Kelvin Benjamin visiting Chiefs

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Wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin went unclaimed on waivers after being cut by the Bills on Tuesday, so he’s now looking for a landing spot as a free agent.

The first place he’s visiting on that search is Kansas City. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Benjamin is visiting with the Chiefs on Thursday.

The Chiefs haven’t had any issues moving the ball through the air this season, but Sammy Watkins has missed time recently with a foot injury so they may be looking for some insurance in the event that he has further trouble. Watkins was a limited participant in practice on Wednesday.

There hasn’t been word of any other visits on the schedule for Benjamin, who had 23 catches for 354 yards with the Bills this season.

20 responses to “Kelvin Benjamin visiting Chiefs

  1. After his behavior at Carolina, his lack of commitment in Buffalo, why would KC want him? The only reason I can see KC signing him is to keep him from signing with Denver after losing Sanders…. but is it even worth the effort?

    Another colossal 1st Round BUST!

  2. Chiefs are moving away from RB’s. 5 WR sets from here on out… It’s sarcasm, but they could, and it would be crazy to watch.

    The real reason they’re likely looking is because their #3 Conley and #4 Robinson have been let downs this year. Both have enough experience, an now opportunities, to shine with Watkins out but neither really stepped up. Robinson can make the crazy catches but seems to have problems with good route running and creating separation.

    But if Watkins can’t stay healthy, that overpaid contract looks worse every week. Imagine the CB you could’ve gotten for $11M per year… But I do think Watkins is a difference maker. Makes teams focus on more than just Hill and Kelce.

  3. What do the Chiefs think their receivers are too fast and want to slow things down for the opposition?

  4. He is one dimensional red zone threat who didnt want to fight for passes, making him pretty useless. A decline is skill set is bad but definitely can be worked with but being a lazy person and refusing to work on timing with your QB (who is a rookie and not polished) is very unappealing. Maybe going to a contender and being used a red zone target will help him but mailing it in for Buffalo these past seasons was sad.

  5. I wish him all the best. Just didn’t work out in buffalo.

    I give him credit for playing through injury last year during Buffalo’s playoff push.

    But when he didn’t get a new contract to start this year, you could tell that he was playing not to get injured. He made almost no effort to get to any ball that didn’t come right to his chest. He would pull up and alligator-arm catches, or make no effort to break up a pass. He ran lazy routes and in general just gave what looked like (to me) as minimal effort as possible.

    I get not wanting to get hurt in a contract year. But by playing that way, he’s hurting his potential pay-day next year.

  6. Why sign this guy when you have a young QB? By the time he learned the playbook (which could be some time in 2020) the season would be over. The only thing he would contribute to the team would be laziness and discontent.

  7. If the Chiefs sign this donut, Mahommes will fire this guy himself.
    Watkins? His foot injury is legendary in Buffalo. Buckle up KC, this is what you get out of Watkins..

  8. He hated Cam and was depressed at being in Buffalo, as would anybody, but he still has great talent, just needs the right team and coach to help him. They should sign him and not play him, just coach him and bring his confidence back so he is ready for next year.

  9. mrgdawg says:
    December 6, 2018 at 2:09 pm
    Can he convert to a CB ?
    ^^^^^ This^^^^^^
    Or maybe linebacker?

  10. The real reason they’re likely looking is because their #3 Conley and #4 Robinson have been let downs this year.
    Would you ever throw to these guys instead of Kelce or Hill?

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