Team statement says Alex Smith has “serious injury,” requests privacy

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Usually when a player has had surgery after an injury, the team or the player puts out a statement saying the surgery was “successful.” The statement Washington released today about quarterback Alex Smith sounds much more ominous than that.

Shortly after reports surfaced that Smith is battling an infection, the team put out a statement that did nothing to assuage any concerns about his health.

“On behalf of Alex Smith, we appreciate all of the concerns and prayers over the injury he incurred on November 18th against the Houston Texans,” the statement said. “Although this is a serious injury, Alex and his family remain strong. We would ask that everyone please honor the Smith family’s request for privacy at this time.”

Neither Smith nor the team has offered any update about his condition since he suffered the injury. Questions have been raised about whether he’ll be able to play in 2019, but at the moment the bigger concern is just getting him healthy and out of the hospital.

54 responses to “Team statement says Alex Smith has “serious injury,” requests privacy

  1. Just a reminder that after Joe Theismann suffered the same injury, he never played another down again. Good luck to Alex Smith and his road to recovery.

  2. As someone who knows past NFL players, this injury is not up for debate. Alex Smith has most probably played his last game in the NFL. It’s sad, but that is the reality of this sport. I have never seen anyone come back to the gridiron after breaking both bones in the lower leg. (Especially where a “spiral fracture” is involved.) His rehabilitation will be focused upon saving his leg and quality of life after the NFL, not returning to the game. My prayers are with Alex Smith, one of the good guys in the NFL.

  3. Good Luck Alex. Dealt a bad hand from more than one team and never complained. Never went the media whining and crying. Class individual.

  4. By all accounts, Alex is a complete class. He has been respected and revered by his teammates wherever he plied his trade — San Francisco, KC, DC. Now Alex is fighting for the biggest comeback of his life, something far more important than any football game, possibly fighting for his life, certainly fighting to keep his leg. Our prayers are with you Alex. Godspeed for a complete and full recovery.

  5. Class act wherever he has been. Praying for a full recovery. Best of luck to the entire Smith family.

  6. Wow. Infections like that are very dangerous. Sincerely hope he makes a full recovery, starting with getting past this. Hoping for better news on this very soon.

  7. This is really worrying news – hopefully he makes a complete recovery soon. Alex Smith has been a true professional in his NFL career to date, and even if he never plays again he will be remembered for that.

  8. This sounds similar to what the Bears’ tight end suffered last season in the Saints catch/no catch game. Wishing all the best to Alex for a speedy recovery and all the best going forward whether he plays again or not.

  9. I love Smith as a player but it is just a game, I hope the guy can walk moving forward and just live a normal life. Great guy, underrated player. I would love to see him back but it doesnt seem likely, which is completely on the back burner. I hope the infection can be treated and he can walk going forward.

  10. We all love this game and I think that we all agree that these guys are well compensated for their risk.

    But that doesn’t mean we aren’t all pulling for a guy at a time like this. Get well Alex.

  11. We all love moan about our teams and to ridicule rivals but it amazes me when the thumbs down brigade show themselves when people who are not writing anything other than showing some concern. Idiots

  12. Good guy. This happened to me too decades ago with my broken leg. Dirty hands from the Doctor was my issue. SOB.

  13. I wish Alex and family the best.

    On question, did anyone see Ian Rapoport sneaking around the hospital?

  14. Compound fracture, risk of infection goes up when the bone breaks the skin and you have an open wound. Really hope he’s able to make a full recovery.

  15. Alex is one of the most stoic and graceful humans the NFL has ever seen. Think the whole world is rooting for him to get better ASAP!

  16. Pardon My Opinion But… says:
    December 6, 2018 at 11:51 am
    As someone who knows past NFL players, this injury is not up for debate. Alex Smith has most probably played his last game in the NFL. It’s sad, but that is the reality of this sport. I have never seen anyone come back to the gridiron after breaking both bones in the lower leg.


    Tyler Lockett says hi.

    The fracture isn’t the big concern here. Tib-fib fracture, even horrible graphic open tib-fib fracture, is something players come back from all the time. Without complications, he could be ready to go day 1 next year.

    The problem is the infection. And the fact that’s he’s still hospitalized 3 weeks later and the family is requesting privacy….they don’t do that when the prognosis is good, no matter how the Redskins try to spin it as simply the “latest hiccup”.

    I hate to speculate but it sounds like his long term prognosis is either still up in the air or very poor. At a minimum, the delay in starting rehab, the atrophy that would have occured in his leg…he’s so far behind on rehab at this point there’s no way he’s ready to go next year even if he eventually makes a full recovery.

  17. I suffered a spiral fracture of my fibula 2 years ago and now living with a plate and 6 screws. Luckily I was able to use the same doctors as the Broncos do and have no issues now. That said, these types of surgeries should always take place at a surgery center and not an actual hospital so as to keep the possibility of an infection down. Prayers for Alex as he has a long road to recovery!!

  18. It’s just a Football game, I truly hope this guy gets healthy without any further complications the same goes for the young man at University of Central Florida.
    Who cares if they ever play Football again, just get healthy and live life.

  19. My leg started swelling while I was in the stands for the Jaguar Steeler game. Went to the dr. And was diagnosed with cellulitis which is staph or strep getting in a small scrape. That stuff can spread and kill you. It’s serious. Three weeks later I’m just got more penicillin piled on. I am sooo hoping Alex Smith gets better because this can kill him if theyre not careful

  20. Sad news and here’s hoping Alex recovers. I believe unfortunate injuries like this are the reason why players hold out and college kids skip bowl games.
    World class athletes are bigger, stronger, faster, more aggressive to win and the risk of serious injuries are compounded.
    Players see the injuries up close and personal along with expanded media and social coverage.
    Once again, get well Alex and live a quality life.

  21. Alex Smith’s pain tolerance is one for the ages…He certainly didn’t react like his bone just poked through his him to 2 years ago when Gronk bruised his knee against Denver…and he was flailing around on the ground like he was getting electrocuted…

  22. Hopefully Alex Smith can heal up and come back next season, no one wants to see his or any players career end due to an injury. I feel terrible for the guy, infections are no joke as you could suffer numerous health complications including amuptation of the leg even death. Hopefully for Alex’s sake it is not a MRSA staph infection. I hope the guys gets back out on the field quickly.

    On the football side of things the Skins are in a really bad place after giving Smith all that money GTD’d and trading away high draft capital to acquire Smith. The Skins should of saved the cash and moved up to draft a young QB in last years draft, now they’ll need to draft a guy but the problem is this years draft class is a very weak QB class.

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