Doug Marrone knows big changes are coming for Jaguars

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The Jaguars somehow found a way to top their 9-6 loss to the Titans earlier this year, by getting plowed 30-9 by the Titans last night.

While they scored more points, it was hard to call it an offensive improvement, amid all the changes they’ve made on that side of the ball.

At least Jaguars coach Doug Marrone knows more changes are coming.

“They have us right now,” Marrone said of the Titans, via Michael DiRocco of “It’s the last time we play them this year, and next year it will be a different team.”

He might have been speaking of the offense in particular, but there’s no reason to think they’d stop there. The Jaguars have followed last year’s AFC Championship Game run with a complete flop, falling to 4-9 in the most embarrassing fashion.

Marrone has already offered up offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett (who has been with him for years, going back to Syracuse), and they benched Blake Bortles. But nothing replacement play-caller Scott Milanovich or backup quarterback Cody Kessler could muster was going to fix an offense that’s missing a number of key starters.

They’re down to their fourth left tackle (Ereck Flowers, oy), and their starting left guard and center are on IR, along with wide receiver Marqise Lee and tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

But mostly what they’re missing is direction. That could change too.

10 responses to “Doug Marrone knows big changes are coming for Jaguars

  1. I have a hard time believing they fire Marrone. Any coach who can make it to the AFC championship with the 70th best QB in football (credit: Simms) deserves a ton of leeway.

  2. Tom Coughlin sure destroyed this team. He’s working the same magic he used to dismantle the Giants on them. He’s poison. Told you so Jags fans.

  3. Glad that the “ pre-season’” beat-down that the Jags put on New England was their Super Bowl. Like Green Day used to say, “Wake Me Up When September Ends”. BTW, I wasn’t that impressed with Jalen Ramsey last night.

  4. The bigger problem is that terrible offensive line. They had a chance to address it last year and signed ONE free agent. Then with their first-round pick they chose a DL who rarely plays. They should have used half their picks to get some decent players on the OL. As it is they have cast-offs and practice squad players on their OL. They only had two good OL and they are both out. Now they have Ereck Flowers and a bunch of other rejects. It shouldn’t come as a surprise why their offense can’t do anything. Why they haven’t addressed that OL through the draft the last five years is puzzling. The only time they’ve used a first-round pick on an OL he turned out to be a bust. The highest draft picks they have on the OL now are 2nd and 3rd round picks (if you don’t count the free agency signing). You could have Bill Walsh and Vince Lombardi coaching. You can’t do much when you totally ignore the O-line and use your draft picks on more DLs. Their OL sucked even before all the injuries. Now it’s just embarrassing.

  5. Coughlin isn’t making the game plans Marrone is and they have been awful. Heck he didnt even have any say in Marrone as that decision was made before Coughlin was even hired.

  6. redlikethepig says:
    December 7, 2018 at 6:34 am
    Tom Coughlin sure destroyed this team. He’s working the same magic he used to dismantle the Giants on them. He’s poison. Told you so Jags fans.
    I can’t disagree at this point. Taking Fournette (Trent Richardson II) at 4th overall was a boner then taking a DL (Taven Bryan) in the first round over a badly needed OL topped it.

    Reminds me a little of Ryan Grigson having Andrew Luck handed to him and then not building him a monster OL. Imagine Luck behind that Dallas OL of the last few years? Imagine Fournette behind that OL (well: see Elliott except Fournette is always injured, Elliott comes to play).

  7. Try drafting better, it seems to work for other teams that win a lot.

    Cut Bortels after the season, eating his $5MM pro rated bonus and sign Teddy Bridgewater for a year.

  8. What did I learn from Thursday night beat down by Tennessee…..
    It wasn’t Blake Bortles…… it wasn’t Nathaniel Hackett…… The OL still sucks…. the defense couldn’t, or wouldn’t, stop Henry…… It was a truly team effort (lack of)….. Yeldon refuses to block…. Is Doug Marrone the coach to move this team forward?….Maybe the Jags just want to be in a better position in the draft.

    I think this season was lost with all the noise surrounding a possible move to London. Then you have that OL who can’t protect the QB, and doesn’t open holes from the RB’s. I won’t mention the fact the Jags let both starting wide out, Robinson and Herns, leave, then Lee gets hurt. The Jags have had to scramble all year to find answers, without finding any. Maybe it’s coaching. Maybe it’s administration. Maybe it’s a bad mix of players. Maybe it’s a combination of all. It’s hard to believe a team in contention for a Super Bowl last year, to a bottom feeder this year. That’s less than a year. The Jags appear to be a team lost without direction! Again, I have to ask, is the combination of Marrone and Coughlin the team going forward?

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