Odell Beckham hopes to play spoiler in final weeks

Getty Images

The Giants’ win over the Bears last Sunday didn’t wind up hurting Chicago’s playoff chances too much because their closest competition in the NFC North also lost, but the Giants may be able to spoil things for other teams in the final weeks of the season.

While their own playoff hopes are quite remote, they play four teams that have more realistic aspirations of continuing their seasons. Washington, Tennessee and Indianapolis are all in the mix with 6-6 records while Dallas is leading the NFC East at 7-5 and wide receiver Odell Beckham said ruining other team’s hopes is a worthwhile goal.

“At this point, we can only focus on Washington. There is no ‘what if.’ We’re going out there to win,” Beckham said, via ESPN.com. “If our season is over, I’m making sure somebody else is coming home with us. That is the goal. The goal is to win all these games and see what happens, but if not, you have a tough game to play against us for the last four games.”

The Giants have won three of their last four games and Beckham said he feels they are “”playing at a very, very high level.” Had that been the case in September, the Giants would likely have more to play for in the next few weeks but they’ll have to settle for being a fly in the ointment instead.