Kirk Cousins: We haven’t sustained “the level of potential in this locker room”

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When the Vikings signed quarterback Kirk Cousins as a free agent this offseason, the thought was that his arrival would help the team build on last year’s 13-3 record and trip to the NFC Championship Game.

It hasn’t quite worked out that way. The Vikings are 6-5-1 with a trip to Seattle for a game on Monday night on deck and a loss would deal their playoff hopes a blow heading into the final three games of the year. While that’s not where they hoped to be at this point in the year, Cousins said a few weeks ago that the experience with the Vikings was exceeding his expectations.

Two losses in the last three games have led to a different response when Cousins takes stock of the team.

“I do think that we can point to some times throughout the year where we’ve underachieved, not because we weren’t giving effort or preparation, but we just haven’t been able to sustain the level of potential in this locker room, play in and play out,” Cousins said, via the Pioneer Press.

The final four weeks offer a chance for Cousins and company to finish the year closer to the level many expected them to be on when the year got underway. Anything else will be taken as a big step back for Minnesota this season.

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  1. Its called leadership …thats why your ot in Washington cuz you dont elevate the locker room like great QBs do

  2. Two scenarios:

    A) They have not performed to the level in the locker room as Cousins says, or

    B) They have performed to that level, and they’re just not very good, and last year was an aberration.

    As a Viking fan, I’m hoping A. Realistically, probably B.

  3. Plenty of talent in the locker room, very little of it at offensive line. It should have been addressed in the offseason and it better be this time around.

  4. An OC that abandons the run game. A QB that can’t beat a winning team, and a franchise that’s been choking for 50+ years. Sounds like another horrible sitcom for NBC.

  5. When Cousins was signed to that humongous contract, we heard a number of rationslizations for why it was done, but not really any explanations that made sound football sense.

  6. Dude can sling it. But Cousins always finds a way to do exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time. That’s his history and it’s why he’s never won.

  7. Guy just doesn’t have the killer instinct great QBs have. He comes out flat on the biggest games of every season he’s played. 1 game hes hot, the next he looks below average. He also benefits greatly from garbage time. His career numbers should have an “*” next to them.

  8. Cousins is playing at the same level he did in Washington , good enough to win enough games to keep you hanging around the playoff hunt but makes key mistakes at critical times to cost the team enough games to lose a playoff spot .

  9. Maybe the talent just isn’t what it was last year. Both OG’s are gone. They have no WR3 that can work out of the slot and get open. The D line is good, but can only do so much. The coaching (Off., Def., Spec teams) is absolutely horrid. Their leader is so paranoid that he has to ask some vets if his message is being ignored. I liked Zim a lot up until mid 2016. He tries to come off as Bill Parcells without the ‘pelts on the wall’ for being an excellent HC. I think a few vets have tuned him out. Watch the effort they give Monday night….that will tell all of us where Zim stands with “his” team.

  10. Because Kirk isn’t good enough pure and simple. Why do you think the Redskins wouldn’t sign him to a long term deal???

  11. I hate calling for someone to lose their job….BUT Rick Spielman always thinks he’s smarter than everyone. Good God! The Vikes needed OL help. So Spielman, thinking he’s smarter than everyone else,(I know a 1st grader that was upset with the D. Carlson pick) knowing they need OL help grabs a bleeping kicker.

  12. He’s right the teams loaded they just haven’t played up to expectations And unless your names rodgers when your playing qb your held accountable first!

  13. I don’t understand how you thought signing a career sub .500 QB was going to get you better than 13-3..13-3 isn’t easy to get to even for QBs like Brady, Rodgers, Manning etc.

    Cousins just isn’t even a top 10 QB in the league he never was and didn’t deserve the contract he got.

    I have a pretty hardcore Vikings fan I work with it. It’s pretty fun to get under his skin by routinely pointing this out when Cousins does something bad. He tries to blame everybody and thing other than the 84 million guaranteed QB. You make that money and are suppose to be the final piece you need to make up for poor oline play just like Manning use to do.

  14. The downward trajectory of the team and his inability to lead it suspiciously coincides with his appearance in Sleep Number Beds, Burger King and other commercials. He might try focusing on football.

  15. New starting QB, new OC, and a tweak to the system. Usually there are some bumps in the road, but this should still be a 10 win team at worst. Cousins holding onto the ball to long, no pocket awareness, and no mobility is what caused a ton of strip sacks, and a few Int’s

    If DeFillipo stays, then I expect a huge jump next season. If he leaves and Shurmur gets fired by the Giants, get him back. This team has to much talent across the board to have this kind of record.

  16. If Cousins were the starter for the Vikings instead of Keenum in the NFC Title Game last year, the Vikings would have lost 38-10 instead of 38-7.

  17. shurmanblog says:
    December 7, 2018 at 12:32 pm
    Cousins is playing at the same level he did in Washington , good enough to win enough games to keep you hanging around the playoff hunt but makes key mistakes at critical times to cost the team enough games to lose a playoff spot


    Good enough to beat crummy teams….not good enough to beat winning teams

  18. I said from Day 1 the guy is overrated. Got nothing personal against him (I am not a close friend of the organization lol) but he has shown me nothing in his career to say he is anything but a stat master. Vikings were wrong to reset the market around him. SKOL!

  19. If only I had the magical power to convince some CEO to pay me $84 million to make their company half as successful as it was the year before… Only the Vikings!

  20. YOU haven’t sustained a level of consistant play, Kirk. In all of your post game pressers you talk analytics and BS but NEVER take accountability for crap play. Get the damn ball out of your hand for crying out loud.

  21. Kirk Cousins: We haven’t sustained “the level of potential in this locker room”

    >>>To sustain something you first have to reach it!

  22. @ducks4remi: Only the Vikings? Really dude? You don’t even need to leave the division to find two better examples of high paid QB’s that are doing worse this season.

  23. I love the Vikings, but I HATE this team. Reminds me of the Jerry Burns teams back in the late 80’s. Lots of talent and hope but never made the big play in the big spot. I watch this team and just know they’re going to let me down. For the 1st time in my life (58 years) I’m probably not going to watch this MNF game because I can’t stand how they make me feel. Making the post season is pointless. We haven’t shown an ability to beat an upper echelon team, much less on the road, so why prolong the misery?

  24. For as up & down as the Vikings have played this year, they still control their own destiny to make the playoffs. Every season is it’s own microcosm, although often recent trends can be derived. I tell you what, rather be a Minny fan than a Jax or GB fan.

    The new QB hasn’t been perfect, but he has made throws, TD throws, that last year’s QB’s cannot make. The OL has done okay for what little talent was invested (Brian O’Neil has been doing well for a rookie), considering the fact that their coach died before the season started. The new OC hasn’t panned out & is abandoning the run at a historic pace. Zim’s D, while trending back up, started off perplexingly not elite…..yet there are some bright spots (Weatherly on the line & Harris at safety) amidst injuries to Barr, Sendejo, Hughes & Waynes, which have played a factor.

    Biggest issues the Vikings have
    1- OL protection & creating holes for run game

    2- Sustaining drives & drastically reducing 3-&-Outs. This is on the new OC. DeFlippo has not lived up to the hype so far.

    3- Team prep & halftime adjustments. The effort at kickoff vs. Green Bay (@ Lambeau), Buffalo (@ home, c’mon!) & Chicago were atrocious. Same with the 2nd half gameplan vs. New England. Those are on Zimmer.

    Keeping pace with New Orleans, LA & New England for a large portion of the game is fine.

    Vikes are what their record says they are & time is running out. Its time to shut up & put up vs. a winning team.

  25. 2017 vikings: the only truly elite quarterbacks they played were Brees and Big Ben.

    2018 vikings: elite quarterbacks played: brady, rodgers twice, brees, goff, wentz, and wilson.

    This is the reason they are not winning like last year. the vikings cannot beat the elite quarterbacks and it has been an issue for a long time. that’s why they will not win a superbowl. i mean, did you see what brady did to the vikings so called vaunted defense? he tore them apart (AGAIN!).

    people talk like the vikings were some dominant team last year. they were not at all. they benefited from a very easy schedule. their offense wasnt very good at all! their defense was overrated due to the lack of good opposing quarterbacks.

    cousins has been a huge let down for this franchise. he is a talented passer, but that’s it. he can’t navigate a pocket. he is amazingly unathletic for a guy who actually looks like he is athletic. he fumbles if there is a slight breeze, and throws picks in the 4th quarter. he did this in washington, and now we are stuck with him for 2 more years. spielman may have drafted a couple good players in the past, but he has FAILED at quarterback, just as he FAILED at quarterback when he was with Miami. who has a better record with this team if you have cousins or keenum? honestly, they’d be about the same, but maybe they lose that game in greenbay with keenum, because keenum would NOT have led the comeback. but keenum probably wouldn’t have lost to buffalo like cousins did.

    this team is going nowhere fast. any vikings fan that says they are close is a fool. this year they took a huge step backwards. now they have zero cap space and aging defensive players. they also have a qb who likes to squeeze every penny out of a franchise that he can, and record it on video to show the world that he wants as much money as he can get. i never saw tom brady do that.

  26. We, we, we, we, we. According to Packer-bashers, shouldn’t he be saying; me, me, me, me, me?

    What’s the difference?

  27. @conormacleod – I assume one of the quarterbacks you are referring to is Rodgers who played with an injured knee a good part of the season. While Cousins’ completion percentage has been better, his 9 INTs and 6 lost fumbles are costing your team games!

  28. If you remove his garbage time stats, where he moves the ball down the field with short passes against defenses that are playing soft to protect a lead, he is very average.
    His main acheuvement was to sign a contract that made Aaron Rodgers deal about $10M richer.

  29. The Vikings trolls on here could care less about how their team or their QB performs. They care much more about the Packers.

  30. Cousins doesn’t have the personality to be taken seriously as a leader on any team. He is a good quarterback, but over his career he has shown a lacking in his ability to get a team to rally around him. That shows every week, especially when bad things happen.

  31. This is what happens when you left yourself with no viable QB options going into the 2018 season.
    It is your team’s most valuable position and it was inexcusable to leave such a gaping hole/question mark.
    With no leverage to speak of, and options dwindling, the Vikings were painted into a corner and forced to overpay for mediocrity.

  32. Kirk Cousins: We haven’t sustained “the level of potential in this locker room”

    >>> What Kirk meant to say was “We haven’t REACHED the level of potential in this locker room” = there fixed it. “Sustained” is only to be used if you’ve actually reached that level, the Vikes haven’t this season, they look like a skeleton of what they were last year, especially the D.

    And does anyone remember earlier this season(Oct. 4) when Zimmer said, via ESPN. “If people remember, we were 2-2 this time last year. We finished 13-3. We were 5-0 the year before, and we finished 8-8. We were 2-2 the year before that, and we finished 11-5, so all the predictors, this isn’t a good time to predict.”

    HEY MIKE sounds like you weren’t the least bit worried back on Oct. 4 when you said that, well it’s Dec. 7 now and you are 6-5-1, two games back and sitting on the cusp of being eliminated from the Playoffs with a surging Seattle team this week and you end the season with Chicago = I THINK IT’S TIME TO START WORRYING!!!

  33. Hand the ball off to Cook 20x a game and see what happens. I would guess would see improvement in both the offense and the defense.

  34. Four wins in a row will win the North Everyone knows that. When we win the Superbowl it will be worth the wait. when ever that may be Hopefully this is our turning point on MNF and we play as a Team with a Purpose.Stay Positive always my fellow Viking fans.

  35. Cousins can say whatever he wants, it’s not like the Vikings are going to get their money back. Spielman has never found a QB his entire career. It cost him the job in Miami and its only a matter of time in Minnesota.

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