Doug Pederson: Grugier-Hill’s comment “unfortunate,” but game is big enough

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Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill‘s comments about the Cowboys choking drew responses from Dallas on Thursday and it also drew one from his head coach.

Doug Pederson was asked about it during a conference call with Cowboys reporters and Pederson said he had spoken to players about avoiding things like this. He said it was “unfortunate” that it happened anyway, but downplayed the need for teams to come up with motivation other than winning a big divisional game.

“I don’t really believe you have to do that,” Pederson said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “These games are big enough. There’s enough pressure, enough angst to win the game, to do your job. With the amount of media attention that everybody gets and social media, it’s a firestorm and players are going to see it. I’ve never had to [use bulletin board material] and I wouldn’t expect Coach [Jason] Garrett would have to do that because the players are going to see it and formulate their own opinions.”

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had a similar reaction when it came to the motivational value of Grugier-Hill’s comments and it’s hard to imagine that moving two games up on the Eagles in the NFC East isn’t enough reason for the team to bring everything they have on Sunday.

10 responses to “Doug Pederson: Grugier-Hill’s comment “unfortunate,” but game is big enough

  1. He’s absolutely right.

    “Bulletin board” material is just the media trying to generate news. If you can’t motivate yourself to play in an important game with playoff implications, then you have much bigger problems.

    Seriously, were Dallas players only going to give 80% effort before Kamu opened his mouth?

  2. It wouldn’t be as funny if it hadn’t come from an Eagles player. If “bulletin board material” matters it’ll be when Zeke trucks this nobody.

  3. While the Eagles have done a poor job of defending their Super Bowl championship they have done a great job defending their title as the NFL’s most obnoxious team .

  4. Grugier-Hill wouldn’t make most teams 53 at LB. Shows how depleted they are, and he’s the one to run his mouth…game will be enough of a challenge, shut the pie hole.

  5. Hill and his buddies let a quarterback less Washington team run all over them just wait to see how Dallas runs over them.

  6. Hill and his buddies let a quarterback less Washington team run all over them just wait to see how Dallas runs over them.
    As an eagles fan I am not happy with how the defense is playing even before the injuries.

    That being said Eagles played great D last game, the Redskins had 108 rushing yards, 90 of which came on a single blown play. So outside of 1 play they had 18 yards rushing for the game, I wouldn’t call that being run all over.

  7. Trash talk is all apart of rivalry games. Forget the fake adulation and congratulations. Tell it like it is, regardless of who doesn’t like it. Period. Birds win 27-21!!

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