Chiefs waive defensive end Jarvis Jenkins

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The Chiefs added Kelvin Benjamin to provide injury cover at wide receiver, and parted ways with a defensive lineman to make room.

The team announced that veteran defensive end Jarvis Jenkins had been waived in the corresponding transaction.

The 30-year-old Jenkins has been with the Chiefs the last three season, and was a rotational player for them.

He played 206 defensive snaps for them this year (23 percent), and has a reputation as a solid player against the run. Originally a second-round pick in Washington, he also spent a year with the Bears.

10 responses to “Chiefs waive defensive end Jarvis Jenkins

  1. Great Idea!! Dump a solid D player who has been performing for 3 years for your team so you can bring in the NFL’s laziest player who is on his 3rd team in 4 years….makes sense!!

  2. I am surprised that so many teams are willing to sign one of these journeymen instead of signing a WR off someone’s practice squad. I know that you know what you are getting with one of these well traveled, no one really wants, players, but with all the teams going on 4th down these days, I would have expected more gamblers out there willing to take a risk. Each year my Vikings signs one of these type of WR’s and each time they don’t play them much and get rid of them no later than year end. It’s hard to image finding a quality skill player (even for depth) on the street.

  3. Not going to be the 54th player/roster thing. He’ll be claimed 5 times, 10 minutes after the bell.

    Unless he his hurt. Which would be a can of worms. Or who knows what he did wrong.

    The move makes NO sense. But then we don’t have all the info.

  4. No Chiefs fan will complain of this signing when he catches his first laser TD from Mahomes an Andy Reid 13 personnel package in the Red Zone. He’s going to be used like a TE. Jarvis has been quiet this year, and I’m sure the Chiefs will keep him on speed dial if he’s not picked up elsewhere.

  5. Chiefs Gm Brett veach likes to sign former #1 draft picks to see if the Chiefs can help them play up to their potential. It has worked with Cam Erving and Reggie Ragland. Looks like he is trying again with Benjamin.

  6. Good luck having Benjamin catch ANY balls thrown his way. He stunk in Buffalo and he will in KC too. So glad he’s no longer a Bill.

  7. Sad to see what started out as a legit SB contender lose it’s edge. Bad for the team, fans, and the sport in general. Luck is part of the game, good or bad….they’ve just cleared an easier path for what were inferior teams to the title. Last year is was Travis getting injured….the window may be closing soon on this team.

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