Marshawn Lynch won’t return this season, will he next season?

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The Raiders used their second and final short-term injured reserve designation on Donald Penn, who returned to practice Wednesday. That means running back Marshawn Lynch will finish the season on injured reserve.

He was eligible to return to game action in Week 16.

The bigger question is whether Lynch has played his final down with the Raiders, and possibly of his career.

Lynch, 32, becomes a free agent in March.

He played six games this season, finishing with 105 touches for 460 yards and three touchdowns. In 11 seasons, Lynch rushed for 10,379 yards and 84 touchdowns.

Lynch, of course, retired once previously. He sat out the 2016 season before returning to football — and his hometown of Oakland — in 2017.

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  1. Honestly i hope he comes back one more year. Him and AP defy logic with their ability to rumble forward at their age. Lynch rarely has negative plays and more often than not makes every down 2nd and short.

    Though id like to eat abit of humble pie and give abit of credit to Doug Martin aswell, i wasnt happy when we brought him and ive been pleasantly surprised with how well hes ran for us in Lynch’s absence, besides the couple costly fumbles hes ran hard and caught the ball well (a skill that Lynch still hasnt quite mastered, hell never be dependable when it comes to catching balls).

  2. It seems really, really strange that you are not allowed to criticize this guy. Anytime somebody says he is finished people foam at the mouth. He hasn’t been worth what he was being paid since 2014. People really think he has football left? I hope not. And why is he the other player in league history that every single time they mention his name they have to say that he plays for his hometown? I just don’t get the obsession and protection of the guy. He acts like a tough guy, pretty sure he can handle the criticism.

  3. I think he will retire, especially if the Raiders are not playing in Oakland next season. Their lease expires after this season and the city of Oakland may not renew. Probably time to move on.

  4. It CAN work with older RBs, and when it does folk say wow it’s a genius move! But really it boils down to risk & reward. Most of the time, on balance, on average, that equation won’t stack up.

  5. Best thing about beast mode is his habit to tell the MAN to eat it…also the worst part. He is done. Just looking to sell some T-shirts now. I still love him…he is the best personality in football. Straight gangsta

  6. Lynch was no better than Latavius Murray but was more expensive. Furthermore, he is a team cancer (evidenced by shoving a ref while rushing to help his “cousin” Marcus Peters after Peters’ late cheap hit on Carr). Lynch was brought to the Raiders as one of Son-of-Al’s publicity stunts (to bamboozle the local Oakland fans) and was one of the reasons that the Raiders regressed from 12-4 to 6-10 in 2017.

    If Gruden had any brains, he would’ve drafted a RB in the 3rd or 4th round (perhaps using the 3rd round pick wasted on trading for Bryant) in a 2018 draft loaded with RB talent. But in order to protect Lynch’s sensibilities the Raiders passed on a good RB.

  7. Marshawn Lynch is a hard worker and a good locker room guy. He’s old now, but he’s still a good RB. The Raiders are stockpiling draft picks, so it probably depends on who they draft. Either way, Lynch is a good Oakland Raider.

  8. IMHO, Mr. Lynch was a marketing gimmick by MDavis: keep the local ticket buyers wired into the local boy made good.

    That’s been played out and Chucky will not use a roster spot for any more such high-paid longshots.

  9. It’s funny how fans that have personal issues with lynch call him a cancer, when all his teammates in Seattle and Oakland only have good things to say about him. He’s also a Walter Payton award nominee this year.

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