Joe Flacco up to full practice, not cleared for game yet

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Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco‘s recovery from a hip injury took another step forward on Friday.

Flacco will be listed as a full participant in practice for the first time since getting hurt in Week Nine. The Ravens had a bye the next week and Lamar Jackson has started the last three games.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said Flacco was “almost full” on Thursday as well, but his progress has not yet resulted in medical clearance to play in a game.

Harbaugh left open the possibility that Flacco could get that clearance before Sunday and dress when the Ravens face the Chiefs. He didn’t say that Jackson would definitely start, but three straight wins and another quarterback who has been out for nearly a month suggest that’s how things will play out for Baltimore.

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  1. The Ravens need wins. It doesn’t matter who’s under center. If Flacco wasn’t out for six weeks I’d go with him. He may be healthy and cleared to go, but he’s rusty. Stay with the hot hand until L.J. cools off.

  2. Start that man! Lamar has a bright future but we need wins right now, and the LJ playground stuff isn’t going to cut it for a playoff run against good teams.

  3. ” Stay with the hot hand until L.J. cools off.”

    And this is where people get mixed up. Just because the team is 3-0 with him starting doesn’t mean he’s the reason. As a passer he has a 59% completion percentage with 2 TDs and 3 INTs with a 73 QB rating. He has 3 rushing TDs and 7 fumbles. He’s been ok, but lets call the defense the hot hand and just be happy that he hasn’t lost them a game yet with his reckless handling of the ball.

  4. I’ve been saying to not fix what ain’t broken. Jackson has three wins and the ground game is eating the clock and the defense is well rested. But Lamar doesn’t have Joes arm. We need Joe too. I’ll trust that John has a good game plan and we get the win on Sunday and “SHOCK THE WORLD”!!!! Lol

  5. So tired of the NFL trying to prop up Jackson as a future NFL QB Star.
    Move him to wr or rb already please. This has NOTHING to do with his intelligence or his race. It has to do with the fact he’s a BELOW average passer. So he can run, great, fantastic, sorry but I prefer to watch NFL qb’s who can throw the dang ball consistently and accurately 90% of the time. Afterall, it’s what qb’s are suppose to be able to do.
    The NCAA is killing the NFL by it’s total lack of pro-passing qb’s and gameplans, so it’s not all on the NFL or these below average passing qb’s coming into the NFL, but judas just terrible to watch.
    I feel sorry for Ravens fans because until Jackson gets one of his knees blown out, this is what you’re doomed to deal with as a fan.
    Nothing wrong with qb’s who can run like deer, but I prefer the one’s who pass first, like Young, Rodgers, Elway, Cunningham, McNabb, Foster, Flutie, Grogan, Wilson, etc.
    Stop running and start passing. PLEASE

  6. If the Ravens keep it close, Jackson’s style kind of works in their favor by letting them to eat up clock and control flow. They contained the Saints alright in Oct, so wouldn’t be shocking.

    If the Chiefs jump out to a quick 10+ point lead, though, I think you’re screwed with Jackson. Flacco’s not a great QB, but at this point in Jackson’s career, I’d trust Flacco to put up quick points more than Jackson.

  7. Keep Flacco on the bench. Lamar is a lot better passer than he gets credit for. He’s a better runner than most RBs in the league so it makes sense to use that talent.

  8. Try to make a playoff run with the kid before everybody figures out how to defend him. The iron is hot.

  9. The Oakland Raiders had some success against us , but made them 1 dimensional through the 2nd half in wk#12 Chiefs couldn’t stop ’em they just imploded on them ! If KC’s “D” doesn’t get enough 3 & outs its not gonna be as easy as all happy go lucky offensive football fan’s think! It’s gonna be hawk cold in the “flatlands” of arrowhead! In 16 hours we’ll find out!! “Go BLKBYRDS NATION”👍💪💪💪👊👊

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