Michigan State’s LJ Scott enters the draft, but will play in bowl game

Getty Images

So many college football players who have decided to turn pro skip their bowl games that it’s now a bit of a surprise when a player heading for the draft decides to play. But that’s what Michigan State running back LJ Scott has done.

Scott said in a statement that he doesn’t think it would be wise, as a running back, to subject his body to another season of hits before pursuing his goal of playing in the NFL. But he also said he will play in Michigan State’s bowl game. Scott is a senior, but he has played in only four games this year because of injuries, which means he could have applied for an extra year of NCAA eligibility. The bowl game will be his fifth game this season, which means he’s ineligible to play another year and will officially be done as an NCAA player after the bowl game.

“Especially considering the position that I play, I truly feel in my heart that after four seasons at MSU, the time is right for me to turn pro,” Scott said. “I will continue to get healthy, finish the season playing in the Redbox Bowl with my teammates and then pursue my dream of playing in the NFL.”

Scott looks like a mid-round prospect in the 2019 NFL draft.