlfriend next time. Domestic violence is no joke and leads to many murders or serious severe injuries. This is his second time beating his girlfriend in under a year. Doesn’t matter how good someone is, that behavior won’t be tolerated by the red and gold. Hopefully every team will do the same when their star player is caught in DV or any violent crime.

  6. Sorry, I can’t agree. First incident is thrown out. Propensity of lying….well it’s huge and I give the alleged victim zero credibility. That said, the Artful DRodger only needs an accusation-even if it flies in the face of science- to dole out injustice. Batten down the hatches, here comes some more Shield integrity!

  7. One can’t rob a bank because they feel they are a victim of poverty.. the law is the law. If you commit perjury, you should be prosecuted.

    All victims should be encouraged to come out immediately and honestly. Delaying accusations and changing your story makes others question your integrity and motives.

    In no way does this mean Foster gets off the hook for what he has done either.

  8. She flat out admitted committing perjury. Doesn’t mean Foster is innocent but you shouldn’t be allowed to lie under oath in court without consequence.

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