Kelvin Benjamin on this season in Buffalo: It’s just one of those seasons

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Kelvin Benjamin had a hard time putting into words why it was such a difficult year for him in Buffalo.

He wrung his hands. He shrugged. He searched for words.

“I mean, I mean, I just. . . .,” Benjamin said Friday, via video from Brooke Pryor of the Kansas City Star. “There’s a lot of variables I guess. It’s just one of those seasons. It’s a rebuild-type year I guess.”

It’s safe to say Benjamin is hoping for better results in Kansas City, which officially signed him Friday.

The former first-round pick of the Panthers made 23 catches for 354 yards and a touchdown with four starting quarterbacks in Buffalo. The Bills are 4-8; the Chiefs are 10-2.

“It is a business,” Benjamin said. “I’m glad to be here. We already know that the Kansas City Chiefs have been tearing it up this year. They were one of the teams that really wanted me, and I’m happy and glad to be here.”

26 responses to “Kelvin Benjamin on this season in Buffalo: It’s just one of those seasons

  1. Well let me help him. You were on a very young impressionable team, with a bright young QB with a hellacious work ethic. You were expected to lead by example. and you lead by that example..and you were cut because of that example.

  2. they will continue to want you until they count the number of drops you have weekly…smh

  3. george1859 says:
    December 7, 2018 at 7:03 pm

    You were on a very young impressionable team, with a bright young QB with a hellacious work ethic
    You mean the kid who takes off running on every play?

  4. Maybe things would have worked out better if he took his rookie qb up on his offer to run routes in warm ups?

  5. Kelvin could have said the same things when traded from Carolina ‘it was one of those …’. But no he tried to paint Cam in a negative picture… at least he learnt to not air the laundry

  6. onebuffalove716 says:
    December 7, 2018 at 7:23 pm

    You mean the kid who takes off running on every play?

    But when tyrod did it, he was a dual threat?
    No, he was another running QB who couldn’t score any points. That’s why the Bills let him go, and why he was supplanted by a rookie in Cleveland in 15 minutes.

  7. Buffalo fans need to relax on killing the guy over his drops and WR skill set. He was brought into KC to play guard.

  8. I’ll put it into words for him.

    “I let myself get fat, slow, out of shape and I have hands of stone”

  9. Two teams have wasted resources on this guy. He likes to eat. He doesn’t like to train. Good luck to KC. Maybe that can make a man out of him.

  10. It’s not a coincidence that the best offensive season the Panthers had after drafting him was the year he was on IR for the whole season.

    This is one of those guys who is subtraction by addition. His slow lazy route running slows a whole offense down. No DB has to worry about covering anything over top of him because he can’t get any separation from anyone or run a route to save his life.

    Dude would show up to camps in Carolina every off season looking like an offensive lineman. Then he trashes Cam on his way out the door, blaming him for the fact that he himself wasn’t better, then puts forth even LESS effort in Buffalo and shrugs like “oh well, what can ya do”.

    One of the laziest players I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even care what the return was when i heard the Panthers traded him, i automatically counted it as a win.

  11. I will bet the kid that takes off running on every play would have loved to have had a WR who made an effort to run his routes and gain some separation so he could have thrown him the ball. Go Bills

  12. “I should’ve just been drafted by somebody else. I should’ve never went to Carolina. Truly, I just think Carolina was bad for me,” Benjamin said. “If you would’ve put me with any other quarterback, let’s be real, you know what I’m saying?
    Well, that was 4 more. You will have no excuse now with Patrick. That is if you get a chance. I bet he never makes it in if they get Watkins healthy.

  13. Word on the street is that Kelvin has already been kicked out of an all you can eat buffet, when they ran out of fish sticks he berated the waitstaff who also said he kept “dropping” his utensils on the floor…

  14. Yep some people take no responsibility. He sucked. Plain and simple. He deserved to be cut and never play again after that show he had. He should count his blessings someone else even wanted him. I know I’m THRILLED he’s gone!

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