Bob Sutton: Chiefs have never faced a QB as fast as Lamar Jackson

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As Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale compares Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to Joe Montana, Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton acknowledges that Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson compares to no one Sutton’s team has ever encountered.

“I don’t know if we ever have,” Sutton told reporters on Thursday when asked if the Chiefs have faced someone like Jackson. “We played against, our first year, RGIII when he was in there. They were similar to that, but probably a little still more NFL offense involved. . . . I’ve played against [Colin] Kaepernick when they were a lot like this, but still more NFL offense. And we’ve never played against a guy as fast as this.”

Sutton admitted that Mike Vick was comparable to Jackson, but that by the time Vick was paired with Chip Kelly the Eagles ran “a little bit different style.”

Jackson has averaged 88 rushing yards through three starts, and the Ravens surely will want to keep the ball on the ground, keep the clock moving, and force Kansas City’s modern-day Montana to stand and watch.