Derrick Henry leads Titans to 16-2 halftime lead


It was an entertaining first half, it nothing else.

The Titans lead the Jaguars 16-2 at halftime in a game that has featured a 99-yard run, a muffed punt for a safety, an interception and a goal-line stand.

Tennessee has 239 yards, but 73 came on an opening drive and 99 on Derrick Henry‘s record run.

Henry has only six carries, but he has 129 yards and two touchdowns. His first touchdown, on the Titans’ first drive, came on a 3-yard run. He tied Tony Dorsett’s NFL record with a 99-yard touchdown run with 7:07 remaining in the second quarter.

Henry outgained Jacksonville on one play: The Jaguars gained 98 yards on 34 plays in the first half, and their best drive ended in no points.

Jacksonville ran seven plays inside the Titans 10-yard line, including three tries from the 1, and couldn’t get into the end zone. Leonard Fournette was stopped for no gain on fourth down.

Fournette has 24 yards on 12 carries.

The Jaguars’ only points came on a muffed punt by Titans returner Cameron Batson, who fielded a punt at the 7, retrieved the ball and backed up into the end zone where he was tackled.

Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota has completed 12 of 16 passes for 102 yards and an interception. Rookie safety Ronnie Harrison had the pick.

Titans tight end Jonnu Smith went down on Henry’s 99-yard run and needed help getting off the field. He is questionable to return with a knee injury.

Jaguars linebacker Leon Jacobs is questionable to return with a quadriceps injury.

5 responses to “Derrick Henry leads Titans to 16-2 halftime lead

  1. They showed a clip of Fournette sitting on the bench on the sidelines. It looked like he was thinking about what kind of injury he can get so he can skip the rest of this disastrous season. After all, like Le’Veon Bell showed, he needs to save himself for his next contract.

  2. In all fairness to Bortles and Fournette, that offensive line is embarrassing. They said during the broadcast the Jags are built to run the ball. If that’s the case why do they have an offensive line from K-Mart? Yeah, they’ve had some injuries but their other three starters wouldn’t be playing for any other team in the NFL. You can’t expect to be able to run the ball when you ignore the offensive line. You can’t expect a QB to succeed when the O-line can’t seem to proivde any sort of pass protection and get a holding penalty every other play.

  3. “Henry outgained Jacksonville on one play: The Jaguars gained 98 yards on 34 plays in the first half, and their best drive ended in no points.”

    Hilarious. Jags are getting humiliated.

  4. And to change the subject just a little, did anyone else notice the stands were >70% empty last night for a team that is in a Playoff run?

    Same with the KC home game a few weeks ago, to be having the season they are and the stands were about 50% empty.

    Yet the NFL still denies having an attendance problem, unbelievable!!!

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